Contributed by  James McCumiskey   author of ‘The Ultimate Conspiracy – The Biomedical Paradigm’.

Pathogenic viruses do not exist. The measles virus, the mumps virus, the rubella virus and the COVID-19 virus do not exist. This will initially appear to be far-fetched if not a downright lie to a casual reader but let me explain why this is so.

The model of a genetic virus came from so-called bacteria-eaters, (bacterio)-phages, which scientists became aware of in 1915. Commercially available electron microscopes became available in 1938 and these phages could then be photographed. They could also be purified as a whole entity, and their component parts could be biochemically determined and characterised.  The diameter of a phage varies from 100nm upwards. A nm is 1 billionth of a meter. None of this has ever happened with any so-called pathogenic virus. Not one so-called pathogenic virus has ever been purified and its diameter measured.

Pathogenic viruses are believed to have a similar structure to phages. That is, they are comprised of nucleic acids surrounded by a protein-shell.

Phages do not occur with pure bacteria extracted from an organism. When nutrients are withdrawn from the bacteria, or when their living conditions become impossible, normal bacteria – bacteria not grown in the laboratory – create know survival forms called spores, which can live for a long time or even “eternally”. As soon as the living conditions improve, bacteria re-emerge from these spores. Thus, one can say that spores emanate from healthy bacteria when the living conditions become impossible; when the environment improves bacteria re-emerge from these spores.

Isolated bacteria or bacteria grown in a laboratory lose their characteristics and abilities. Many of them do not die off automatically through this in-breeding but rather turn into smaller particles, which were misinterpreted as bacteria-eaters or phages. Bacteria can then re-emerge from these phages when their living conditions improves.

In Europe, the scientific paper “Detection 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR”, explains how scientists detect the alleged novel coronavirus. In the Background to the paper, in the first sentence “ the ongoing outbreak of the recently emerged novel coronavirus (2019-nCV) poses a challenge for public health laboratories as virus isolates are unavailable…..”*

In other words, they are detecting the novel coronavirus by using indirect means without having isolated or purified the virus in the first place, “without having virus material available” and “as virus isolates are unavailable”. So what do they do?

In simple terms, they detect RNA, which they believe is genetically similar to the RNA in the SARS virus. The problem with all of this is that they have never isolated or purified the SARS Virus, the COVID-19 virus nor indeed any other alleged pathogenic virus.

What they are doing with RT-PCR is they are detecting strands of RNA and arbitrarily determining that they belong to the suspected novel coronavirus, without ever having purified the novel coronavirus in the first place. In plain simple English, the science behind all of this is demonstrably wrong. They are attempting to come up with the genome sequence of viruses by stringing fragments of nucleic acids together, which they believe belong to the virus. They appear to consensually agree on what fragments of nucleic acids (RNA) belongs to the novel coronavirus . All of this, without ever having purified the novel coronavirus or indeed any other alleged pathogenic virus in the first place.

If any alleged pathogenic virus existed it would be possible to purify it, measure its diameter and biochemically characterise it – document the full genome.

It is possible to purify phages, which have a diameter of 100nm using the density gradient centrifugation technique. If any alleged pathogenic virus existed, it would also be possible to purify them by this method.

Virology has reached a dead-end and it has now crippled if not destroyed a significant section of the world economy with the Lockdown. The failure of “virology” needs to be pointed out and to be quickly rectified, otherwise they will succeed in severely injuring and or killing hundreds of millions of people with their vaccine for the phantom COVID-19 virus.

Source:   The technical information for this piece came from the “Fehldeutung Virus”, Wissenschafftplus magazine 1/2020 by Dr Stefan Lanka. One could translate the title of the article into English as “The Virus Misconception”.

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References:    by Dr Stefan Lanka

lanka got his phd on isolating viruses using a centrifuge, using extra-large viruses in marine creatures. He is a part of the German New Medicine movement.