Time to stop paying 6your ~TV licence – We did not ask for this!

BBC’s New Disinformation Expert Is A Joke:  https://youtu.be/A200NhgUWTg?t=69 Jimmy dore show

Comments: Straight out of the BBC brainwashing dept .; she has to create “fake” accounts to find out the “truth”. This is why nobody in the UK watches the BBC anymore . At this point they should just use actual puppets. an English man I would not a believe a word the BBC says, love your show. There actually IS one VERY SPECIFIC qualification to get this position: Obedience. Well, at least they’re being transparent about agents with false identities manipulating online discussion.

BBC launches HILARIOUS “disinformation” department to keep you safe | Redacted with Clayton Morris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A200NhgUWTg&t=69s    Comment: I`m English and have boycotted the BBC for a decade , I find this latest British Bullshit Corporation attempt at furthering news speak on us Hilarious.


Neil Oliver in his monologue on GBNews on Saturday 27 May made his main
point on a very nice lady, Marianna Spring, from the BBC.

She wrote about making fake accounts in the interests of combating

See: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjGAE4X3k-M) The monologue starts
9:30 mins in.

BBC Verify was launched by Marianna Spring (


Here she is being interviews by CBS News:

Here she is launching Verify:

She says she’s investigating the UK’s ‘conspiracy theory movement’ !

And she looks at a ‘conspiracy theory newspaper’.

Here is a three-hour video in which she and the editor of The Light
newspaper interview each other:


(source:Ian F.)