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TERROR ON THE TUBE https://terroronthetube.co.uk The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation Tue, 13 Jul 2021 19:41:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.1.10 Review of my 7/7/7 book https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/07/13/review-of-my-7-7-7-book/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/07/13/review-of-my-7-7-7-book/#respond Tue, 13 Jul 2021 19:41:11 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9479 The Unz Review carried a brilliant review of my 2012 book ‘terror on the Tube’ about the London Bombings of 2005, by Anthony C. Black.

In the Comments, Arthur McBride added https://www.unz.com/article/terror-on-the-tube-behind-the-veil-of-7-7-review-of-the-book-by-nick-kollerstrom/#comment-4761174

“”For any who may not know, Nicholas Kollerstrom PhD (History of Science, Astronomy) has also written “Breaking the Spell / The Holocaust; Myth & Reality.”

Now in its 5th edition (2019), Dr Kollerstrom was fired from an honorary teaching post at University College London for publishing this book.
It’s an interesting evidentiary work, using Enigma transcripts —

In 1941, British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code. This undermined the German war effort – but also threw new light on day-by-day events in the Nazi concentration camp system. Between January 1942 and January 1943, encrypted radio communications between those camps and the Berlin headquarters were intercepted and decrypted.”

The author Anthony black then added https://www.unz.com/article/terror-on-the-tube-behind-the-veil-of-7-7-review-of-the-book-by-nick-kollerstrom/#comment-4763784

” Thanks for mentioning ‘Breaking the Spell’….a superb volume, and one that I have long thought of doing an ‘overview’ of. Of course, there are many who will simply and mindlessly dismiss Kollerstrom as a ‘Holocaust denier’ when, in fact, his work is a sober, scientific analysis of the latest findings from the last three decades of newly released material, i.e. the British Intel decrpyts, the chemical analyses of samples taken from the walls of the ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz, the Bad Arolsen Archive releases, etc. However, in attempting such a project I am only too aware of the likely consequences, i.e. instant and profound condemnation. Indeed, I suspect that just by virtue of having done an essay on a book by Kollerstrom, i.e. ‘Terror on the Tube’, and having nothing to do with the ‘Holocaust’, I have already been blacklisted from many ‘progressive’ sites, e.g. Off-Guardian – with whom I had just prior published two other essays – not only refused to publish this present essay, but cut off all communication with me following my submission. Global Research – again, with whom I had previously published with great success – has refused to accept any further essays from me. This, then, is a subject that is riven with serious risk for any writer or researcher. Still, now that I am retired from my day job…and now that Ron Unz has been good enough to publish some of my more recent essays….I may soon get down to the job of doing the review on ‘Breaking the Spell’. A. Black “

then ‘Truth Vigilante’ added a comment about my book ‘Chronicles of False Flag Terror’ https://www.unz.com/article/terror-on-the-tube-behind-the-veil-of-7-7-review-of-the-book-by-nick-kollerstrom/#comment-4764635 as ‘yet another great read.’


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Organ Harvesting 2021 – watch out! https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/04/24/organ-harvesting-2021-watch-out/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/04/24/organ-harvesting-2021-watch-out/#respond Sat, 24 Apr 2021 21:32:14 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9437 New government legislation enables ‘them’ to come and take your organs when they reckon you are dying, without your consent. They can’t take organs from a corpse, those are no use – it has to be before you are actually dead! See Health Ranger report -https://www.bitchute.com/video/Oru54Qv6pMRg/

Surgeons have a financial motivation to declare you are dead before you have died – may rip your heart out before you are dead! People remain conscious for a couple of minutes after cardiac arrest. Huge profits made by selling organs WITHOUT the permission of the victim /’donor’.

Blood farming and the black market of organ trade – a global trade, organs harvested when you are not really dead! ‘The rise of intense demonic evil infesting the medical profession’ – Health Ranger (speaking on Infowars).

Ditto for ‘partial birth abortions’ – murder the baby and harvest the organs. Chop the baby up, sell it off! That’s why vaccines contain aborted human fetal tissue.

Oxygen-starved organs are not so useful for the organ-transplant industry.

To stop this you have to sign while you are alive, saying NO they can’t do this.

From 2020, adults in England will be considered POTENTIAL DONORS of their organs (eyes, kidney’s etc etc) unless they choose to OPT OUT or are … excluded (for whatever reason) NOTE: * Organs from cadavers CANNOT be used (it errr? means you’re F*ck-all use, if you’re dead! – They have to keep you errrr? ‘alive’ (on a ventilator!) to harvest your organs. This is known as ‘BRAIN DEAD’https://www.gov.uk/…/opt-out-organ-donation-max-and… IF you’re intending to ‘Opt-IN’ … remember what’s ahead, if there’s a 40:60 chance of surviving … (‘md’ comment)

Here s how you can say NO LEAVE MY ORGANS ALONE https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/do-not-donate/

Mother shares her experience of giving birth in a hospital –

Moral – keep clear of hospitals! ‘Here be Vampyres’


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Minstrel sent to jail https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/04/10/minstrel-sent-to-jail/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/04/10/minstrel-sent-to-jail/#comments Sat, 10 Apr 2021 21:46:20 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9417 Alison Chabloz has been jailed under Section 125 of the Communications Act, on the grounds that she made some ‘grossly offensive’ remarks in a couple of US interviews she did.

She was admittedly talking about the Tribe, always a risky business.

‘He did not wish to go about in Judea because the Jews were looking for an opportunity to kill him.’ – 4th Gospel 7:1. ‘They are not pleasing to God and have made themselves the enemies of all mankind’ – Thessalonians 2:15

Turning to the Act of 2003, it is surely clear that it was designed to regulate public media, not individual blogs. However, the Court took the position, that section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 can apply to ANYTHING on the internet which SOMEBODY deems to be ‘grossly offensive’

The obvious implication is that it is only the Chosen Ones who have the authority to deem some internet statement to be ‘grossly offensive.’

The Verdict sounds kind of rational on one level but is actually pure madness. The claim that someone has been ‘grossly offensive’ on the internet – if that be a crime, then any boundary between innocence and guilt has been utterly dissolved.

Also, pretending that a person being interviewed on a website amounts to sending a message in the sense of the 2003 Communications Act is just so dishonest. Law courts are supposed to look after the meanings of words, not twist them like this.

The Court has claimed that merely posting a link to some satirical song of hers ‘may be defamatory.’

Now in the last century the word ‘crime’ had a meaning and we all knew what it was viz unacceptable harm or loss. It was something which had a victim. And ‘defamation’ was likewise clearly defined, as adversely affecting someone’s professional reputation.

This judgement has killed stone dead the tradition of British comedy. Mind you in these ‘woke’ times it has pretty well been killed anyhow. Satire? Get ready for a prison sentence if it annoys the wrong people.

The charges relate to offensive comments she made about the Holocaust on The Graham Hart Show and Realist Radio in 2019, while she was serving a suspended sentence.

Here’s what Alison gets jailed for.

She did not cause anything to be ‘sent’ by being on a US interview and so the 2003 Communications Act is not applicable. ‘the ‘grossly offensive’ charge as a crime comes from Section 127 of the 2003 Communications Act:

“Offences that fall under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 include the following: A person sending any public electronic communications network a message or other content that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character. A person causes any such message or content to be sent….

It is clear from section 127 – 

“(1) A person is guilty of an offence if he— (a) sends by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character; or (b) causes any such message or MATTER to be so sent.

(2)A person is guilty of an offence if, for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another, he (a) sends by means of a public electronic communications network, a message that he knows to be false, (b) causes such a message to be sent; or (c) persistently makes use of a public electronic communications network.”

By misusing the law in this devious manner the judge has caused great harm to the concept of Justice and destroyed respect for the law. Who is innocent? Has any jury ever agreed that a satirical songwriter be jailed for three months because someone claims to have been offended?

How is it possible that the person bringing the prosecution is the same person who makes the judgement about ‘grossly offensive’ comments?

The media are there to generate hate against her when she cannot reply. the Mail alleges in its headline that Alison had said ‘Hitler was right.’ when did she ever say that and to whom?

The Daily Mail has quickly cut off comments on their article, headed “Anti-Semitic blogger, 56, who believes ‘Hitler was right’ is jailed for 18 weeks for saying Jewish people use Holocaust as ‘eternal cash cow'”.

What Judge Michael Snow said about Alison Chabloz is ‘grossly offensive’, too, and even more so. The same applies to what he said about Julian Assange (https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Michael_Snow) calling him a ‘narcissist’ and telling him to ‘get over to US’ – and ‘pacissifical protesters’, and probably Brian Haw, too (http://brianhaw.tv/index.php/blog/3173-the-bbc-to-try-to-portray-district-judge-michael-snow-job-as-a-snowflake-23-04-2015).

“Anything goes in a court of law, except telling the truth if it is ‘grossly offensive’. The oath should be amended to: “I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless the truth is grossly offensive”. – Ian Fantom

She’s in Bronzefield women’s prison in Ashford, run by Sodexo Justice Services. According to Wikipedia : “In August 2013, Sodexo Justice Services was criticised in an official report for subjecting a female prisoner to “cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment”, which “appears to amount to torture” at HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey, UK. The woman was kept segregated from other prisoners in an “unkempt and squalid” prison cell for more than five year

No friends are allowed to visit Ms Chabloz, only close relatives. She will be very much alone I guess.

She’s been banned from posting up her own stuff but we can enjoy this satirical-humour piece of hers, which someone posted up for her, over-writing Elaine Paige:

The harrassment of AC does not stop. For my comments upon an earlier prosecution of her see here.


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Eye of Sauron https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/03/20/eye-of-sauron/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/03/20/eye-of-sauron/#comments Sat, 20 Mar 2021 12:21:12 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9377 New UK Intel report

For the Empire, truth as such has no meaning. An operation is successful or it is not -and that is all. There is no ‘Yes…but was it true?’ The Empire aspires to global hedgemony and it works though blood, guns, drugs and money. It aspires to ‘control the narrative’ and fight ‘disinformation’ which is its way of countering ‘alternative’ (ie truthful) narratives. The Empire always has to create delusion. It cannot be defeated in war. It aims for ever greater ‘security’ and surveillance, whereby it can crush alternative  narratives. The new UK intel report shows this.

The UK’s ‘Integrated Review’ has finally been released. Officially billed as “a comprehensive articulation” of London’s “national security and international policy,” it intends to “[shape] the open international order of the future.”  repeated reference is made to “the distinction between domestic and international security” having become “increasingly blurred” – i.e. they are now spying on everybody.

It declares, We must… develop an ‘unblinking eye’, focussed on our target audiences” on a continuous, round-the-clock basis. The Eye of Sauron is now looking at you, on a 24/7 basis!

  “We will increase societal resilience in the UK to all forms of disinformation,” the Review asserts. “Investment in the government’s behavioural science expertise, horizon-scanning and strategic communications will also help us to improve our response to disinformation campaigns.”

Given that “wars continue to be won in people’s minds,” the internet has become “an integral part of the 21st century battlefield,” so both physical and virtual operations must be “coordinated, communicated and amplified, to deliver cognitive impacts.”

Fully dedicated to Eternal War, The British army has developed its ‘Integrated Operating Concept for 2025’ which reinforces this unsettling interpretation: “Old distinctions between ‘peace’ and ‘war’, ‘public’ and ‘private’, ‘foreign’ and ‘domestic’ and ‘state’ and ‘nonstate’ are increasingly out of date.”

Tactics of deception

“The triumph of narrative determines defeat or victory, hence the importance of information operations,” the document states. “Established techniques, such as assassination, deception, economic coercion, espionage, theft of intellectual property and subversion, gain potency through the clever use of cyber, digitized information, and social media.” James Bond, listen up! UK Ministry of Defence dogma here asserts that “deception” – “measures designed to mislead adversaries” – has become a core practice for the armed forces. “Information can be used to create deception or as ‘camouflage and concealment’ to support deception,” the MoD file states. “[This can] range from encouraging the responsible use of social media by our own personnel through promoting and developing and continuous reinforcement of a security culture, to camouflage, concealment and deception techniques.”

General Nick Carter of the 77th Brigade post: in July 2018, Aiken authored an article for the gov.uk website, since deleted, stating “alternative news sources” are one of his department’s key targets.

Whitehall is now committed to increasing the total number of nuclear warheads at its disposal to 260, reversing a 2010 decision to reduce the stockpile to 180.

My new book ‘The Novichok Chronicles, A Tale of Two Hoaxes‘ explores the modern tactics of deception. It studies three hoaxes where Russia was accused of poisoning: Litvinenko (2006) Skripal (2018) and Navalny (2020). Complicated British-intel webs of deceit are here involved. 

     –  RT Report

The above British-Intel mages taken from GCHQ documents, as were leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013.


https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/03/20/eye-of-sauron/feed/ 1
Spring is a Time to Burn your Mask https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/03/14/summons-to-the-human-race/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/03/14/summons-to-the-human-race/#comments Sun, 14 Mar 2021 16:48:44 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9370 Saturday, March 20th will be the Spring Equinox.

I urge people to come together and burn their facemasks. This is the time to do it! Its way of saying goodbye to the monster hoax we have been though. It all started one year ago with the Lockdown, it was all so sudden and everybody caved in. Now its time to say goodbye to the darkness of winter and the lonely lockdown.

It cannot be illegal.

Many marches and gatherings are being planned for March 20th and the police are rehearsing how to stop them, eg ambushing persons as they come out of tube stations. 

Official figures for ‘covid deaths’ – whatever they may mean, not very much – have come right down now in March. In England & Wales total weekly deaths are coming down from the terrifyingly high values in January, and are only say 20% above normal (see below). So politicians are able to look forward to things re-opening in April.

Let’s all support Piers Corbyn who is standing for Mayor of London. Listen to his inspiring speech.  When George Galloway was standing for Mayor of London last time round the media totally marginalised him and no-one heard a peep from him through the campaign (he came seventh!). But this time round I don’t reckon they can  do that with Piers.  His brother Jeremy would advise him, and between the two of them they’d sort things out. 

Burn your mask! Its an important ritual to be performed on the Vernal Equinox.  

While burning the mask, I suggest review in your  mind one of the utter-crap concepts we’ve been given, such as asymptomatic carriers or the ‘new strain’, etc – review it for a moment, then let it go, banish it.  Or while burning your mask review the awful tragedy, eg of all the children who have not been allowed to play, who are denied the sacred activity of play and have instead been isolated – feel that terrible damage – then let it go, release it! 

That fire on the spring Equinox will be a symbol of new hope, vitally needed when half of our fellow-countryman are turning themselves into genetically-modified organisms. It needs to be a collective act of people coming together to burn their facemasks.|

We can see the huge excess of mortality caused by the winter lockdown gradually decreasing through February. Only abolishing the Lockdown will bring it right down to normal, as TPTB know very well.




https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/03/14/summons-to-the-human-race/feed/ 2
February 2021: massive excess mortality https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/02/23/february-2021-massive-excess-mortality/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/02/23/february-2021-massive-excess-mortality/#comments Tue, 23 Feb 2021 10:39:39 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9335 MASSIVE XS OF ENGLISH DEATHS CONTINUES

The day after the shameful Panorama cover-up, ONS released data for first week of February – total deaths England & Wales is still 50% above seasonal average!

Who is responsible for this mass-murder program?

Where is The Bernician when we need him now – C’mon let’s get this legal challenge on the road!

Total deaths

Week ending         Expect (prev. 5 yrs)        

Feb 12        15,354  /   10,986   => 40% excess

Feb 5      17179     /    11612   =>  48% excess

29 Jan     18448    /    11856   =>   56% excess

22 Jan   18676     /     12990     =>  44%  excess  

15 Jan   18042    /    14058     =>  28% excess

8   Jan    17751   /    12254    =>   45% excess


                  Vaccinations started in December

                  Things are not getting better.    Over thirty thousand Xs deaths in these first 6 weeks.


 Note: I don’t want to sound paranoid but …..it used to be easy to find the ONS data, you just put in eg ‘ONS weekly deaths 2021’ but of late that doesn’t find it any more does it? They release each week an Excel spreadsheet, that has to be located and downloaded. 

I find now one has to put in  https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales 

then click on the top Excel spreadsheet, etc.

are they trying to hide something? Is someone beginning to sense the horror?

PROOF – in elderly care home in Germany, 31 healthy persons vaccinated, 8 die within 4 weeks. 




https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/02/23/february-2021-massive-excess-mortality/feed/ 6
January 2021: massive excess mortality https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/02/10/january-2021-massive-excess-mortality/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/02/10/january-2021-massive-excess-mortality/#comments Wed, 10 Feb 2021 21:37:22 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9314 The situation is not ‘getting better.’ The government is not ‘winning the war.’ All that is happening is that, following the Lockdown, total mortality keeps climbing up and up.

                                 IS THE VACCINE KILLING PEOPLE? 

We could start off with this graph from www.england.nhs.uk , which is centred on December 8th when Britons started to be given the Jab. It shows ‘covid deaths’ amongst the over 80s trebling, from the month before to the month after. Comparing before before and after it goes from about 130 deaths per week right up to around 400 a week.

Total weekly deaths for England and Wales show a similarly alarming figure: the week ending January 30th has 55% more deaths than expected, i.e. compared with previous years: eighteen thousand compared to twelve thousand. That is a massive excess.

Figure: weekly death totals over the four months October to January in red, compared to expected values in green. Note the dip over two weeks of the festive season – or what used to be the festive season: folks refrain from dying then.

That’s six thousand extra deaths in one week – what could be causing that?

It looks as if the longer the Lockdown continues, the worse things get.

If indeed the vaccine is killing people, that should be easy to ascertain: one would simply compare mortality between persons vaccinated and those un-vaccinated. That, however, is data you will never obtain. Vaccine manufacturers have a long history of covering up adverse effects of their products. We can only see it indirectly via these graphs.

The vaccine started to be used on 8th December. So let’s compare the months of November 2020 and January 2021, taking four weeks from each month:

November 2020      49,057 / 41,418 deaths => 18% increase

January 2021           72,917 / 51,158 deaths =>  42% increase.

November was the month in which the second Lockdown was introduced. I’ve argued that the shock and trauma of the Lockdown generated those excess deaths. But, what could be producing the far larger increase in January? The total deaths in the four weeks of January are almost fifty percent more than those for the four weeks of November.

Somebody’s got some explaining to do.

Old people’s homes especially are noticing the extra deaths. Thus ‘Bristol Live’ reported on February 5th:

Managers and staff at a Bristol care home have described how they did everything they could to keep coronavirus out – only for it to arrive just two weeks ago. Their valiant efforts kept the virus at bay for 11 months, until a sudden outbreak in the home in the third week of January – after all the residents had been vaccinated.

Again we’re suspicious here that the vaccine is in fact causing whatever the outbreak was. Such reports are emerging all over the place, of outbreaks after the vaccination. Because Covid-19 hardly has definable symptoms, the effects that result from people taking the new, untested mRNA so-called ‘vaccine’ – which makes them permanently genetically modified  – can be blamed upon it. That is especially so with the alleged ’new strain’ appearing. We’re given the baloney about it being ‘70% more infectious than its predecessor,’ to scare everyone.

Rise up, O people of England! Don’t let them do this to you.

no  cases of flu recorded this winter – Independent https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=228077












https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/02/10/january-2021-massive-excess-mortality/feed/ 3
THERE IS NO PANDEMIC https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/01/28/there-is-no-pandemic/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/01/28/there-is-no-pandemic/#comments Thu, 28 Jan 2021 13:23:17 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9274 A British View of the Imposture

2020 saw 14% more deaths than average, last year in England & Wales and that amounted to seventy-five thousand extra deaths. We here use the Office of National statistics figures, as it gives total weekly deaths, and it also gives an average value of corresponding weekly deaths over the previous five years.[1]

That compares with the figure of ninety thousand deaths for the entire United Kingdom that year, due allegedly to covid-19.

We here ask and answer the question, what caused that excess of deaths? The answer will not be certain, but will be the simplest possible explanation. By Occam’s razor we are obliged to take it.

For the first quarter of last year, deaths in England and Wales were down: for whatever reason, overall weekly mortality was 3% below the yearly average. Then around the spring equinox on March 23rd Lockdown was announced and suddenly, deaths surged right up so that thousands of extra deaths started happening week after week. That continued all through April and May and then finally, in the first week of June Britons were allowed out again: with relief we could walk the streets and parks, cafes and pubs opened up again.

Those months of Lockdown saw fifty-nine thousand excess deaths, see graph. (That comes from counting the eleven weeks ending 27 March to the 5th June, as being the lockdown period.)

The question arises as to what caused them? Could it have been, for example, the shock? The month of April averaged ninety percent more deaths than usual! Then May was not quite so bad, as folk got used to the grim new reality.

In the weeks after the Lockdown i.e. after the first week of June the whole excess of deaths suddenly vanished. Over the next four months deaths remained exactly average compared to previous years.

The graph shows this distinct, three-stage process.

Total deaths data for weeks ending –

                                                          2020 / 2015-19 average   

3 Jan – 20 Mar  12 weeks   138,916 / 143,738      – 4,822       -3%

27 Mar – 5 Jun   11 weeks  168,396 / 109,703   + 58,693    +54%   LOCKDOWN

12 Jun – 9 Oct   18 weeks    166,392 / 165,808     + 584        0% 

These figures suggest that it is the lockdown itself and not any virus, that caused the excess deaths.

We’re here reminded of a careful survey done last May which found that, in all countries with reliable death-figures, their increase in mortality began after the lockdown was imposed and not before. There is a simple difference between cause and effect: the cause comes first, before the effect!

A second Lockdown was imposed over the month of November. This lacked the same terror and shock value of the first and so only reached a net 18% excess of mortality: for the five weeks from week ending 6 November to that of 4th December there were nine thousand excess deaths, compared to the seasonal average. 

Figure: weekly data from the Office of National Statistics for 2020, comparing total mortality per week with its estimated average from the previous five years.  

After the autumn equinox as the nights grew longer the government again started to terrorise the population with talk of the ‘dark winter’ to come. Somehow they knew that a ‘second wave’ was coming, and so there would have to be a ‘second lockdown’ and no Christmas. Here’s what I predicted in a podcast on 20th October:

They are trying to resuscitate another big scare, trying to claim there is a second wave … come this autumn, they have started drumming up fear again, they have imposed these levels of Lockdown which are rather terrifying. A lot of stress they are putting on people, I’ve been wondering, are the deaths going to go up again like last time? 

Did that happen? The figures show as before a surge around the time of the lockdown and just before it, however this time it did not vanish after the lockdown. That’s because there was not really any easing up. On the contrary yet more draconian measures were announced, with the unheard-of measure of police stopping people walking outdoors, to ask them if they had good reason to be out of their house? Meeting friends was forbidden, etc. That pressure pushed up the mortality even more and we here especially note the ‘Christmas week’ ending 25th December, with a whopping 45% excess mortality! That is not a merry Christmas, it’s an extra three and a half thousand people popping off (as compared to previous years) in a week, caused presumably by shock and despair of Xmas being cancelled. The week after that it was still very high, 26% excess, as folk faced the bleak new year.

It helps to express that excess mortality as overall monthly means, for the last few months of 2020. Thus taking each month as a whole and selecting four weeks of data for each month:

September   from weeks ending 11 Sept to    2    Oct.         +4%

October                                              9 Oct   to  30th Oct          +7%

November                                         6 Nov   to  27   Nov       +18%

December                                         4 Dec    to   1st  Jan        +21%

Slowly the excess deaths (comparing, as before, with previous years) have increased through the autumn and winter. The month of December had ten thousand extra deaths. Should one take the government’s view, that these deaths were caused by the CV19 virus, and that the increasingly severe restrictions were a necessary response to ‘contain’ the spread of this virus? A simpler hypothesis would be that there is no virus killing people, whereas the stress of bankruptcy, solitude, loneliness, etc. imposed by government edicts really has been killing people. Thus for example ‘tier 4’ was announced on 19th December for large parts of England and that resulted in the highest mortality for the week following. That knockout blow to everyone’s Christmas – never banned since the days of Oliver Cromwell – had the deep impact, driving up the mortality index.

Overall it would appear to be the government’s lockdown policy that has been killing people and not some new disease. Stress, loneliness, fear and despair have been causing the excess of deaths: together with emptying out of hospitals, especially of old folk and cancellation of normal services because of the ‘pandemic.’ If the government knows this, then it is a population-reduction program.

A recent US   Centre for Disease Control report agreed with the approach we’ve here taken, that the significance of CV19 can only be appreciated in terms of total mortality. Published on the John Hopkins University website on 22nd November (but soon removed), it endorses the view that no virus is killing people, any more than normal flu, whereas deaths from other causes are being re-classified as Covid19:

According to new data, the U.S. currently ranks first in total COVID-19 cases, new cases per day and deaths. Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins, critically analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in her webinar titled “COVID-19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data.”

From mid-March to mid-September, U.S. total deaths have reached 1.7 million, of which 200,000, or 12% of total deaths, are COVID-19-related. Instead of looking directly at COVID-19 deaths, Briand focused on total deaths per age group and per cause of death in the U.S. and used this information to shed light on the effects of COVID-19.

She explained that the significance of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths can be fully understood only through comparison to the number of total deaths in the United States.

After retrieving data on the CDC website, Briand compiled a graph representing percentages of total deaths per age category from early February to early September, which includes the period from before COVID-19 was detected in the U.S. to after infection rates soared.

Surprisingly, the deaths of older people stayed the same before and after COVID-19. Since COVID-19 mainly affects the elderly, experts expected an increase in the percentage of deaths in older age groups. However, this increase is not seen from the CDC data. In fact, the percentages of deaths among all age groups remain relatively the same. 

“The reason we have a higher number of reported COVID-19 deaths among older individuals than younger individuals is simply because every day in the U.S. older individuals die in higher numbers than younger individuals,” Briand said.

Briand also noted that 50,000 to 70,000 deaths are seen both before and after COVID-19, indicating that this number of deaths was normal long before COVID-19 emerged. Therefore, according to Briand, not only has COVID-19 had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people, but it has also not increased the total number of deaths. 

These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States…

When Briand looked at the 2020 data during that seasonal period, COVID-19-related deaths exceeded deaths from heart diseases. This was highly unusual since heart disease has always prevailed as the leading cause of deaths. However, when taking a closer look at the death numbers, she noted something strange. As Briand compared the number of deaths per cause during that period in 2020 to 2018, she noticed that instead of the expected drastic increase across all causes, there was a significant decrease in deaths due to heart disease. Even more surprising, as seen in the graph below, this sudden decline in deaths is observed for all other causes.

This trend is completely contrary to the pattern observed in all previous years. Interestingly, as depicted in the table below, the total decrease in deaths by other causes almost exactly equals the increase in deaths by COVID-19. This suggests, according to Briand, that the COVID-19 death toll is misleading. Briand believes that deaths due to heart diseases, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia may instead be recategorized as being due to COVID-19. 

Based on this analysis, the best way to end the ongoing mass-killing of elderly Britons would be to terminate the lockdowns and resume normal life. As Dr Simone Gold (of Frontline Doctors ) well explained, CV19 is just ‘killing’ elderly people who were about to die anyhow. It cannot be shown that ‘having’ CV19 i.e. testing PCR-‘positive’ contributed to shortening their life. So that isn’t a causal connection, i.e. the alleged illness has not ‘caused’ their death. That’s why the age-distribution of CV-19 is indistinguishable from that of the normal population.    

The average age of death in England & Wales is 81.5 years, while the average age of ‘Covid-19 fatalities’ is 82.4 years (ONS data). What this tells us is very simple: the disease does not exist.

   The concept of PCR ‘testing’ has always been fraudulent. The so-called PCR ‘test’ multiplies up fragments of nucleotide-chains and the number of ‘positive’ cases depends on the multiplication factor used as well as how many persons are tested. There will never come a time when the virus is ‘cured’ or ‘solved’ or whatever people imagine the government is trying to do (if it knows!), such that the PCR test ceases to generate ‘positive’ tests. No-one will ever give you evidence that people who test ‘positive’ get ill more often than others. Is there an aim of government policy, aside from terrorising the populace? Is it to kill the virus? That can never happen because the virus isn’t alive. 

The World Health Organization has now backtracked over the PCR ‘test’, saying (January 13th) it is merely a diagnostic tool that can assist. It now advises –

Where test results do not correspond with the clinical presentation, a new specimen should be taken and retested using the same or different NAT technology.

In other words, a single PCR test should not be used for diagnosing Sars-Cov-2 infection. It’s merely a guide!

Most PCR assays are indicated as an aid for diagnosis, therefore, health care providers must consider any result in combination with timing of sampling, specimen type, assay specifics, clinical observations, patient history, confirmed status of any contacts, and epidemiological information.

So we finally have it that the PCR cannot be relied upon a diagnostic test. Which is exactly what its inventor Kary Mullis said. So forget all of the figures you’ve heard about ‘cases’ and ‘covid deaths’ – they cannot be relied upon. 

If one did want to believe there was a disease associated with this virus, then surely we’d agree with Dr Alexander Myasnikov, appointed last year as Russia’s chief medical advisor.  In an interview he explained how the world had greatly over-reacted to the CV19 story and death numbers in the West were greatly over-counted. He added:

“It’s all exaggerated. It’s an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality.”

Thus the former Chief Medical Officer of Ontario has recently challenged his government’s policy saying, “We’re Being Locked-down for an Infection Fatality Rate of Less than 0.2%?” and the lockdown is not “supported by strong science.” He here means, that for those who test PCR-positive one in five hundred will die. The time-period here involved needs to be defined, eg it could be one month: we all die, and given the median age of alleged-CV19 deaths is around 80 that could well be a normal rate of mortality – especially if they are PCR-testing everyone admitted to hospitals.

Last November a Cornish nurse went public, saying the hospital wards had been empty over months when it was claimed they were overflowing. She said whenever they had flu patients they were classified as Covid: ‘flu and Covid cases are now recorded as ‘the same thing’ on death certificates.’ That wouldn’t be necessary if the disease really existed. Not surprisingly, the flu this winter has mysteriously vanished. One woman who walked round her local hospital filming its empty wards was arrested by police entering her home the next day.

The virus itself cannot be shown to exist, by which we mean that it cannot be reliably differentiated from all the other normal coronaviruses, that have been with us since time began. It has never been isolated, let’s be clear about that. Last April an EU science department admitted:

No virus isolates with a quantified amount of the SARS-CoV-2 are currently available …”

And the same thing was echoed a few months later by the US Centre for Disease Control:

Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”[2]

In other words, nobody can hold a test-tube or petri-dish and say, ‘Here is COVID-19.’ Published gene-sequences of the alleged virus are mere hypothetic constructs. Yes some disease broke out in Wuhan in November 2019 and yes the Chinese authorities published a gene-sequence allegedly of it, but so what?   

Fear Porn Promotion

The government needs your fear. It wants your attention but knows that it has no prospect of improving your life in any way. Thus we have a health minister who knows nothing about health or well-being: he can get your attention by telling you that you won’t be able to fly without a vaccine. They need your fear, and in the last century the government was able to arouse your fear by threatening to press the nuclear button. That doesn’t work any more. The UK govts latest exercise in fear-porn advises citizens to behave as if they are ill.  (‘Act like you’ve got it’) Yes, that sounds just like how to promote health.

It further promotes the diabolical idea that perfectly healthy persons can transmit disease (‘anyone can spread it’). Here one could quote the WHO expert Dr Maria van Kerkhove: ‘From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onwards to a secondary individual. Its very rare.’ (Head of the WHO Emerging disease and zoonosis unit at a news briefing from the UN agency’s headquarters at Geneva,  6.6.20). Admittedly she was pressured to backpedal and retract, but she did say it.[3]

In the words of the Daily Mail, ‘Terrifying new TV ads’ are being promoted by the Government (23 Jan 2021) The above fear-porn promotion is through the US media agency Omnigov, who signed a £110 million Lockdown advertising deal – on March 2nd, three weeks before the Lockdown.

The journalist Neil Clark commented[4] on ‘the report in the Daily Telegraph newspaper that the UK government struck a deal worth £119m with an American advertising company, OMD Group, urging people to ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ a full three weeks before Boris Johnson ordered a lockdown. Think about what this means.’  That meme ‘Stay home Stay safe’ would have been blueprinted the previous year at the US ‘Event 201’ by Bill Gates et. al. Fear blocks out rational, coherent thought which is why the government needs it.

People may be forgetting how debilitating winter flu can be and how it can last for weeks. Now they want to call it COVID. Let’s here support Prof. Dolores Cahill, who has been looking at the sequencing of PCR testing. In Ireland it was found that of fifteen hundred PCR tests ‘all of them were influenza A and B, not one of them were SARS-COV2.’ Her group will be seeking legal action where the tests come back as influenza rather than the specific CV19 and doctors can be sued for medical negligence. (Corbett Report, 23 mins) That sounds like a promising way of dealing with this phantomic virus.

‘Is this an epidemic of despair?’ asked that perceptive commentator Peter Hitchins. Scientists are trained not to take notice of emotions and instead to look for material things as causative agents, whereas here we agree with Peter Hitchens that the negative soul-conditions of the populace caused by government policies are leading to death. Hitchens’ article quotes the distinguished professor of medical microbiology, Sucharit Bhakdi:

‘He said that older people had the right to make efforts to stay fit, active, busy and healthy. But he warned that the shutdown of society would condemn them to early death by preventing this.

‘Social contacts and social events, theatre and music, travel and holiday recreation, sports and hobbies, all help to prolong their stay on earth. The life expectancy of millions is being shortened.’

In a prediction that has turned out to be terribly accurate, he added: ‘The horrifying impact on the world economy threatens the existence of countless people. The consequences for medical care are profound. Already services to patients who are in need are reduced, operations cancelled, practices empty, hospital personnel dwindling. All this will impact profoundly on our whole society.’

That is what is killing people, there is no other pandemic.

For comparison let’s end with a graph showing the US weekly mortality rate over 2020. We see the very same effect, with a deficit in mortality in the first months of the year, followed by the huge excess in April right after Lockdown. This graph shows in red an excess of 280k deaths above normal-expected levels, following the lockdown. The web-page hosting this graph states ‘The large spike in deaths in April 2020 corresponds to the coronavirus outbreak’ but we here take a different view. 

By way of contrast, Sweden had no lockdown, and so Swedish deaths right through 2020 remained absolutely normal [5]. They had no excess mortality that year! What that demonstrates is very simple – 

there is no pandemic. 

By Nick Kollerstrom,  PhD, author of The Great British coronavirus Hoax, A Sceptics view (banned by Amazon.)

[1]  Using fifty-two weeks i.e. 364 days of the year, from the week ending 3rd January 2020 to that of 1st January 2021. The ONS helpfully compares each week in 2020 with an average value of that week for 2015-9.  To see data, click on the Excel spreadsheet, let it download, open it up & click on ‘2020 data.’ 

[2] CDC ‘2019-Novel Coronavirus Real-Time PCR Diagnostic Panel performance characteristics’ p.39, 13.7.20. This has been scrubbed from the Web, but see BMJ response to it.

[3] A huge Chinese study of ten million around Wuhan between May and June showed ‘no evidence that positive cases without symptoms spread the disease’: Nature  20.11.20 ‘Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening’.

[4] RT ‘Covid-19 reverse psychology’ by Neil Clarke, 28.10.20, deleted but preserved on the Hugo Talks video

[5] Click ‘Google Translate’ on this link.


https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/01/28/there-is-no-pandemic/feed/ 12
74 Million Votes https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/01/10/does-the-plan-unfold/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/01/10/does-the-plan-unfold/#comments Sun, 10 Jan 2021 18:53:49 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9248 “Also, keep in mind U.S. President Donald Trump, whether you love him or hate him, is a genuine human being elected by the human beings of the United States.  His political opponent Joe Biden is (more often now visible as a CG composite) representing an unelected group (the Cabal) that hides from public view.” – Benjamin Fulford

We’ve had election theft before in the US, but never open for everyone to see like this time. And never on this scale before.

Natural News 12th Jan   https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-01-12-situation-update-jan-12-2021-trump-unconventional-warfare.html

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Lt Gen Tom McInerney Must watch Everything explained!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKwQ-_pjXcI 

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DT :     ‘there will be a peaceful transition to a new administration  …’ but whose?

‘What to Expect’

  • Expect the emergency broadcast system to be activated. The FCC just recently released a memorandum speaking to the requirements under Federal law to send messages from the president to the public. See this link

  • Expect confusion. We are in a battle for our republic against elites that are attempting the very coup that they are accusing Trump of doing. In battle, there will be disinformation but know that plans are being fulfilled.

  • Expect high profile arrests to take place over the next 12 days and at any time. You may wake one morning to find someone in high office is no longer there.

  • Expect this to be a bumpy ride to the very end. This is not a television show where things are resolved in 45 minutes.

  • Expect more bombshell evidence to be released between now and Jan. 20th.

  • Expect some sort of internet blackout or outage: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Gmail are likely going to be affected. If you don’t have alternate forms of communication established now, it would be a good idea to start forming them even if it’s just checking on your nextdoor neighbors.

  • Expect Trump to be inaugurated on Jan 20th!

  • Expect the executive order from 2018 and/or the Insurrection Act to be enacted. This DOES NOT mean martial law. Remember that we have been under a state of emergency since 2018 which gives the president many powers to act.

  •   https://www.newsmax.com/us/rasmussen/2021/01/08/id/1004872/?dkt_nbr=6F12122iovhm 

    Trump approval rating goes up to 50% 

     – after being damned by all the world, banned from Twitter etc..

    Classic debate, don’t miss it: Robert David Steele with Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward (2 English blokes)  https://www.bitchute.com/video/69nWeDtl4VdC/   7 January 

  • Can anyone rely on what Simon Parkes says? He sure sounds very fine –     ‘This is not a drill’   – 10th January:     https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=rm&ogbl#inbox/FMfcgxwKkRJRZJQxRgRCXDpQwctfCQSK?projector=1   Simon Parkes   

  • The Dark Side:  Biden coup from stolen election will see new anti-terror act, directed INWARDS against the American people, to suppress dissent. It will be against ‘white supremacist terrorism’ => aka Trump supporters. (Tucker Carlson 8 Jan) 




https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2021/01/10/does-the-plan-unfold/feed/ 3
Six untrue statements https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2020/12/23/six-untrue-statements/ https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2020/12/23/six-untrue-statements/#comments Wed, 23 Dec 2020 12:45:18 +0000 https://terroronthetube.co.uk/?p=9228 Perhaps the best way of defining the great COVID illusion comes from stating what is NOT the case,. The Bernician has done this very well , in his legal case:

“The defendants knowingly relied upon the following dishonest statements for material gain, in breach of section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006:

a. 510,000 people would perish due to Sars-Cov2 in the UK alone, if the draconian measures imposed had not been introduced.

b. Sars-Cov2 is an airborne High Consequence Infectious Disease [HCID], worthy of being declared a worldwide pandemic, as well as a Public Health Emergency.

c. Sars-Cov2 has been isolated and purified, and therefore, proven to exist.

d. Masks are a safe and effective method of preventing the spread of Sars-Cov2.

e. The policies introduced were entirely founded on the latest scientific data available.

f. PCR tests detect the presence of Sars-Cov2 in the human body.”

This rather well describes THAT WHICH DOES NOT EXIST, the phantomic, fear-generating illusion.

          It is, one could say, Mephistopheles’ view of what good citizens should believe.

One might add, ‘g. The vaccines are perfectly safe.’   (moderna devized an ‘operating system’ mRNA – not a vaccine in the normal sense) 

     Massive damage and death is being caused by the COVID VACCINE right now and thank goodness somebody – viz. the Bernician – is taking notice of this: 

“… flu vaccines have been responsible for many of the deaths which have been dishonestly recorded as Covid deaths, in accordance with the 2020 Act, which provides for the falsification of death certificates…  it can be reasonably presumed that all the deaths due to the administering of all of these vaccines have been falsely recorded as Covid deaths, on the basis that no vaccine mortalities have been recorded in the UK this year, as far as we are aware. Nevertheless, the only way to know for sure what caused those deaths would be to conduct autopsies, which have been prevented by the provisions of the Coronavirus Act 2020. Thus we are seeking a declaration from the court that those autopsies are conducted, under independent supervision, to determine how many of those people died shortly after being injected with this year’s vaccines.”

To this we need to add, what Dr Vernon Colenan has recently discerned, that a recent (December 2020) CDC report has found that almost 3% of vaccinated persons could no longer work because of  ‘health  impact events’ within days of being vaccinated, i.e. seriously bead effects; of 112,807 cases, 3,150 experienced this. 


Here are the arch-criminals now being accused by The Bernician:

“The defendants have all materially gained or stand to gain from long-standing commitments to maximise vaccination uptake in the UK, for the purposes of which they engaged in engineering an entirely fraudulent pandemic, in order to justify a mandatory or compulsory vaccination agenda.”



‘COVID-19 nRNA Vaccine BNT 162b2 is highly purified single-stranded , 5-capped messenger RNA (mRNA) produced by cell-free in vitro transcription from the corresponding DNA templates, encoding the viral spike (S) protein of SARS-COV-2′


https://terroronthetube.co.uk/2020/12/23/six-untrue-statements/feed/ 2