Prime Minister Cameron gave a speech at the UN General Assembly on 25 September, in which he denounced the Truth movement:

The root cause of this terrorist threat is a poisonous ideology of Islamist extremism. This is nothing to do with Islam, which is a peaceful religion which inspires countless acts of generosity every day. Islamist extremism on the other hand believes in using the most brutal forms of terrorism to force people to accept a warped world view and to live in a quasi-mediaeval state.

To defeat ISIL – and organisations like it – we must defeat this ideology in all its forms.

As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. We know this world view.

The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged. The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy. The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations.

We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism.

For governments, there are some obvious ways we can do this. We must ban preachers of hate from coming to our countries. We must proscribe organisations that incite terrorism against people at home and abroad. We must work together to take down illegal online material like the recent videos of ISIL murdering hostages. And we must stop the so called non-violent extremists from inciting hatred and intolerance in our schools, our universities and yes, even our prisons.

I hand myself in

Press TV recorded me attempting to hand myself in at Scotland Yard yesterday, 30 September. I had earlier sent them a letter advising them to this effect:

New Scotland Yard,
8-10 Broadway,
Anti-terror Department
Police Commissioner,

This is to notify you that I intend to give myself up this coming Tuesday at 2 pm, at Scotland Yard. David Cameron was plainly alluding to people like me in his UN speech on the 25th when he said  -explaining why he wants to start re-bombing Iraq –

(Quote as above)

Your extensive anti-terror legislation leaves the concept of ‘terror’ rather open and undefined, but it surely must now apply to me. I have written the book about the 7/7 attacks explaining government complicity (, and have also published an online article describing Israeli-Mossad involvement in the 9/11 event ( ). Clearly he was here alluding to such.

The Prime minister has here characterised me as a ‘non-violent extremist’ and I’m happy with that (I’m extremely angry about the way my government keeps bombing other nations, and am committed to non-violence). He alludes to the great importance of stopping people like me from influencing university students: I have spoken at Oxford and London universities of the subject of 9/11 truth, and partook in a debate at Goldsmith’s college.

Also, I’d largely agree with “The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy” whereby the Prime Minister has defined this new menace – Islamic nations do have the ‘wrong’ sort of banking system, i.e. not based on usury, and so yes we do keep bombing their countries. That clearly means that Prime Minister Cameron is here defining someone like me as a ‘terrorist.’ My feeling is, you are here obliged to arrest me.

I’ll turn up at New Scotland Yard in Westminster, as I recall that the ‘anti-terror hotline is based there. I’ll bring a copy of my book, to help you decide.

Yours truly,


I think Press TV (banned from Britain’s airwaves – its only an Internet TV station in the UK) did a fine job of reporting this event.

Here is another video of the event, taken by Richard Rowland (a producer of The People’s Voice, formerly on BBC News)


Veterans Today article by me & Jim Fetzer

Excellent write-up in Infowars:

Here’s a story by Michael Thomas, using the video produced by Richard:

This is the YouTube version:

I like the phrase:
“As a law-abiding citizen I feel obliged to give myself up” 🙂

Also reported at:

Go on, have a go, hand yourself in! There is a Facebook page to get you in the mood (Richard Rowland set it up, he’s going to do it). On this page Moe Ramsay writes:

This is the single greatest thing to ever be created. I think millions should show up at their local police department, due to the broad definition of “Non-violent extremists”