At least six films about the 7/7 London bombings are circulating on the Internet, here listed. You can order them all on a DVD from Culture Shop. In different ways they all investigate some of the most serious holes in the official account of that day’s events.

Ludicrous Diversion  takes its title from Tony Blair’s words dismissing survivors’ calls for an enquiry. Produced anonymously, it appears to be made by TV professionals in their spare time and presents some of the central allegations. 28mins (2006):


•  The Homefront is a film by a relative of one of the 7/7 victims. Director Thomas Ikimi makes the point that British courts look into even minor crimes ‘so what is the problem on an inquiry into the worst terror attack in UK history?’ (2007). Interview with Thomas Ikimi.

7/7 The Ripple Effect – 57mins (2007). Producer: Muad-Dib. Let’s hope this gets shown in schools and public meeting-places. We discuss this video here and here.


• Mind The Gap – 41mins (2006). David Shayler. Producer: Adrian Connock. According to Culture Shop, ‘This investigative documentary uncovers evidence that points to a high-level cover-up … this 40 minute film cuts through leaks and spin to explain why the official government story of the four lone suicide bombers just does not add up…It makes compelling viewing.’

• BT London Bombings, version 4.1 – 31mins (2005). Producer: anonymous. This was the first film to be made, clearly by one with inside knowledge – still anonymous! ‘Looks through a long series of diverse evidence that the later, more polished documentaries do not and which has apparently been entirely missed by Scotland Yard’ (T.G.).

*  Analysis of the Luton Photoshop-Forgery of the Four, with kind permission from Muad’Dib – supposedly this was a CCTV shot at 07.22 on the morning of July 7th:

‘Terror Storm’ by Alex Jones. Said to have had 40 million downloads! Its first hour is well recommended, concerning false-flag terror. It primarily centres on 7/7, but also covers other historic false-flag terror events, stertin with the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty:

*    ‘Montreal-the next Terror Target’ Quoting T.G. about this ten-part series: ‘A broad investigative documentary which asks why senior figures running the Montreal Transit system don’t appear to know they have signed security contracts with Isreali firm Verint. It asks “Who was in charge of security on the London Underground during the 7/7 attacks?” The film then takes a close look at the ultra-secret world of the Israeli government-subsidised Comverse group of companies, which include AmDocs, Comverse Infosys and Verint Systems. These companies sell wiretapping, telephone interception, billing, mobile phone and cellphone voicemail software and have very close ties to Israeli, British and US intelligence services. ‘ Its quite difficult (but important) to follow these shadowy networks – which link up to 9/11 as well as 7/7, if you can handle it – and you may wish to read ToT’s Appendix 2 before trying to get your head round this.

* The 9/11 – 7/7 Connection by Ian Crane. If you are interested in the wider geopolitical framework of who plans these events and why, then you will want to watch this. A gripping tale of world domination – but, Ian always has a message of hope for us. He chaired Britain’s 9/11 movement for some years and now organises the big ‘Alternative View’ conferences.

*   From Gladio to 7/7   A fine speech by Martin Summers (Oxford degree in Politics philosophy and economics) at a July 7 meeting at the Birmingham mosque, 5 July 2009. Gives vital background info on July 7th: ‘The Western intelligence services have got a documented record of engaging in what is called false flag terrorism: that is to say, where a terrorist attack happens, people are hurt, lives are shattered, and it is claimed in the name of a particular group, but that group didn’t do it, it was done by somebody else…’ That is alas the nub of the matter. 

Media Edge TV featured a two-hour (untitled) discussion with Martin Summers and Tony Gosling with Theo Chalmers. It covered 7/7 for about four minutes (42-46 minutes), in which yours truly gets alluded to. Here’s a comment about it: ‘So who does rule Britain? Is it the elected representatives, and are they allowed to speak freely? Or, is it a military industrial complex, pushing its own interests, silencing anyone with dangerous questions, and using the secret services to turn the UK into a police state? There was an illuminating discussion of this issue on Edge Media TV…’ (Ian Fantom)

*  The Ripple Effect – 9/11 – the video that inspired Muad’Dib to make his English version:

‘Terror Talk’  a humour music video from the Zion Train (CD/LP is entitled – Live As One).

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