Paul’s Birthday 18 June:

There is a very old conspiracy theory that seems to be resurfacing.  A couple of years ago, batmanRingo Starr was interviewed and said,  twice, that he was the last of the Beatles: ‘I am the last remaining Beatle.’  (26.5.11) The ‘Plastic Macca’ website here is by Tina Foster: she was interviewed by Andrew Johnson on the topic, ‘Was Paul McCartney replaced in 1966?’ – here. 

Just last week, Jim Fetzer did a two-hour interview with Clare Kuehn on the subject (‘the Real Deal with Jim Fetzer’), which is quite important, and you might want to peruse some of the four hundred comments about it here, probably the most informed debate on the topic yet. Some of you might remember Clare for the excellent lecture she gave at the Vancouver 911 truth conference in Toronto.

The ‘urban legend’ has Paul McCartney die in a sudden car-crash on a date defined by the drum on the Sargent Pepper album! We can read that as, 11-9- He Die (see below). When the Paul-is-dead stories started appearing (see Batman Marvel cover) in 1969, it was in America, so on most websites you will read the date of this urban-myth event as 11th of November – American dating: eg Here,  or here.RIP_at_billyshears_com

But, hey, this happened in England, and 11-9 is September 11th, thank you! Clare added here that the Magical Mystery Tour started filming on 11th September 1967, one year later – starting at 10.15 am I might add; then on 11th September 1968 John Lennon recorded his surreal ‘Glass Onion’ song where the Walrus is identified as Paul.

So this is a totally and authentically British 9/11 mystery, whose date was fixed in the last century! Numerologists will no doubt have something to say about 11-9-1966, but I’ll keep clear of that one. A mirror is held up to the drum to see it, which is something to reflect upon.

Notice the two experts we’ve quoted are both women – maybe some deep female intuition is needed to resolve this matter.

A couple of years ago, the book ‘The Memoirs of Billy Shears’ appeared, which is rather authentic-looking. It has the air of being written by Sir Paul himself, as if he late in life wished to put the record straight. I suspect that this may catalyse some debate. These Billy Shears books are expensive, as if wishing to price themselves out of the range of riff-raff like you and me – but, if any readers get hold of a copy, do please post a comment here! A friend has recently been showing me a copy.  Now that gives the date of September 11th for the car-crash. (See its Frequently Asked Questions): ‘Paul died late in the evening of September 11th, 1966.’ sgt-peppers-drum

The Billy Shears book is 666 pages long,  and written in the first person, as if the Walk-in Paul McCartney finally wants to set out the record, in his old age, eg which songs were his. It begins by saying that the young Paul M died, then came back again and lived in me, – as if some ultra-strange identity-transform took place. Through funny dreams he came to feel this soul-transfusion.  Was he an even better musician than the early young Paul? We’re talking here about supreme musical artistry, so let’s be careful what we say.

Let’s start by assuming that readers are totally sceptical – and even angry that such a mad idea is being mooted. To such

BillyShearssceptics, I say: listen, here is the Problem – which requires explaining. The greatest band in musical history reaches the apogee of success – then suddenly it stops all public performances, in mid-1966. There is a kind of vacuum in late 1966, with the manager Brian Epstein having to put out a statement assuring everyone that Paul is OK. Only studio recordings after that. Their next big event is the Sgt. Pepper album, whose front cover is of a funeral -the ‘Beatles’ are being buried! The cover shows the old Beatles (in wax) all much the same height, then in the center the ‘new’ band with Paul conspicuously taller than the others: no amount of plastic surgery can alter this fact, that the new ‘Paul’ is a couple of inches taller.

His face is longer, his eyes are green, see images below (the old Paul had brown eyes), he’s taller, he was right-handed but taught himself to play left-handed, his hair parts from left to right, vice-versa for the original Paul, he’s got a thinner nose and his teeth are different – which cannot readily be adjusted by surgery.

The album claims it is the ‘Lonely Hearts Club band’ – it does not introduce itself as the Beatles, and introduces the new member ‘Billy Shears,’ who is he? It has a lot of ‘psychedelic’ texture alteration so we cannot note any slight changes in playing or voice. This might remind you of the album released at the end of ’66 Beatles Oldies which has a tall, slim character depicted on its cover,who is said to be the new band-member as he originally looked, before all the surgery adjusted him! That album is said to be the first on which the new ‘Paul’ played (Again, I’m quoting from the Billy Shears site here).sgt-pepper

The yellow flowers at the bottom of the Sgt Pepper cover are supposed to show Paul’s left-handed guitar, and also to show the letters ‘PAUL?’ Its meant to have just three guitar strings on it, as only three Beatles are left.

People tell me that the stress of screaming fans was too much for the Beatles, so they broke up. I don’t buy that one. Artists live for the interaction with an audience, not just to record in studios. The Stones didn’t just wimp out because their audiences were over-enthusiastic.  Then, Lennon starts composing weirdly airy-fairy music, and again people say that was the LSD, but I don’t reckon that’s quite enough. Here for example is from Glass Onion, and I’d say this is Lennon contemplating the Great Beyond where his closest, best friend and songwriter has now gone:

I told you ’bout strawberry fields
You know the place where nothing is real
Well, here’s another place you can go
Where everything flows

Looking through the bent backed tulips
To see how the other half live
Looking through a glass onion

I told you ’bout the walrus and me, man
You know that we’re as close as can be, man
Well, here’s another clue for you all
The walrus was Paul.

The green eyes of the new ‘Paul’ were first clearly shown to the world in the film Strawberry Fields Forever – as the voice-over sings, ‘Nothing is real.’ (Here, at nine minutes)

So I would say that is an extremely weird sequence of events whereby the world’s most famous band dissolved itself. It requires explaining. It is never going to make sense if the same four lads were playing throughout.

John Lennon – musician extraordinaire, truthteller, master of enchantment, whose words expressed the optimistic hope of our generation – why did he divorce his lovely wife, leave his native country, leave his band, and go to do absolutely nothing for ten years in New York? He did it to get as far away as he could from the pain.

Sir Paul (we’ll call him that, for even before he was knighted, the band called him ‘Faul’) did not attend the funeral of the father of Paul McCartney, 1976.





After thatpaul_faul-1Eyebrowsandeyes

The ‘real’ Paul McCartney is on the left in these comparisons (Thanks Tina Foster from Plastic Macca site).

On ‘Abbey Road’, ‘Paul’ sings of a sinister MI5 or MI6 agent hanging around: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer and he has a license to kill – after this great and mysterious event happened, the band and their women were not at liberty to step out of line. The Beatles were national revenue.

Autumn of 1966

The last-ever sighting of the real Paul was in Early September, collecting a Melody Maker award. He then vanishes completely until 24th November-when the group turns up at the EMI office with the New Paul. Here we see the first-ever pic of the New Paul, ‘Faul’ in the UK. 1st ever picof Faul in UK

After years of detailed chronology, day by day, Paul simply has no history THE ENTIRE MONTH of October, 1966. On October 3rd the Manager Brian Epstein puts out an astounding press-release, that The Beatles would never perform on stage to live audience again. (some sources give October 13th – Beatle bios become incredibly vague in the aftermath of the last concert) In October-November, Beatles bodyguard Mal Evans strangely travels from France, Spain, and Kenya with Faul on “a jungle safari”. The new Faul appears in a newspaper on 10th December. On that day, the Oldies album was released, having on its back a group photo with the real Paul in shirt colored in black – first ‘death’ clue. On 20th December came Faul’s first on-camera appearance, tightly guarded, and ushered off soon. Next May he discards that moustache – the scars of surgery having healed up enough – and by the summer is looking quite cheerful! He should do, it was the Summer of Love and Peace…

Much later on, film by Mal Evans of Faul in Kenya in November ’66 was released (Here, at 3-4 minutes), which has to be the first ever footage of ‘him’. Nobody could mistake this stranger for the real Paul McCartney. So who the hell was he? Where had this awesome musical genius just come from? This is quite a deep Shakespearan enigma, which you or I are not going to solve in a hurry. But, post here if you know the answer! Remember, whoever he had been, would have to have just ‘died,’ and preferably be buried.*

To make that 3rd October announcement, Brian Epstein had to struggle out from his recuperation clinic, having been hospitalised the month before due to a drug overdose. His bio attributes this to some stress in a gay relationship, but I’m not in a hurry to accept that.

These events reinforce our interpretation of 11th September as the Date, and rules out the widely-cited 9th November date. The announcement that they would never perform live again, reinforces the case for catastrophic death.

Ear JobMassive ear change

The image on the left is ‘Faul’ in Kenya in October-November ’66. That on the right is the shy young man who made his debut in late November, then with the Fab Four gave an interview on 20th December. We here see one further step in his Beatle-isation, an ear-adjustment.


Heather Mills after her divorce from Sir Paul was asked, “Knowing what you know now about Paul, would you have married him in the first place?”  “Never,” Heather said firmly. She added that there was ‘ A lot of fear of the truth coming out from a certain party.’ Her ex-husband “had betrayed me immensely, I mean, beyond belief – and I don’t mean infidelity, or anything like that … If you pop me off, the truth will come out … People don’t want to know what the truth is, ’cause they could never, ever handle it; they would be too devastated. I married a legend and there’s a machine behind. I can’t really go into it, but, yu know, you have to read between the lines.”  No wonder the press were mystified.

Sir Paul’s sons and daughter don’t at all resemble him, as may remind us of all the surgery that has gone into his face. He is normally photographed with his mouth open, as it can look a bit strange when closed, a residue of the surgery, long ago.

Sir Paul in an interview gave an unconvincing reply, as to why he had not been wearing any shoes while crossing Abbey Road on the album cover. Then he was asked about the identity-swap: ‘The idea was, that there was a very good double taking his [Paul’s] place’, and he replies, ‘No well, this is him‘ pointing to himself – taken literally, he has just replied, that he is the double! After that you can see him looking a bit phased, by what has just come out. ‘Or is it?’ asks the interviewer, looking straight at us.

Here is the mature Sir Paul, making a certain well-known sign.

satanic sign

3 candles


Mal Evans reportedly died in 1977 in a LA flat shot by mistake, cremated and his ashes lost in the post – like some John Lennon comic story.

Continued … 

– plus, listen to the Big Debate on Jim Fetzer’s Real Deal!

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Books:  Gary Patterson, The Walrus Was Paul 1998 * Doctor Lev, Billy Shears  The Secret History of the Beatles 2002 * Forrest Daily,  The Fifth Magician, The great Beatles Impostor Story 2003 * Thomas E Uharriet,    Billy’s Back! The Memoirs of Billy Shears 2009.