Russian soldier tells:  https://www.bitchute.com/embed/DxrXS7HodyUg/

Maria Zakharova: the Ukraine government is trading “the organs of its people for Western military assistance.” The *Ukr. Govt. passed Law 5831 on “Regulating the Transplantation of Human Anatomical Material” which allowed them to transplant organs without “notarised consent from the living donor or his relatives” she told the world. (https://tass.com/russia/1633129 )Approved on December 16, 2021, it includes children to become organ donours. April 14, 2022, Law 5610 exempts organ transplantation from VAT – ‘NATO is involved… otherwise it could not be organized.’ Ukraine: the right to harvest organs is granted to unsupervised private clinics. Do not need consent of doctors or undertakers. The road to foreign export of organs from Ukraine was thereby made clear. ‘One of the most lucrative, cruel and violent crimes,’ it was conducted by black market transplant surgeons: ‘Ukranian kidneys and corneas are welcomed in the West.’ Prisons, orphanages? Sure, cut the inmates open…

‘The Kiev regime is rapidly turning into a global hub of human organ trafficking.’ – M.Z. on June 16 (on sidelines of  the St Petersburg Int. Economic Forum) – Ukraine is ready to trade the organs of its people for western military assistance.’

She added, ‘A time will probably come when Ukraine will understand the true reason why its pretend US and European friends cared about it.’ Western countries are the main beneficiaries of illicit transplantation practices in Ukraine   She explained: ‘After relevant surgical procedures, the bodies are burned and the relatives are told that the serviceman is just missing…. the country has essentially become a honeypot for criminals.’

The horror!  The horror!

Comment by the L.N., a former British midwife:

“Another thread spun in the hideous warp of “progress” has been organ transplant. To “save lives” they need healthy, young, organs. Trained to accept the raiding of the bodies of our loved ones, as they are kept alive but brain-dead on life-support, the government now expects no fuss to be made when organs are “auto-donated”. Families, unaware that “brain-death” is a ghastly new legal loophole which enables harvest and turns one’s loss into another’s live-saving gain, give consent. No more peaceful vigil with candles and prayers in the loved one’s home.
“What they need are freshly harvested organs from healthy, young, living human beings. Despite road accidents and occasional other early deaths, there are nowhere near enough for this new, highly lucrative demand.
“Where to look for a supply of healthy, young organs?   It turns out that the battlefield is ideal. Young soldiers are in danger, emergency services are on stand-by. The wounded (maybe not fatally wounded) are rushed from the scene, and never seen again.
“Ukraine has been plundered in every way, including in this terrible way, where according to this report, wounded men have been taken for  “treatment”. “Warm containers” are bodies still alive, drugs being used to keep them stable and preserve the freshness of their organs while they are shipped to wherever the organs are needed. So much money is involved, a ruthless team of “doctors” manages the whole operation. NATO?
“Similar fates await the orphans left behind. Who’s counting, after all?  It’s all in this video “Tanks for Kidneys” – so called, I imagine, because that’s the deal. The West/NATO supplies the emergency pick-up/medical  service, plus the weaponry to ensure that the supply does not dry up.
“Is this why it has been made out to be so important to “support” Ukraine against Russia? Is this why hatred of Russia is promoted in The West – keep the public on board at all costs. Is this why new, pointless, wars are being instigated non-stop?
“And is it part of the evil that Putin and Russia are really fighting? I believe it is. The outrage is not being felt because people are unaware, but we need to know, we must end this ungodly pattern of systematic murder for money.”