STOP PRESS – Transport For London have officially confirmed that they closed off Artillery Road at 1.07 pm on May 22nd, because of the Drummer Lee Rigby incident (see video here) TFL were asked to clarify why the road was closed at 1.07 pm. (The original twitter was posted by Paul on this Terror on the Tube site) They confirmed the original road closure was BECAUSE of the Lee Rigby events but considering he didnt die until 2.21 ( official version) that would be IMPOSSIBLERoad Closure

He is supposed to have died on 22nd of May, 2013, on Artillery Road. – but he didn’t. I have surmised that he was killed just before the event – but strangely enough some are doubting whether he really existed.

If he did exist, Lyn Seville was his mother. She married Philip M. McClure in September 1986, in Rochdale Lancs (Source:, and then

DLR 4 July

Lee James McClure is said to have been born in North Manchester hospital on either the 1st or 4th of July, 1987. The hospital would not confirm this when I asked them, they said they cannot give such info to private individuals – I’d have to be a GP for them to answer.

Here is an official tribute site saying he was born on 1st of July. Or, erm, was it the 4th?

So that’s a bit odd. But wait, it gets worse.

I applied to the Registrar’s Office for his birth certificate and four weeks later received their reply:  THERE WAS NO SUCH BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

Thank you for your order as detailed below.

Birth Certificate: LEE JAMES MCCLURE

We have been unable to process your application, please refer to the paragraph below.

We have searched the indexes for events registered in England and Wales during the years specified (1986-1988). We have been unable to find any entry with the details you provided.

A full refund of £9.25 has been credited to your account via Worldpay.

If you have any questions concerning this order contact us using our online complaints form or phone +44 0300 123 1837. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm andSaturday 9am to 4pm.

Yours sincerely

(sent by ‘GRO Coladmin’, that’s the General Registrar’s Office, on November 9th)They refunded the 9 pounds I had paid for the birth certificate.

I gave them the two possible dates, 1st or 4th July 1987, gave the place of birth, gave the names of the two parents – and after four weeks of searching there was nothing!

Lyn Seville – supposedly his mother – got re-married to Ian Rigby in Rochdale, Lancs in July 2005 (source:, thus she re-married in the same district as before – then, in the next year 2006 ‘Lee Rigby’ joined the army – which would imply that Jamie McClure had by then officially changed his name to that of his new stepfather, Mr Rigby.

It is said that in 2007 Lee Rigby married Rebecca Metcalf in St Anne’s church Southowram, near Halifax.Four weeks ago I applied to the Registrar’s Office to purchase a copy of this marriage certificate – nothing has arrived yet.

There is a video claiming that he never existed,on the grounds that has no mention of him – that could be poor logic, because the records of that database only go up to 2005, for anything more recent you have to go to the Registry Office (and pay a small sum). If he did exist, he would only have changed his name to Rigby that year or in 2006 before joining the army.

Marriage Certificate 

The General Registrar’s Office sent me the certificate of marriage of Lee Rigby to Rebecca Metcalfe in September 2007. It gives his Father’s name as Ian Rigby – but that was his fairly new stepfather, whom his mother Lyn had just married. There is virtually no signature for Lee Rigby.DLR MarriageCert Have you ever heard of a guy who changes his name (from McClure to Rigby) just because his mother re-marries, and then cites his new stepfather as being his Father, at his own wedding – when his real father is alive and well? It does not make a lot of sense. Then why should a local newspaper the Halifax Courier get the month wrong: “wedding was at ‘St Anne’s Church, Southowram, in October 2007” – and this was an article about the marriage, entitled: ‘Murdered Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby was married in Halifax.’ (Discussed here:



As Mr Spivey has pointed out, there are odd anomalies in the story and a very blurred identity of DLR, as to what he did and who he was. Did the person named did really live and die? Spivey has challenged this:

There is no record of Lee James Rigby as having lived and died (on , but can he be found as Mr McClure?


This is big business.

Is there anything suspicious about it?


Here are a couple of DLR images, one as a youngster – both have IMO photoshopped heads.











Futher investigation, Did Lee rigby exist? Question:

Is there somewhere one can go in london to check death  certificates? Used to be Somerset House. If Lee McClure changed his name to Rigby in 2005/6, would that be on record somewhere?

Answer: “DLR probably won’t appear on the 2003 electoral roll as he would only be 16 (most names are 18 or over) Also not everyone appears on it anyway. I also have the 2009 electoral roll CD but I’m unable to get it working at the moment. It would be interesting to see who and where various people are at the time. Hopefully I can get it working and extract as much data to an excel spreadsheet as i can. It also appears that Raoul Moat isn’t in the 2003 electoral roll.

Name changes by Deed poll all tend to appear in the London gazette  ( ) I had a look for DLR and didn’t find anything. St Catherine’s House may now be the family record office however it doesn’t look as though you can visit it anymore everything is done online (for greater control of information maybe?) – Thanks, FM.

Another helpful comment (re marriage regiser)

Ideally I would engage the services of a professional record agent. They can be contacted via Because such research as you rightly point out can be done online, it could also be done fairly economically by a record agent.
As Rigby supposedly got married in a CofE church, there should also be an entry in the banns of marriage register (as distinct from themarriage register). I would ask the churchwarden (the official custodian of the parish records, not the vicar) for an extract from
the banns register. Ideally, you need to look at the whole register to satisfy yourself. This could have been deposited in the local Diocesan Record Office if completed and if the church officers are enthusiastic about depositing. If it is still current, and it probably is because of the decline in church marriages, it is almost certainly still at the church or in the vicarage. You have the right to view it on site, by appointment. There are three copies of the marriage entry itself, in two separate register books and a third individual copy: (1) the church’s own register which as the event is recent is probably still at the church or in the viarage, again you have the right to view; (2) the duplicate, which is kept with the first until both are completed when it is then handed over to the local superintentent registrar; (both of these are signed by the same persons in person); (3) and a copy collected by the superintentent registrar quarterly for forwarding in a district batch to the registrar general’s office in Southport. In the unlikely event the registers have been completed, the parish copy could have been deposited at the Diocesan Record Office again (one of
the Yorkshire record offices, I expect). For local record offices (as distinct from register offices) try Archon Don’t be shy, be old fashioned and look for a baptism record as well.
Same thing applies about location. The baptism should also be announced in the parish magazine. Perhaps a letter to the quarterly periodical of the nearest family history society might elicit some help: I’ll bet you won’t get far with school records. A recent decision by the Information Commissioner has resulted in the blanket closure of school records by localrecord offices for 100 years
although there is no statutory basis for this. Talk about government by fiat.

(I don’t have permission to give name)