Dolores Cahill: vaccination will cause deaths several months after.  Ian Davies: vaccines have not been tested.

Britain’s second Lockdown lasted one month, through the month of November. During this period, total deaths (England & Wales) were merely 18% above the seasonal average. I’m here using weekly death figures, and include five weeks, from week ending 6 November to that of 4th December. Compare that with the first Lockdown, which averaged 58% more deaths than average. That’s using the ten-week period from week ending 3rd April to that of 5th June. 

So both Lockdowns had  massive increases in overall deaths, totaling 6.7 thousand extra deaths. Those were mainly old people, killed off by loneliness, fear and stress.

Presumably these are counted as Covid deaths – a laughably cynical ploy.

No-Lockdown periods: Comparison

For deaths this year outside the lockdowns – let’s here take the period before the first Lockdown i.e. up to the Spring Equinox, plus the in-between period between the first and second lockdown, and that is in all 31 weeks –  then total deaths come out as slightly below average, about 1/2% less.

So there’s been a huge contrast twice in one year, with Lockdowns clearly associated with a massive surge in deaths. This graph I did may help, though it only shows the first of these Lockdowns.

Generally speaking I’m open to the idea of 5G installations this year as being very harmful to health, however this data fails to show any such general effect: there is simply one cause apparent in this governmental mass-murder program, viz. the Lockdown.  

I’d predict that the excess deaths during these two lockdown periods were disproportionately by people living alone, as they are more impacted by the government’s hope-killing policies.

(Source: Wetherspoon News)

      So what has gone wrong? Why we can see that this crowd of ‘experts’ all come from  Oxford University. Oxford is no good at science, its an arty place. We need people who can do proper science here, and especially understand the basic difference between cause and effect: the cause comes BEFORE the effect – and so Lockdowns – in every country with reliable death-figures – happened this year BEFORE the surge in death-figures. the  lockdowns were therefore the CAUSE of  increased mortality, OK? Its not rocket science. Proper, independent scientists hardly exist now (as detailed in Judy Mikovitz’s book Plague of  Corruption: restoring faith in the Promise of science).   No proper scientist would ever use the sleazy, trickster language of 

positive PCR test  => ‘Cases’ => you are ‘infected’

 thereby misusing the word ‘cases’ to convince perfectly normal, healthy people they are ‘infected’.

Now that over a hundred thousand Brits have taken the vaccine, let’s call for a proper, normal control experiment: over the coming year or two, can we measure the predicted steep reduction in fertility within that group, as compared to a comparable, control group? We’d lay heavy odds on that happening, if anyone wants to bet. Also as a smaller effect we’d predict increased mortality, i.e. likelihood of death, as well as far-reaching damage and disease that will not go away because the DNA has been altered; plus no benefits to health at all.