by Patrick Griffin

A sad and maybe even tragic aspect of this corona thing is the more than likely the fundamental underlying principle of theory is not even valid. I refer to Arthur Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow” which is about the history of electricity in the broadest sense and it’s effect on health. He shows very credibly I think that the ‘flu’ is NOT spread from person to person but ‘comes and goes’ and is the result of things like changing of the seasons, different effects from the sun like magnetic pole switching, sun spots etc etc. He also shows how the flu ‘spreads’ faster than any person to person exchange could explain. This was more clear in the ‘old days’ when travel was much slower but nonetheless the ‘flu’ spread sometimes all over the globe very quickly. Anyway the point being the whole paradigm behind this ‘social isolation’ is mostly not even correct and we are using a kind of ‘medical model’ that is basically not sound.

It’s a sad situation. Yesterday the man who reads the electricity meter approached the house with a piece of paper in his hand. He handed it to me and immediately stepped back he explained he was not ‘allowed’ to go in the house to read the meter. I told him it was fine with me if he was to come in….no no no he cannot he was even instructed to deliver this piece of paper but not to even knock. Like I said it struck me as sad and I am sure we had millions of these ‘interactions’ or really non interactions all over the place.

I would like to reference another book “Fear of the Invisible” by Janine Roberts which undermines and even destroys the whole ‘viral theory’ of disease. Viruses are produced within out own body and also within all other life forms for all kinds of PROTECTIVE reasons, gene transfer etc etc. They are NOT some kind of boogey man out there waiting to ‘get us’. In that way both books sort come together from different points of view. It would take way too long to try to explain really you should read both books and then talk but it just struck me we are maybe all dealing with ‘fear of the invisible’ the medical centric people with the fear of viruses and the 5G activist type people with the fear of electro-magnetic radiation including wi-fi, cell phones etc etc. I don’t think it is a competition as to who is ‘right’ so much as seeing a big picture. Biology and electricity interact but the ‘powers that be’ are heavily from the medical model. And I don’t think it is serving us well at all the fear of viruses and the hunt for them has led us down a very dark path including now the prospect it seems of compulsory vaccination which has been a long time goal it seems . In effect it is largely that already certainly the day old infant has no choice in the matter. The poisoning starts early and set’s up the infant for a life time of medical interventions, a patient (customer) for life you might say.

For myself the ‘invisible’ I fear is the ramping up of so called 5G where a ‘small cell’ tower can be put in front of your window and nothing you can do about it … except maybe move… to another place where the same is likely to be done. Or a ‘smart meter’ will be put in your house that will radiate you 24/7 whether you like it or not. I am sure the meter reader yesterday is thinking this problem he had would be ‘solved’ if a smart meter was put in. Which I am sure is another part of this agenda and will be another unfortunate outcome of the present ‘crisis’ Viruses I have no fear of they as far as they exist at all as independent entities are part of Nature and have been with us for billions of years  Yet we are meant to distrust and fear THEM but trust and welcome some alien frequencies as used in these wireless devices and to have no fear for our health. I know which side I would be on but the sad reality is the powers that be are on the other side the dark side.. as I see it

I see no good coming out of this ‘psychological operation’ (psy op) it is ramping up tendencies that were already growing in society. Fear of the other, reliance of virtual forms of communication, a war on real food which is being demonized more and more as being ‘dirty’ and replacing it with lab grown meat etc etc. A future of cyborgs where we are barely human, just nodes on the network. I don’t think society will easily go back to where we were before. The fear has been planted and even if it eased up now it can be brought out at any time in the future. Some people like Joe Imbriano PREDICTED all this, he said as the electro magnetic poisoning got worse they would roll out a ‘virus’ to explain it all. In science the ability to predict is considered the gold standard well he did that and we are now living through it. I hope it can somehow be recalled but in many ways the die is cast the economy is trashed, they switched off the engine and now they will borrow trillions to try to get the car moving again. It is all un-necessary and self defeating sort of like what most of modern humans do anyway. 


A Woman’s View

    I think we need a woman’s view of all this:

“I’m pretty certain that what we are witnessing right now is people becoming ill with radiation sickness.  But they are blaming it on a virus.  This is standard operating procedure for the disgusting parasites that have taken control of the medical establishment and of all other institutions in our society.  They are liars.

Our biggest problem right now, in addition to the presence of these parasites on Earth, is the stupidity of most of our people.  These people are so brainwashed that they believe everything the talking heads on TV tell them. It’s a very big problem.”

      – health expert Jeanice Barcelo    see her                                Also her


Kevin B.’s view: “This is the big thing we have been expecting to arrive. A hard, centrally-planned, quasi-Communist New World Order is being established before our very eyes on the back of a load of boll*x (imposed via media repetition) related to a common virus normally associated with the common cold. ..It will soon be obvious to the majority that we have allowed a lying, nightmare tyranny to gain control over us all.”

John Rappaport ‘ – commenting on Italy: “The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5 [!!!]. As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions….“More than 99% [!] of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions.” His judgement:

There are statistical vampires at work, using the elderly and sick and dying to feed numbers to health agencies around the planet. Those agencies tap their press contacts, and horror reports emerge, and the unsuspecting public, in economic lockdowns, sit in front of the tube and watch these reports, and inhale the cooked-up fear.

Turn your mind to the highest setting, because nothing is riding on this whole deal except the immediate future of humanity.

His valuable question: Are people dying coincidentally WITH the virus, or BECAUSE OF the virus? Is the virus a mere harmless passenger in the body, or is it the driving force?

For my comments, See Here  

Dr Steiner comments

Steiner was an Austrian visionary philosopher of about a hundred years ago. Often worth listening to – he predicted the Mad cow disease epidemic.

(I quote him a lot for example in my book How Britain Initiated both world Wars)

“Imagine a people which was composed entirely of liars, the astral plane would be populated solely by the corresponding demons and these demons would be able to express themselves in a constitutional tendency to epidemics. Thus there is a certain species of bacilli who are the carriers of infectious diseases; these beings are the progeny of the lies told by human beings; they are nothing else than physically embodied demons generated by lies.” (GA 99 – L.6)


Quotes from Doctors, Nutritionists and Researchers who refute the Germ Theory:

What’s happening is, like I said, we have colds, which are mainly bacterial, which go feed on toxic tissue that’s been damaged – we don’t eat well enough, we don’t eat all raw and therefore we accumulate toxicity. So bacteria have to come in and eat that waste product because we can’t keep up with all the waste. OK. So that’s what a cold is. Flu is mainly viral. Some bacteria may be active during flu. Some areas of our bodies may not be so contaminated that bacteria – the natural way that we cleanse with bacteria when we’re overloaded with toxicity or waste products, will help us. But when we are so toxic that the bacteria are poisoned by the tissue, from chemical inundation, then we have to make solvents. Each cell makes a solvent. Each cell makes a soap to help clean itself. And it’s a union. It’s like a factory. All the particular cells get together and say, “Let’s make this to help clean ourselves.” So they make enzymes which we will call soap to do that. So there’s nothing dormant about it. It’s just that when the accumulation of industrially contaminated waste is so great and you can’t use microbes then the cells make solvents, that is, viruses we call flu.”- Aajonus Vonderplanitz

“In 1915, another medical doctor wrote an article for the top British medical journal Lancet. Dr. Montais studied 21 cases of tetanus, each of whom had received Pasteurian inoculation. The conclusion of the article, which appeared in the 23 Oct 1915 issue, was that in every case, the tetanus had been caused by the inoculation. Dr. Montais said that “Pasteur had created a new form of disease.” — The Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory by Tim O’Shea

“Medical doctors are working on the germ theory of disease… But the germ theory is already weakening and is due for being thrown aside. Dr. Fraser of Canada and Dr. Powell of California have experimented with billions of germs of all varieties, but they have been unable to produce a single disease by the introduction of germs into human subjects. Dr. Waite tried for years to prove the germ theory, but he could not do so. During the World War an experiment was conducted at Gallop’s Island Massachusetts, in which millions of influenza germs were injected into over one hundred men at the Government hospital, and no one got the flu. Germs are scavengers.” — Principles and Practice of Naturopathy. E.W. Cordingley, M.D “… viruses are the excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They butt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.” – Thomas Cowan MD on Rudolf Steiner’s insights. “Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.” — E. Douglas Hume “We must infer that at least some and probably all three of those Russian peasants died because of Pasteur’s vaccine, as did uncounted people later on….Only one thing is sure: ever since Pasteur developed his “vaccine,” the cases of death from rabies have increased, not diminished.” – Hans Ruesch


A Medical View, from GreenMedInfo        (Excerpts)

The Coronavirus scare that emanated from Wuhan, China in December of 2019 is an epidemic of testing. There is no proof that a virus is being detected by the test and there is absolutely no concern about whether there are a significant number of false positives on the test. What is being published in medical journals is not science, every paper has the goal of enhancing the panic by interpreting the data only in ways that benefit the viral theory, even when the data is confusing or contradictory. In other words, the medical papers are propaganda.

It is also an epidemic by definition. The definition, which assumes perfection from the test, does not have the safety valve that the definition of SARS did, thus the scare can go on until public health officials change the definition or realize that the test is not reliable.

The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a deadly new virus, a virus that has emerged from wild bats in China, supported by the western assumption that Chinese people will eat anything that moves.

While the definition of SARS, an earlier coronavirus panic, was self-limiting, the definition of the new coronavirus disease is open-ended, allowing the imaginary epidemic to grow. Putting aside the existence of the virus, if the coronavirus test has a problem with false positives (as all biological tests do) then testing an uninfected population will produce positive tests, and the definition of the disease will allow the epidemic to go on forever.

This strange new disease, officially named COVID-19, has none of its own symptoms. Fever and cough, previously blamed on uncountable viruses and bacteria, as well as environmental contaminants, are most common, as well as abnormal lung images, despite those being found in healthy people.

The coronavirus test is based on PCR, a manufacturing technique. When used as a test it does not produce a positive/negative result, but simply the number of cycles required to detect genetic material. The division between positive and negative is an arbitrary number of cycles chosen by the testers. If positive means infected and negative means uninfected, then there are cases of people going from infected to uninfected and back to infected again in a couple of days.

COVID-19, to use its formal name, is described as a distinct new disease. But it clearly is not. There are no distinctive symptoms, for a start. Reference [2] showed that, among 41 early cases, the only symptoms found in more than half, were fever (98%) and cough (76%).

The low rate of people testing positive on the coronavirus testing is further evidence that there are no obvious symptoms. If there were recognizable symptoms, doctors should have a better than 4% chance of guessing who has the virus. While some of the people may have been tested, without symptoms, because they were on a flight or cruise, countries outside China are encouraging people with the vague symptoms that exist to check in to a hospital, so increasingly people have symptoms of the flu or pneumonia, and are still testing negative in high numbers.

The only way to decide logically and scientifically is to have a gold standard for presence of the virus, which can only be purification and characterization. Since this has never been accomplished, doctors get to make decisions on the fly, always leaning towards treating patients as infected

Some people have fully recovered from illness blamed on coronavirus, started to test negative, and then tested positive again. According to a news report [22] patients are not considered cured in China until they no longer have symptoms, have clear lungs, and have two negative coronavirus tests. Despite this, 14% of discharged patients later tested positive, but with no relapse of symptoms. This is very difficult to explain if the test is for a virus, much easier to explain if the RNA that the test is looking for is not viral in origin.

Arthur Firstenberg View       WHAT CAUSED THE 1918 “SPANISH INFLUENZA”?

This is not the first time a scare about a viral pandemic has swept the world. We have previously heard predictions — none of which came true — that swine flu, bird flu, SARS, MERS, West Nile virus, Zika virus and Ebola were going to kill millions of people. Notably, all of these scares have occurred after the Internet replaced human contact as the predominant means of communication, and words and pictures on a screen replaced reality.

I do not pretend that there is no basis at all for these predictions. Behind all the hysteria is a fear that the catastrophe that was the “Spanish Influenza” of 1918-1921 will repeat itself. The 1918 flu, after all, sickened one-third of the world’s population and killed an estimated fifty million people. 

But there are a number of important facts about the 1918 flu that are not widely known:

  • The 1918 flu was not caused by a virus.

  • The 1918 flu was not contagious and did not spread by direct human-to-human contact.

  • The 1918 flu began on U.S. military bases where soldiers were being trained in wireless telegraphy. It spread throughout the world on ten thousand U.S. Navy ships equipped with state-of-the-art wireless stations. It became much more deadly in September 1918 when the first round-the-clock voice radio station powerful enough to be received in most parts of the world went on the air in New Brunswick, New Jersey in service of the U.S. war effort, thereby launching the modern era of radio communication.

Efforts by doctors working for the U.S. Public Health Service to prove the contagious nature of the 1918 flu were heroic and resulted in resounding and repeated failure. In November and December 1918 and in February and March 1919, they attempted to infect one hundred healthy volunteers with influenza in the following ways:

  • They put secretions from the mouth, nose, throat and bronchi from hospitalized influenza patients into the nose, throat and eyes of volunteers;

  • They injected blood from sick patients into volunteers; 

  • They filtered mucous material from sick patients and injected it under the skin of volunteers;

  • They had volunteers shake hands with sick patients, talk to them, faces close together, for five minutes, then had the patient breathe out as hard as he could while the volunteer, two inches away, was breathing in, then had the patient cough directly into the face of the volunteer, five times.

None of the volunteers in any of these experiments got sick in any way.

Similar attempts to infect healthy horses with secretions from horses sick with influenza resulted in the same resounding failure.

These experiments, and other facts about the 1918 flu, as well as about influenza in general, are thoroughly discussed and documented in chapters 7, 8 and 9 of my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (AGB Press 2017, Chelsea Green 2020).

Historically, influenza was an unpredictable disease that struck without warning and without a schedule and disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as it had arrived, not to be seen again for years or decades. It did not exist on this earth as an annual disease prior to the worldwide deployment of AC electricity for lights and power that occurred in 1889. Many of the doctors who were flooded with influenza in 1889 had never seen a case before. But influenza has not been absent anywhere on earth since.

Once it is understood that the 1918 flu was not caused by a virus and was not spread by contagion, but was instead caused by the sudden spread of radio communication throughout the world, the hysteria should die down and the world can get back to normal, and go about the necessary business of getting rid of wireless technology. Radio waves have sickened and killed more of humanity in the past century than all of the bacteria and viruses combined. Also heart disease, diabetes and cancer (chapters 11, 12 and 13 of The Invisible Rainbow) are caused primarily by the sea of radiation with which our cell phones, cell towers, radio towers, radar stations, security systems, baby monitors, wireless computers, and other wireless devices and infrastructure have flooded our precious and fragile world.

Remember, the 1918 flu was not caused by a virus but by the proliferation of radio technology, to such an extent as to modify the electromagnetic environment of the Earth itself. The first, mild wave of the flu in the winter, spring and summer of 1918 was caused by the proliferation of thousands of wireless telegraphy stations, each having a limited geographic range and operating for a limited number of hours per day. The second wave, which lasted three full years, sickening one-third of humanity and killing ten percent of those it sickened, was caused by an escalation of radio from telegraphy to voice, part time to full time, and short-range to planet-wide.

That is parallel to what is happening today. 5G is escalating the radio assault on our planet to a new level, using much higher frequencies, much greater bandwidth, and much greater power levels. The first wave of the coronavirus has accompanied an enormous proliferation of 5G stations on the ground, each having a limited geographic range. This is shortly to be escalated from short-range to planet-wide, and from an indirect to a direct assault on the ionosphere, when thousands of 5G satellites go into operation this year and next.

….my last newsletter, “The Flames of Progress”, documented the worldwide starvation of insects caused by microwave radiation, and the consequent starvation of birds, bats and frogs for lack of insects to eat: