the 5th anniversary of the London bombings was a crucial time, with the Tony Farrell story threateing to emerge into the national media. But instead, something very different happened. 

On July 5th 2011 the phone hacking scandal began to break. On July 7th the decision was announced: ‘News Of The World’ Last Edition: James Murdoch Says It’s Over. – the largest selling newspaper in Britain, going for a century and a half.  

It is to be replaced by the ‘SunonSunday.’ But, Murdoch applied for the title ‘SunonSunday on  5th July, i.e. just as the story was breaking – before the ostensible decision had been taken to cancel the NOW (Richard Hall discovered this).


It looks as if the story was deliberately designed to happen over 7/7/11












5th July newspapers:




6th July:

7th July:

Thanks to Richard Hall for the images, and permission to use his discovery.