by Andrew McGregor

The notorious car photographed leaving the scene of the Sandy Hook school shooting does NOT belong to Adam Lanza or his mother. The audio from the police radio contains the vehicle registration request and reply. The car is registered to Christopher A. Rodia, on charge for larceny and narcotics. Christopher A. Rodia: Rodia, 42, is from Norwalk CT. He has quite a list of previous drug and burglary charges, seems to be big on stealing leaf blowers and is currently awaiting trial for at least his 5th count of stealing a leaf blower. He had an active arrest warrant on October 8th. One of the more recent times he has been in the news was for stealing copper wire from a construction site with his 19-year-old niece, Cassandra Scire, 19. His court hearing was 21 December 2012 for Larceny, Forgery and Narc possession. Rodia and Scire live in the same home at 19 Vollmer Ave., Norwalk, CT. Cassandra is affiliated with one George Uzar arrested with an arsenal of weapons.

This little article tells us quite a lot if this article is correct.  The trouble is, the information is not factual.  The initial report would be factual, but the information would lead to dead ends. This vehicle would be an FBI ‘Operational vehicle’ and thus have fictitious registration details.

What we have at the beginning of the massacre are two vehicles arriving at the Elementary School, one belonging to Nancy Lanza, and the second vehicle supposedly registered to Christopher Rodia, a non-existent person.

Now I doubt if Adam Lanza was in a condition to actually drive to his own murder.  I would suggest that somebody else drove his car to Sandy Hook. I would also suggest that this person was FBI and from the ‘Counter-Terrorist section.  I would suggest that there were also other FBI agents travelling in “Rodia’s” vehicle.

Rodia’s vehicle would contain a driver, the two unnamed men arrested at the Sandy Hook Elementary school and one other person.

What must also be made quite clear is that the Massacre at Sandy Hook follows the same modus operandi as the Dunblane Massacre in Scotland in March 1996.

Now this is important in the plan of things.  I believe that the Sandy Hook Elementary School had a CCTV security system.  It would have been located in the Administration Office of the School.  For the massacre to have gone down as required, this CCTV system had to first be destroyed, much the same as the turning off the CCTV camera in the tunnel where Princess Diana was murdered, and in the London subway and bus, for the 7/7 ‘terrorist event’, and again of course for the assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes.

This is why the ‘gunman’ went first to the Administration room and had the ‘argument with staff’, and caused one brave person to switch on the loudspeaker system alerting the rest of the staff.  The shooting in the administration block was the start of the massacre, and besides the staff therein, the CCTV system would have also been shot up making it incapable of recording all further actions within the massacre.

Now it was possible for the rest of the massacre to unfold.  The second FBI agent gets out of Lanza’s car and hands Lanza over to the two apprehended FBI gunmen.  These two men also pick up a large quantity of required firearms from the vehicle that were discovered by police later on.  The second FBI agent then moves to cover his ‘partner’.

So, did these firearms selected to be left at the scene of the massacre actually belong to the victim, Nancy Lanza?  It would have been extremely unlikely, but what would be more likely would be that these firearms would have been placed on Connecticut’s firearm registry in Nancy Lanza’s name by someone from the FBI Counter-Terrorist section.   

Now the FBI agent ‘covering’ his partner would have had a scanning device to pick-up the local police radio calls.  After shooting up the classroom these FBI agents would have been warned of the first approaching police vehicles.  They immediately return to the Rodia vehicle and the FBI gunman, not wishing to have the ‘Bushmaster’ .223 rifle in his possession in case of capture and arrest by the police, returns it to the trunk of Nancy Lanza’s Honda.  The driver then drives off as the first police units arrive.

Police again using normal video equipment (something we didn’t have in my day) arrived in time to see this vehicle leaving the scene and request registration information.

Again, the first police to arrive at the Sandy Hook Elementary hear ‘shots fired’ and report as such.  This would make the matter urgent and ‘lights and sirens’ may have been activated.

But back to the two FBI gunmen with Adam Lanza.  They are not in a position to be aware of what is happening around them.  They ‘execute’ Adam Lanza as required, and they may have discharged other shots from other weapons, I cannot tell from the information at hand, but again they have not been alerted of the approaching local police until it is far too late.

They attempt to flee, but a teacher informs police of ‘two shadows’ moving past the gym, and the first is apprehended.  After a foot chase into the local woods the second is apprehended.

Now why did one of the arrested offenders yell at parents that they hadn’t murdered the children?  Simply because the truth of the matter is that they didn’t, and the proof of that is that the ‘local’ police found the actual murder weapon in the trunk of Nancy Lanza’s Honda sedan.  This simply proves that there was another team that shot the schoolchildren and their teachers.

How do we know that the FBI agents were in Rodia’s vehicle?  That is easy to answer.  Neither of the two men arrested by police at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were carrying identification.  Nobody knows who they were, and once returned to the local police station, the FBI would have turned up and required these men to be handed over to them.

How do we know that the Sandy Hook Massacre was an FBI operation?  There is a choice of two possibilities.  Either Sandy Hook was another ‘Lone-nut’ gun massacre committed by Adam Lanza or it was an FBI operation.  Once you comprehend that Adam Lanza was shot after police arrived at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, and yet the main murder weapon, the ‘.223 Bushmaster’, the No. 6 on the gun ban list, was initially found in the trunk of Nancy Lanza’s Honda sedan, then it is impossible for Adam Lanza to have been the gunman.

All leads to the identity of these two FBI agents would vanish, and in time people would be conditioned to simply remember the ‘Lone-nut’ gunman who was ‘suicided’ at the scene of the Sandy Hook Massacre.

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Andrew S. MacGregor

Senior Constable 15891 (retired)

Victoria Police Force from 1968/85