The NEW Billy Shears Memoirs is out! like the last one, it’s basically written by Sir Paul (‘Faul’) and packaged by Thomas Uharriet.

You might have thought the first ‘Memoirs of Billy Shears’ was enough – 666 pages in 66 chapters published on 9/9/09.

So this is another 666 pages and 66 chapters – published 9 years later.

It’s massively repetitive and not so well written: and the new stuff in it is mainly (yawn) him claiming to be the son of Alistair Crowley.

the Sage of Quai  (SoQ) had earlier proposed ‘the use of multiple doubles and lookalikes throughout the Beatles timeline.’

He reckoned there had been ‘two primary replacements in place before 1966’ – one as an actor not a musician, the other a singer.

(NB my book took the simple ‘minimalist’ view, of one just guy being replaced by another)

I’d say there were two musical geniuses hare, numbers 1 and 4: 4 being the replacement who arrives in November ’66.

I’d also say that ‘4’ and ‘5’ have to be the same person, picture 5 comes from his wedding with Linda. OK?

Number 2 here is mysterious: it’s early Paul before fame, up in Liverpool. That’s really him .. isn’t it? Or not?

Saqe of Quai reckons it’s a composite image, ‘morphing the image of biological Paul and a replacement, most likely Bill Shepherd.’ Not sure about that. And who’s Bill Shepherd?

I’d say ‘5’ here is Faul, the singer guy who replaced him. SoQ reckons that 4, 5, 7 and 8 are all ‘Bill Shepherd.’

He then quoted page 127 of Memoirs:

Before and after Paul’s death, all four Beatle positions had doubles that were used far more than most fans would imagine. William still uses his.

It adds ‘Paul did not however use doubles for album covers. They are Paul’s most dependable photos.’

Melody Maker Awards – 13 September 1966.

He was dead by then, right? My book analysed how there were no journos present at that non-event, no authentic accounts of it. and how the images shown were fixed up. Various people have rejected my argument here, on the grounds that ‘real’ footage of Paul is visible at that event.

SoQ: ‘Tavistock brought in their very best double.’ – that double was so good it’s just spooky.

Quote page 178 of Memoirs: ‘Silencing the informed once and for all, Mal had Ringo accompanied by one of Paul’s best doubles for a Melody Maker awards broadcast. It refuted all evidence of Paul’s death, and still does.’ 

Here you can see the ‘very best double’ and judge for yourself. Note how there are no shadows, of any one of those four onto another. Note how ‘Paul’ is holding a glass of wine and a cigarette, and cannot also be holding his MM Award that is put onto his hand. Note how all four are looking in different directions. It’s a montage with cutouts.