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Here is the one and only James Paul McCartney – do not confuse him with imitations, replicas or substitutions:


Another –


A few from Ringo’s photo book, showing the Beautiful Boy –

Having a bite Beautiful Boy

And with George (click to see it all) –

Paul with George

In a pensive mood:


Comment by Ringo: “Paul’s moments of silence are rare indeed, but my trustee camera and I managed to snap this one.”

Plus here is his true-love Jane asher:


Phew, talk about Les Enfants de Paradis.   

  In my book I call him England’s Orpheus, for his wonderful power to move the heart and soul, but also this mysterious thing of going through death –


He is here shown with the Sgt Pepper drumskin – heart of the Mystery.

 The real Paul had big, chocolate-brown eyes. Faul – or as you know him, ‘Sir Paul McCartney’ replaced him – he’s here made to hold a 1964 image of a Paul-replica (click to see it all):

Faulwitha YoungDouble

Let’s go back to that 1964 image – it shows a creepy duplicate, I believe he never sings. He does NOT have Paul’s brown eyes:


Two companies have marketed this photo-image:

1. 1964 Topps Card #2 On the back, this card says Paul has brown eyes and is 5’11 – its giving out false information. This is an American company

2. 1965 A&BC Card #38 – A&BC is a British company, it printed eg many Scottish footballer cards in the 1960s. You can buy these cards on E-bay.

The Replacement was a lot taller than the other Beatles (click to see the whole picture) –

Tall Paul

Here he is when he first appears, or rather a few weeks after he has just appeared:

p (39)

He has a longer, thinner face and a different nose. This picture was taken on December 18th,at the film premier of “The Family Way” Faul had written the musical score – it was the first thing he did after his appearance! the Beatles never did any written scores, and Paul in his last interview in September ’66 specifically said they would not do anything like that, because they were a live music band. This photo appeared in New Musical Express, December 31st 1966 issue.

Here he is in the spring of ’67 – Faul'67

 How could we possibly have thought that was Paul?


Using a Double

David Malocco’s book, The Beatles Conspiracy, tells how in 1965, Pat Conroy worked as a rent boy:

Conroy: “Well he (Brian) had a house in the country, you know, but it was his London house, 24 Chapel Street in Belgravia. I got there a bit earlier than I should have… about 15 minutes and as I was walking up the steps who comes out of the house only Paul McCartney on his own. He was smiling and he just walked straight past me without saying a word. It was strange.

      “Because he knew me, he knew I was a rent boy and he often saw me with Brian and though he wouldn’t have a conversation with me, you know, but he’d always say “hello” or nod… like acknowledge my presence. He wasn’t stuck up his own arse like George or anything. But that’s not all that was strange. He looked different to Paul.”

When asked the difference Conroy replied:
“It’s hard to say really, like he looked like him but he didn’t look like him. His demeanour was different. He didn’t know me. He was taller than Paul and he had a different nose but having said that he looked very like Paul. I didn’t think too much of it at the time…like that he just ignored me…like he didn’t have to say hello…I just thought why would he do that…particularly when he was in a good mood.

       “I rang the bell and Brian came out straight away. I said to him: ‘What’s wrong with your man? He just blanked me.’ Brian said ‘Who?’ I said Paul McCartney. And then Brian said: ‘That’s not Paul. He’s a lookalike. We’re bringing him on tour with us to America.'”
Conroy: “Why are you using a lookalike”. He gave me that look that said “don’t ask” but then said: “Paul isn’t always well and if he can’t perform for any of the concerts we use Bill.”
Malocco asked Pat if he ever saw Bill again.
Pat’s reply: Not in person but I saw him in photographs when he was covering for Paul.
Malocco: After 1967?
Pat: No I never saw the same fella in photos after 1967.
Malocco: Is this Bill or Billy Sir Paul McCartney?
Pat: to be honest. I don’t think so. I know that’s not what you want to hear because you’re writing your book and all…

Malocco asked if he was telling the truth.
Pat: Absolutely…I swear on my mother’s grave. (pages 197 – 199)


Comment: Brian Epstein would bring home various odd and often unsavoury male characters to get into bed with. In case you need reminding what Brian looked like – (again, this is an image from Ringo’s scrap book – click to see it all).


There were various replacements here and there.

 FIRST EVIDENCE OF THE DEATH: from the Memoirs of Tony Barrow, NEMS spokesperson: in late September 1966, “he received more than a dozen calls from reporters asking if Paul was still among the living” (John, Paul, George, Ringo and Me – the Real Beatles story 2011)

Visit to Kenya November 1966: Faul FIRST APPEARS in our story, going off on a mystery visit with Beatle roadie Mal Evans to Kenya. Officlal bios aver that Jane was with them, which is absurd – the photos released of that visit show just the two of them.

 The official Beatles record states that Paul was on holiday in France and Africa with Jane Asher from 6th-19th November 1966. Whereas, Jane was playing Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” at the Theatre Royal, Bristol from 9th November. She was also filming in London that month for an unreleased film version of “The Winter’s Tale”, in which she had played Perdita on stage at Edinburgh in August and at the Cambridge Theatre, London from the beginning of October….. So why did they make up this story? That is an early ‘clue.’ Poor Jane was so traumatised she has never spoken a word about her love-affair with Paul. (Source: J.)

On the 9th November – when John met Ms Ono at the Indica Gallery, and Paul / Faul was driving around the south of France, prior to meetingMal Evans & going to Kenya – Jane then starred as Juliet in the Shakespeare play, at the Bristol Old vic.


On 21st of November, the Express had on its front-page this unlikely story, note the words: “I’m not Paul McCartney,  but I’m sometimes mistaken for him.”

A week later (29th), the Mirror had this cartoon on ‘The Inside Page’ – had somebody got an ‘inside’ story? A character not looking remotely like Paul, but with Faul’s long chin, is just emerging, with a loadof fans in the background, and saying “Do I look like Paul McCartney?”Mirror29th

Joe Orton Beatle Play 

A lot of people get bumped off in this story.

The playwright Joe Orton wrote a script about the Beatles called “Up against It,” they were said to like his ‘darkly humorous writing style.’ He was found murdered by the chauffeur from the film studios in August 1967. The latter was about to take him to a meeting about the film. He was murdered by his gay lover, who left a note saying the answer to the death was in his diaries, especially the end. But, the last part of the diaries were confiscated by the police and have never been released even 50 years later! Also Brian Epstein died the same month (August ’67).

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Paul’s Aston Martin DB6 1966 is now owned by Aston Martin and will never be sold.

The ancient Aston Martin DB5 from 1964 is proudly owned by Walter Baroni of Milan. It is a Sierra Blue colour – Paul had seen the car in a Bond 007 movie – the the silver DB5s of Goldfinger and Thunderball – but he  did not like its silver color.

Many years later, it had been left under a shed outside for years without ever being used, and the damage had to be “buffered” with putty and a coat of paint. The current owner, an Italian, had bought this piece of history almost by accident: he was looking for a car and when he learned that the one that was offered to him had belonged to Macca, had rushed to buy it. He went to England and drove the car, crossing the Channel Tunnel and central Europe. He said that the car had received a significant blow, but in his opinion, not sufficient to cause the death. A the collision, probably with a pole or something similar size, had caused a recess about a foot wide and as deep. A big crash, in short, but not enough to be fatal. In addition, the windshield was broken but, for example, the steering was intact. This confirms to him that the blow was not strong or the steering wheel, wooden, would snap. There could also be a story about some blood being found in the car after the crash. Paul'sCar 

That crash happened in ’66!  “The incident dates back to 1966 with almost 100% certainty” from service records.

Repairs were made to a recess of one foot long and one foot deep and replacement of the windshield. Wooden steering wheel was intact. Baroni stated he does not believe the accident caused Paul’s death but anything could have happened.  Here’s an interview with Walter Baroni (6 minutes)  

The 1964 Aston-Martin DB6 went up for auction  October 2012, it sold for 304,000 – as ‘originally owned by Paul M<cCartney.’  It sports the number plate “64 MAC”

Quoting from the auction document – “Prior to the group’s 1964 World Tour, Paul McCartney placed an order for what is believed to be his first Aston Martin – a Sierra Blue DB5 with Black leather trim, and the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust confirms that the car we now offer, chassis 1653/R, was indeed first registered to the man himself. According to the factory record, it was built on July 3rd and seemingly despatched to the musician’s accountants, Bryce, Hanmer & Isherwood on September 22nd.  The factory-fitted extras included: Selectaride suspension, Motorola radio, chrome wire wheels and, most interestingly, a Phillips Auto-Mignon record player. The purchase price was £3,800 10s 0d plus £793 6s 8d tax”

Paul later bought a second car, a 1966 Aston Martin DB6 – registration ‘LL0 840D.’ Period photos of the DB5 are elusive and written quotes relatively few and far between. The DB6 was in fact Goodwood Green when new.

Trauma of john Lennon

The worst shock Lennon ever experienced was hardly noticed by his biographers. His depression and isolation can be traced back to September,1966 while he was filming “How I Won The War”. He stated he wanted to get out of The Beatles when he was on the movie set. Ringo went to Spain, in early October,1966, out of concern for John’s “emotional state”. His slow decline lasted until The Beatles broke up in1970. He medicated his pain through illegal drug use.

“John lurked in the sitting room, curled uncomfortably onto a settle. He watched television for days on end, barely eating anything beyond the chemicals that allowed him to escape the reality he couldn’t bear to face.” (late 1966) Paul McCartney: A Life; Peter Carlin (2009)

Cynthia Lennon: “I, too, was worried about John’s health; the drugs had ruined his appetite and he did indeed look terrible. I feared he might kill himself.John had the potential to self-destruct and now he seemed hell bent on fulfilling it.” (1968) ‘John,’ Cynthia Lennon (2005) The unauthorised A Long And Winding Road includes interviews with John Lennon’s sister where she states that John was simply not himself after 1966.


Years later, John sent this letter to Mal Evans, encouraging him to publish his tell-all book in 1976. You can tell that John relises how ‘apocalyptic’ this would be! But no, Evans was bumped off just before it was due to be taken to the publisher and the MS vanished. Lennon to Mal Evans

 Listen to Lennon’s song ‘Real Love’ backwards, and hear the repeated lament: Paul, he used to sing with me, Paul, we used to sing with him’

Here is a spooky painting by Faul, Twin Freaks on the theme of duality:



  Eye Colour Change