Hi-def images have been released from Chang, the Chinese lunar rover – the best images ever of the lunar surface.

Here are the best new US views of the lunar surface – not quite so good!

But what is important here, is the decisive and astonishing way in which the ‘Chang’ and ‘Rabbit’ photos (they photographed each other, Chang the lunar lander and Rabbit the mobile vehicle) have validated the Apollo missions half a century ago. Remember all those objections – O, the sky is black with no stars visible? Yep that’s right, black with no stars visible. Then the Chang landing-craft is so similar in design to the Apollo one, but smaller as its unmanned. People objected to the gold foil being clearly visible in shadow – but here likewise its clearly visible in shadow, illuminated by light reflected from the lunar surface. Et cetera. 

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Apollo 17 – lift-off in this video:

Film taken by ‘pantil’ camera mounted on the lunar rover – ‘ground command television assembly’ – controlled from Houston. Used on Apollo 15,16 and 17 but it only worked well on the Apollo 17 – last exist from the Moon! Fed back video in real time.

‘3-2-1- ignition! We’re on our way, Houston!’

A second film camera was mounted on the lunar module pilot’s window, filmed the  lunar rover pod coming back up! Can see traces of the lunar rover tracks – synchronize exactly with those taken in 2011 by the LRO – Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter! In 2009 ii photographed all of the Apollo landing sites, then in 2011 its orbit was adjusted to get a close-up, ie lower altitude – much better pics. THAT IS PROOF

German scientists in NASA

German science and technology was and maybe still is the best in the world.

‘Dr. Debus was NASA DIRECTOR for 12 YEARS, from July 1962 to November 1974. Most Americans simply had no idea that their space program was essentially a German program led, directed and developed by Dr. Kurt Debus and hundreds of WW2 German aerospace scientists and engineers. ‘ www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=161334

For comparisons of all six Apollo transit maps with Lunar Reconnaissance images, check out the latest blog post on Vintage Space: http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/vi…  :


dust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdfSoWb6W54