On Friday 13th, did the Zionist-satanic band Eagles of Death perform Kiss the Devil just as a terror attack began?

Were eighty-odd people shot dead? Or, was the concert-hall closed that night and was it just a drill? Supposedly, 45 minutes into their concert, during which it was all very dark, the shooting started and then the lights were put on. (Survivor testimony, here, at 5 mins)

In that case, who took the following brightly-lit pictures, which The Mail told us were taken just before the shooting? (click to enlarge)Bataclanlast-photo-1024BataclanCROWD_02BataclanBullHorns_01

Every expert I have talked to, says these are composite, layered images with the different figures added separately.

Now, the big question: can you see any of the same people in these pictures? Are they not all separate, composite figures?  If so, that proves the event did not happen.

Here is another view of the EODM playing, note all the fine carpets  –EODMPlaywith Carpets And here’s another – but wait, now there is a big gap betwen the stage and audience! EODMBataclan-10

That’s from The Mirror, ‘moments before’ the shooting. Note no carpets on the stage – these two images are totally different.

Next, let’s consider tickets for that concert. There are three of these up on the web – all absurdly different. ticket 2aattentat-ticket-bataclan-paris-1920x1218Billet digitick

 The first ticket is rather huge, and it still has its tab attached ie its unused. Of course the lead singer would have rushed past the British couple who owned this, with a moving message:

A British couple have revealed how the lead singer of Eagles of Death Metal ran past them urging them to flee for their lives from the Bataclan theatre, shortly after they had captured on camera the exact moment the band realised the ISIS attack was happening. Husband and wife Maria and Patrick Moore, from Southampton, were told to ‘run, baby, run’ by rocker Jesse Hughes

Shame on the Mail for such reporting. Unless these were all produced by different ticket-agencies, such varied tickets cast a lot of doubt on whether the event happened.

We’re looking to see if there were any adverts in Paris music journals for the concert, the week before.

The police claim they arrived at 10 pm – about twenty minutes after the ‘terrorists’ arrived – and then shot a ‘terrorist.’ By 12.20 pm they had rescued ‘hostages’ taken from the audience. But no arrests were made.

No emergency workers or ambulances or medics arrived – suggesting that whatever happened was just a drill.

Two days later the well-known image of dolls on the floor arrived – from Israel! The Bataclen carpet has evidenty been removed, or covered up. We see is no broken glass, beer cans, or handbags – suggesting that the event never happened. Let’s quote Euro-false-flag terror expert Ole Dammegard:

If you zoom in you see the body of a woman, she’s lying straight … look at her legs,. You cannot do what she’s doing with her legs. Not with a human body. What she is, and what these bodies are, I would strongly suggest, are what are called capper bodies, stunt bodies, used for film stunts, not real bodies. … Here, on most of these bodies, there are no holes at all, no blood. (Another French False-flag, Ed Kevin Barrett 2016, interview with Ole D.)

These are just unwounded dummies, all with faces turned away from us: 25 of them, not eighty. (For dummies lying on the Bataclan floor, see this video at 5-6 minutes.)HallofHorror

Made In Israel

When that startling image appeared on the morning of Sunday 15th, the French media were strangely reluctant to comment on its origin:”NO media from the mainstream press has tried to learn more about the origin of the photo.” (Source) The Telegraph that day said it had come from a Dutch blogger. The Dutch blogger in question, Bart Nijman, was asked about the source of the photo and he finally admitted that a reporter called Bosch van Rosenthal (aka @eelcobvr) was the source of his post. Bosch van Rosenthal had posted this image at 10.35 that Sunday morning. His source, he declared, was “Israel News Feed” led by “@IsraelHatzolah”. That is basically United Hatzalah, a paramedical group affiliated to the Israeli army, chaired by Mark Gersen, the former executive of PNAC, the US Project for a New Amerian Century

This key disco0very was made by ‘Panamza,’ a site run by Hicham Hamza, who is as Kevin Barrett explained “the only investigative journalist in France with the courage to question the official stories of the Charlie Hebdo and 11/13 attacks.”  He discovered it a month after the event and his article was entitled “Bataclan Carnage: The shocking photo was disseminated from Jerusalem.”

You might have thought the Paris police would be grateful to him for finding the central whodunnit key. Isn’t that what police are supposed to search for? Instead they arrested him and charged him with “violating judicial secrecy, publishing images in grave violation of human dignity, and premeditated willful violence.” He was charged with having “violated the secrecy of the investigation” – i.e threatening the cover-up and shocking deception of the French people here being perpetrated.

A few monthsl later, United Hatzalah was also present at the Brussels Airport blast. At 10.00 am that morning it tweeted:

United Hatzalah EMT Yakov Y. at Brussels Airport “At the time i was praying at the synagogue… we felt the explosion.” #Brussels #terror

Thre is no synagogue at the airport, or anywhere near it. But we digress.

Did the pictures shown of the Eagles of Death Metal perfoming on the stage, come from an earlier Dublin concert? As claimed here, at 1-2 minutes: ‘…playing at Dublin, the first time they ever played at a real-sized concert’. They played in Dublin on Tuesday the 10th November just a few days before, no web-pictures available.

If anyone had a record of bodies or casualties arriving into a hospital, that would be real evidence – but I believe that is not available.

There was on that day, a detailed Government-sponsored terror drill in Paris, synchronising as usual with the ‘real’ thing: as Patrick Pelloux explained on France Info Radio, Paris police were prepared because, “as luck would have it”, they’d planned an exercise to train for multi-site attacks on that very morning, Nov 13,2015. It ‘went live’, as they do, acquiring so to speak undue realism. That was planned well in advance. Clearly, whatever happened at the Bataclan was part of this event. This being the case, a public concert would have been out of the question. Did no concert happened, or were the persons in the audience selected and part of the drill?

Beyond coincidence


Patrick Pelloux is Paris’ anti-terror spokesperson. He just hapened t0 be nearby for the Charlie Hebdo event, then just happened to be promoting his new book on the subject a few days before the Bataclan event (‘Toujours Là, toujours Pret’) He explained there just happened to be a ‘multi-site attack exercise which had been planned on the morning of the attack.’

Here he is being interveiwed on French BFM radio on his participation in the rescue efforts on 13 November [01 :40]:

Pelloux: It just happens that Friday morning, Paris Emergency services were conducting a live drill on this very same type of terrorist attack.

Newscaster: Really? What a coincidence!

Pelloux: (hesitates a few seconds) It’s …. a horrible coincidence, ah yes it’s a horrible coincidence that this very evening it was… yes… a horrible coincidence….