Let’s compare two false-flag terror events, of 2002 and 2005, in Bali and London. In both cases the experts appeared hardly able to say, what the explosive had been. The Bali-bomb story had its explosives keep changing, starting off with stories about ‘C4’  – ‘Plastic explosive clue in Bali bombing’ – in this respect it was very similar to the London 7/7 story. It ended up with a story about potassium chlorate, (1) that was its final version when Amrozi and two others were convicted and shot, for having perpetrated the event.

In these false-flag terror stories, there is a tension between a need for some simple explosive, to fit in with the clueless patsies who take the blame – and the military explosive that was used to create the spectacular effect. My book ToT described this vacillation in the 7/7 story, centred on a newly-described explosive called TATP, which also featured in the Bali bomb story. But what was really used?

At 11 pm on 12th October, 2002, the Sari club in Jakarta was ripped apart. Hours before the bombing took place, the US withdrew all its administrative staff and diplomats from Indonesia, citing a ‘security threat’. The British government also received the same warning but this wasn’t passed on to any relevant authority, or the hundreds of people who were carelessly making their way to a beach party.

No group stepped forward to take public responsibility. Immediately after the bombing, the FBI, the Australian Secret Service and British secret police swooped in to the bomb site and took charge of the investigation,. The Indonesian authorities and the Balinese police were indignant but powerless to intervene. The first people on the scene almost immediately were the FBI, despite it being a 17-hour journey from the USA. Australian police arrived within 24 hours. The actual bombers may have escaped from Jakarta airport that night, as flight logs were found to be missing from air traffic control that day and the night of the 12th, and for no other night.

Bali got Nuked – but no-one Noticed

Concerning the two explosions in the immediate vicinity, the first was small and may not have harmed anyone, it was some sort of political gesture. Let’s hear the view of Amrozi, a motorcycle mechanic from east Java, whose wife and neighbors can prove he never left his home island. He was convicted for the crime on 9 November, 2008:

“I was responsible for the bombing at the US Consulate [which killed or injured no one] and I’m proud of it, but most of the people were killed by an Israeli micronuke that was targeted at the Sari Club at the same moment. You know, to make Islam look bad.”

– A quote by the late Joe Vialls. One would indeed like to hear a bit more on this matter by the late Mr Amrozi (Here and Here).

Let’s hope the people of Bali remember these words of Armozi – he paid with his life as an innocent sacrifice. Amrozi was a ‘patsy’ – one who is duped into a situation, where he then has to take the blame. Soon, a fake Al-qaeda web-message was claiming responsibility. For info see the ten-part video here – especially, how the bomb was a nuke. The blast area was half a kilometer and the Sari club was leveled in seconds. At first, people thought it was an earthquake. Experts surmise that the blast was probably from a small tactical nuclear warhead in the vicinity of 0.01 kilotons.

My book outlined certain features of the Bali blast, whereby all concrete nearby was vaporised, and a load of people disappeared, with a huge crater formed in the road, etc. To this one could add, that two bangs were heard in fairly close proximity. The one seems to have been a fairly small one which the patsies may have detonated, while the other was – a micro-nuke.

An EMP blast affect knocked out electricity in the area, as a mushroom cloud rose brown in the night sky above Bali, with a white core to it. A micro-nuke is made with pure plutonium-239 and requires enough to achieve critical mass, but only a small portion goes fissile so it remains a relatively small blast. The EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) is a signature of nuclear explosion and no conventional explosive has that. Within ten miles or so, electrical systems blinked out. Investigators estimated that its blast pressure ratio was between 10-100, while, for comparison, that of potassium nitrate & aluminium was around two while that of ‘C4’ is around 4 (2). Discussion of these matters are found on videos about the Bali bombings more than on websites, and are more or less absent from the printed page.

Nuclear Blast
The key features of a nuclear blast are:
* an EMP electro-magnetic pulse knocks out electricity in the region,
* a mushroom cloud in the sky,
* a very high pressure wave measured in pounds per square inch.
* alpha-radiation from the residual plutonium.
* conventional explosives packed into a car will never crater-out a road, as this one did.
* one finds descriptions like: ‘The place [Sari club] was packed, and it went up within a millisecond’ – such an instantaneous effect indicates a nuke.
* victims were walking around with skin burns and skin peeling off
* Many in the crowded vicinity had simply vanished, with no trace remaining.
* Concrete from nearby buildings had vaporized, leaving just twisted steel.

Image: Night sky of Jakarta, 12th October 2002, a micro-nuke explodes.

Most of the fissile isotopes produced would have been washed away by the heavy monsoon rains, the Sari club being just 200 yards from the beach: although, one would encourage any radiology department to go there even now and check it out. After the blast, the area was not cordoned off, but on the contrary everyone was rather strangely allowed to walk over it – presumably to dissipate the radioactive waste.

Local journalist Robert Finnigan was the senior journalist for the Jakarta Post, and he started interviewing people and took soil samples. He asked a US official, ‘Will you verify yes or no to any US involvement in this bombing’ and had his visa revoked 24 hours later. He was followed and told to leave the country right way, despite being married to a Balinese wife. He described how an Israeli officer followed him. Another Jakarta Post journalist helping him was likewise given 24 hrs to hand over all his material.

On 6th November, a month after the blast, Joe Vialls’ claim about a micro-nuke was published in a Javanese newspaper, then on 9th November, Intelligence services in London used the British Home Office to issue a dire warning that “al Qaeda might be planning to attack the west with a dirty radiological weapon”. This story travelled round the world and was soon after withdrawn as if it were a mere error by David Blunkett the UK Minister of Home Affairs. That was, Joe Vialls averred, a backup contingency plan, just in case someone detected the alpha-radiation.

Bali’s President Megawati was instructed to denounce Islamic terror – but, she refused to do so and instead courageously described the US as: “a superpower that forced the rest of the world to go along with it… We see how ambition to conquer other nations has led to a situation where there is no more peace unless the whole world is complying with the will of the one with the power and strength.”  After these wise words, did she need to be taught a lesson, with a second Bali bomb in 2005?

Witness reports
Witnesses testified to seeing ‘… that big giant mushroom from the smoke…’ ‘when I look up into the sky, I found it to be a bright red ball with pure white smoke arising from it in mushroom form.’ ‘Sari’s went up in a millisecond…’ ‘You just saw a blinding light and your ears felt like they were exploding. Outside it was awful, like something you’d see out of Vietnam.’
After the blast, ‘The flood of people came running down the street screaming and tipping water over each other… There were completely burned bodies with flesh burned through to the bone, lying in the Bali hospital. Burns surgery experts testified they had never seen anything like this.’ (quotes from video reports).

An Australian army explosives expert 30 metres away saw the power cut out:

‘All the power went out. And then probably two seconds later there was this huge flash and I was covered in glass and it just started. It was like hell on earth. .. It was bigger then anything I’ve ever blown up in my time, and I’ve done a bit.’

It damaged as many as 47 buildings in the vicinity, and trashed over 120 cars. Cars several blocks away were ignited by a ‘white hot flash.’ They were totally pulverized, as if semi-volatalised by the heat. (3)

The Australia tourist Rachel Hughes said she and a friend had just arrived in Kuta when the blast occurred. Standing in the foyer of the Bounty Hotel, ‘people were just walking in, blood dripping off them, burns to their face, skin coming off them.’ She said this to Australia’s Seven Network: “Severe burns and skin coming off the bones is a symptom of exposure to a nuclear blast. In the words of a tourist who earlier survived attacks on London during the nineties, ‘I felt my hotel shake violently and ran to look out of the window. In the distance I could see a large white mushroom cloud, and knew I wasn’t looking at an ordinary attack’.”

Balinese villagers buried empty coffins, to honour the ‘vanished’ victims: ‘We know that we will never be able to find any parts of their physical bodies, but this ceremony will help their families to live in peace.’ – so local villagers understood that this blast had vapourised quite a few people. To quote Joe Vialls again: ‘Every survivor standing in its direct line of sight received terrible flash burns .. dozens of full-size victims had vanished suddenly without trace.’
On the 21st October, the top Australian Federal police officer Mick Kelty announced that the bomb had been made of fertiliser and fuel! Amrozi and two others were executed for the crime of exploding a potassium chlorate bomb. (NB, I used potassium chlorate and aluminium for making fireworks when I was a kid) The world’s media could apparently not tell the difference between a nuclear blast and a detonation of potassium chlorate. Yes, that is the world we live in! This shows the confidence which the Masters of War have, in perpetrating these events. These events are designed to create terror, and promote war.

Technical notes:
Back in the 1980s, a micro nuke was designed called the ‘Special Atomic Demolition Munition’ (SADM). It yielded .01-1 kilotons blast and weighed only 163 pounds.
The standard SADM would have a core of pure Pu239 with a thin shield of UR 238, a neutron reflector. But, that would give easily-detectable radiation due to its uranium cladding. Then, the Dimona, Negev (Israel) lab developed a new ‘stealth’ micro-nuke with ultra-pure plutonium and no U238 reflector. Plutonium emits only alpha radiation, mainly invisible to a standard Geiger counter.

Former Indonesia President speaks out
An interview on Australia’s SBS TV, with Wahid Abdurrahman (October 2005):

WA: Amrozi was involved in the lighter bomb. That’s a problem always. Even though I agree that he should be given a stiff punishment, but it doesn’t mean that he is involved. No, no, no.
REPORTER: So you believe that the Bali bombers had no idea that there was a second bomb?
WA: Yeah, precisely.
REPORTER: And who would you suggest planted the second bomb?
WA: Well, it looks like the police.
REPORTER: The police?
WA: Or the armed forces, I don’t know.

You might here want to note the pathetic Wikipedia section on Amrozi which has not a word to say about the chemical or nuclear nature of the blast – wherein lies the conclusive proof of his innocence. Shame! Let’s give the last word to the late, great Joe Vialls – angrily commenting on Amrozi’s conviction:

It was perhaps on this date that we finally slipped seamlessly into a post-Orwellian media world, where those who control the present ignore the past, and don’t give a damn about the future. As if bewitched, journalists worldwide jumped on the Thought Police band wagon, telling us to believe that an imaginary terrorist organization had motivated a motorcycle mechanic in Java to kill nearly 300 people in Bali, using only a van full of Potassium chlorate detergent.


1. Potassium chlorate needs aluminium mixed with it to explode. Whether it goes phut or bang, depends on how well it is mixed.

2. Experts can tell, from the blast overpressure, about the explosive used: Potassium Chlorate gives 2 psi (pounds per square inch), The military ‘C4’ explosive can yield 10 psi, while it takes well over 20psi to get bones crushed. To have concrete stripped from steel wire as happened here would need around 100 psi and only a nuclear blast does that.

3. There’s a slight analogy with 9/11 here, in New York, where some car-parks ‘some blocks away’ had cars burning, especially the engine and electrical parts. Yes, the necro-technocrats do like playing with their toys.

Get your friends together, and watch the film – the Truth about the Bali Bombings.