The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

Google is employing a ten-thousand strong army of web-fiddlers to try and stop the rising tide of Revisionism! Posts doubting whether the H-event ‘happened’ are now deemed ‘upsetting material’ – Google spokesmen are calling this an ‘improvement of ranking,’ using their new ‘raters.’ 

Google is paying a US Holo-temple to counter ‘Holo-denial’ sites, to re-direct viewers so these are not seen. Sites which doubt or deny that millions of Jews were gassed in WW2 are now alluded to by Google as ‘hate sites.’

NB, let’s be crystal-clear on this: No Jews were gassed  – not a single one – in WW2. Nope.

At last it’s happening, Amazon burns and shreds its books! We here appreciate  comments by Kevin Barrett.

My book Breaking the Spell was banned by Amazon – along with hundreds of other Revisionist books – on March 6th.

coverYad Vashem, the so-called ‘Holocaust Memorial’ shrine in Israel, asked Amazon, and they complied. It appears that, all books which the Jewish lobby doesn’t like have been banned.

At first, after Yed Vashem’s request, nothing happened. But then, some Jewish cemetries were vandalised (or rather, some wind blew through them). That soon did the trick.

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Trump was elected President on Monday 19th December at 5 pm., from the Electoral College vote. A few hours earlier, in Berlin at 8 pm, a significant false-flag terror event took place. Plus a Russian ambassador was shot dead on the evening of that same day in  Turkey – ie much the same time at the Berlin event*.

The Israeli politician and terrorist expert Shlomo Shpiro spends two hours in the Berlin Christmas market (Breitscheidplatz) the day before the event – planning the event? Ten minutes before the Berlin Xmas event, he was strolling across that same market. ‘Just a coincidence’?

He was sitting on a bus after dusk as a truck (supposedly) raced into the Christmas market and killed numerous people. As a professor at the Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv, Shlomo explained to the German media that he ‘knows a life of constant fear of attacks.’

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Nowadays, they don’t even put an effort into making it look real’ – Ole Dammegard





Don’t miss Olé’s first-ever British speech!

Lest year he was awarded the Prague Peace Prize.

KEEP TALKING, LONDON Monday, Feb 6, 2017 19:30

Olof Palme was gunned down in February 1986. Was it just the work of lone madmen? Or was it connected to the international Military Industrial Complex and top level high finance – all sanctioned locally behind dark smoke screens?

Learn more of secret agents, mercenaries, professional assassins and more from Danish investigative journalist and author Olé Dammegard (http://www.lightonconspiracies.com)

Entry: only £5!

Location: The Church Hall, St Saviour’s Church, St George’s Square, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3QW (map: http://www.stsp.org.uk/contact-us.html) – 2 mins from Pimlico Underground. Hall open from 19:00 for 19:30 start.

Warning: this will be a solid 2-hour talk with no tea-break in between!

Contact: ian@keeptalking.info

21 Jan: It was a brilliant talk, we had about a hundred people came to hear him, it will soon be online.



Another BBC War-Hoax

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As George Galloway remarked,  the BBC’s program on alleged Syrian gassing stories was –

not just wrong, but falsified, and falsified with the purpose of propelling our country into war. That’s not what the British public pays its BBC licence fee for – so that it can be tricked into  a war.

(on Russia Today) This concerned its January 30th 2014 program, ‘Saving Syria’s Children’.

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A @RudolfGiuliani twitter account ‘not affiliated to the former New York City Mayor’ (Snopes.com) has been suspended. Let’s quote from this now-deleted pic twitter account:

“An old friend called me and asked, are you finally spilling the beans? I replied ‘Yes, down to my last heartbeat’…

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The police have revealed their CCTV timing of the Jo cox murder.

      Had Thomas Mair been planning to kill Jo Cox, he would have arrived at the Birstall library at least five minutes before her – if he wanted to get her as she emerged from her car. He would have had to be there, waiting for her.

But, the police timeline, published by the local newspaper, puts him there for hardly one minute – and, has him arriving too late.

Impossible? Let’s check this out (thanks to Helen Turner for this detective work).

We here allude to the times in minutes given on that police video, for its CCTV sequence. We cite only images with date-and-times given on them.

Their video starts on the day before, the 15th, which we ignore. We start at four minutes and sixteen seconds of their video.

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Truthseeker accounts: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=143131 http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=142620 Richie Allen show  https://www.davidicke.com/article/394665/richie-allen-show-davidicke-com-nick-kollerstrom-witnessing-bizarre-trial-thomas-mair-convinced-didnt-kill-jo-cox-mp

Windows on the world http://windowsontheworld.net/video_type/joe-cox-trial-verdict-windows-world-live/ at Old Bailey

          At the Old Bailey today, the trial began of Thomas Mair. I was present together with L.N. and here is our report.

He is accused of four crimes:

       1. Murdering the MP Jo Cox on 16.6.16

       2 Carrying a gun.

       3 Causing grevious bodily harm to Mr Kenny Bernard.

       4. Carrying a dagger.

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Trump Supports Syria

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Trump has now defined his anti-terrorist position:

President-elect Donald Trump has reaffirmed his campaign trail position that assisting the Syrian government in fighting Isis should be the US’ main objective in Syria, despite appeals from rebels for continued help in their fight against President Bashar al-Assad. continue reading…

Democrats Implode


This just keeps getting better and better.

Are we are ready for IMPACT on 9/11? It will be unforgettable.

Yes this is a 9/11 date – 9th November, when the results come out. The world will change.

November: NYPD BLOWS WHISTLE ON HILLARY EMAILS: CHILD SEX CRIMES & EXPLOITATION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLAe3UeddUI The FBI is investigating a huge Clinton DC sex network, according to insider claims. The NYPD may have evidence ‘to put Hillary Clinton and her crew away for life.’ Clinton herself and associates are linked to money laundering, sex crimes with minors including children, obstruction of justice & perjury – for a start!

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Home run for Trump


     Never in my life have I seen any person so vilified, abused and scoffed at by the entire Western media, as Donald Trump. I love the guy.

     When has so much ever depended on an election? Will not cataclysmic war break out if Hillary wins?

      Now we have the FBI deciding to re-open its criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton. continue reading…

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