It is the only book on the subject – The Great British Coronavirus Hoax, A Sceptics guide. It was earlier deleted by Amazon but now seems to be back up again. 

(Earlier books banned by Amazon: ‘Breaking the Spell, the Holocaust Myth and Reality’ and ‘Who did 9/11? A View from Across the Pond.’)

To purchase the following octet of books, search or :

Terror on the Tube, behind the Veil of 7/7 2009 *  Breaking the Spell, the Holocaust Myth and Reality 2014  *  The Life and Death of Paul McCartney, 1942-1966  2015  *  How Britain Initiated both World Wars 2017  *  False Flags over Europe A Modern History of State-Fabricated Terror 2018  *   Who did 9/11? A View from Across the Pond  2018 *   the great British Skripal hoax  2019  *  The Great British Coronavirus Hoax 2020.   

Not in sale in bookshops – they wouldn’t dare!

For the Coronavirus book you can search ISBN 9781916182158 into    Or, suppose you want a copy of Breaking the Spell – a Revisionist bestseller – put in its ISBN 9781591482284 and get the best price.

Or, Abe Books are OK: 

Interview with Kent Freedom Movement –