Richard D Hall will be attending the High Court of Justice on Monday 29th January, where his well-documented claim that nobody died at the Manchester Arena ‘bombing’ at the Aria Grande concert in May of 2017 is being contested. Its a ‘preliminary hearing’ in which the prosecutors are aiming to get an injunction to prevent RDH from being allowed to present his evidence at the forthcoming court hearing. You couldn’t make it up! the preposterous charge of harassment has been levelled at him, for merely doing his job as an investigative journalist. If anyone has been harassed it is he, by the BBC’s  clueless bimbo conspiracy expert Marianna Spring, in the BBC’s ‘disaster trolls’ series (see ‘’ below). His interview with James Delingpole – where I’m alluded to at 9 minutes -is the first UK mainstream discussion of state-fabricated terror.

To remind ourselves –

BBC hit-pieces against RDH on  

Delingpole interview

Text of RDH’s book

Richplanet vids on Manchester

A brief summary by me

Sarah Plumley evaluates the cover-up

 Richard’s big 40-page book ‘The Night of the Bang’ detailing his investigations is now banned by Amazon and is hard to get.

In the interview he did with James Delingpole – about the only interview he has given as far as I know – he was asked about how the number 22 kept on turning up all over the place.  Richard stressed that yes this number was everywhere, but, no,  he had no idea what it was doing there.  RDH: “The number 22 is everywhere  … they have deliberately put that number in all of the hearings, they were always on the 22nd, Every news release was on the 22nd … for some sort of occult reason. they were occultists. I don’t think this was hatched in the UK .. You have to suspect some sort of Israeli involvement. Drone strikes in Libya went up massively in Libra after the event .. Israeli involvement in requesting the operation … The US were involved as well.” At 22 mins, these two have *no clue* about what the number 22 signifies.

Here we reveal the meaning of this number! First of all, here’s how it thrums through the storyline:

At Manchester, the Arena opened in 1995, 22 years before the Concert.

  1. 22 died
  2. on 22 may.
  3. at 10.30, or 22 hours.
  4. killed by a 22 year old Muslim ‘terrorist.’
  5. Aria Grande had just finished singing her 22 songs, before the attack.
  6. Martin Hibbert, who is suing RDH, was next to the ‘explosion’ and received 22 pieces of shrapnel in his body.
  7. A young nurse at the Manchester hospital could not cope with all the wounded and committed suicide, she was 22 years old
  8. The ‘terrorist’ being dead could not be charged, so instead his brother Hashem Abedi was tried, who too was 22 years old.
  9. He appeared on 22 July at Oxford Crown Court and was charged on 22 counts.
  10. A month after the event, Greater Manchester police reported that ‘all 22 suspects have now been released without charge
  11. On 22 October 2019 he appeared at the Old Bailey and pleaded not guilty.
  12. On that same day 22 October the Home Secretary announced that a Public Enquiry would be set up, and on that day Sir John Saunders was appointed to chair it.

     COMPARE the big Euro fabricated – terror events on the 22nd:  

     Norway attack – 22.7.11

     Woolwich attack (Lee Rigby) – 22.5.13

     Brussels attack – 22.3.16  

     Munich attack  22.7.16

    Westminster Bridge, London attack  22.3.17

    Manchester attack   22.5.17

Only the first of these had real deaths. For full details see my ‘False Flags over Europe, a Modern History of State-Fabricated Terror.’ 

          There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 paths of the Kaballah

The proposed Holohoax Temple due to be built next to the Houses of Parliament  will be based upon the number 22:  “The design includes 23 bronze fins creating 22 “gaps”, representing the 22 countries in which Jewish communities were destroyed.” Uh-huh.

I love the way RDH and Delingpole start discussing the mystery number 22 at 22 minutes into their interview: It almost makes one believe that this J***** magic really works…