Alex Scott, Have “The Powers that Be” Just Staged a  False Flag to Foment a Race War across America?

 – by a professional cop who reckons that actors were involved.

   My interview with Jim Fetzer –

Figure: Two crisis actors?

Were they in this position for nine minutes with the other cops around doing nothing? NB we did not see the black guy Floyd die at end of video. Before this he had been handcuffed and was not seen to be offering any particular resistance. Would a policeman just pose like this in front of a camera, with hands in pockets and a bored look on his face, murdering someone?

4 million views Candace Owens: “I DO NOT support George Floyd!” Here’s Why! Video Here is more proof. This was done with several takes. In different locations. Video Shows The Event Was A Staged Hoax Video Arrest Video. He was cuffed! Video Police Kneeling Video. Watch closely. They are all actors. Real Police and paramedics do not act like this. They would never load a body on a gurney with his hands cuffed behind his back. These are all actors. A detailed background reveals they are not real police! Records dont lie! Video

For a similar view see here.

There seems to have been a long lasting partnership between George Floyd and Derek Chauvin, or at least they were close colleagues,  both working security at a Lake Street night club called El Nuevo Rodeo. They both worked at the same brothel Latino nightclub. here is that Derek Chauvin:


Is it the same guy? The next door neighbours of derek Chauvin have been interviewed and said they had no idea he was a cop. Have we heard that one before?

Two videos have emerged of the knee-on-neck are contradictory & not compatible. It’s clear in the first video that police and witnesses on the sidewalk are quite visible and vocal. In the second video, no witnesses can be seen on the sidewalk.’  This video  at 4.50 shows the perfectly empty pavement by the police car, with the 4 police standing around. So WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE on the pavement? where is the guy who was taking the film? To quote ‘Bamily/Mag Nation’ – ‘Where is the people? I already told you it’s a hoax.’ (here at 4 mins)

Going back to the initial arrest of Floyd, when he is sitting in his car:  in this video at 1.40 minutes there is ONE policemen pulling him out of the left-hand front door of his car.  (One could see this more clearly in the video How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody by | Visual Investigations. That had received 8 MILLION VIEWS when it was DELETED on June 4th!!) Whereas in this video here at 3 minutes, we see TWO cops hustling him out of his car. 

That is the proof. It’s a STAGED EVENT.

 After 7  minutes of G.F. lying down with cops on top of him the DMT (medics) arrive and are seen to take his pulse – while Chauvin remains with his knee on the neck?? Come on.

Newscasts say “He cried ‘I can’t breathe’ at least a dozen times” – is that likely? Blog comment: ‘The audio I CAN’T BREATHE stuff sounds dubbed in. When I was strangled I couldn’t talk or scream. That’s why so many criminals so often use strangulation. No sound.’

Chauvin was only charged with ‘third degree murder.’ (ie accidental homicide, not intentional) – the riots got worse once this was announced. That has to be deliberate, they have to have known that such a decision would ignite terrible rage. People were outraged that the three officers apparently just standing around are not being tried as accomplices.

Here is a video of one of those three cops who were standing by, he is apologising and accidentally alludes to George Floyd as an ‘actor.’ (1 min 30 seconds). That may be why those three cannot be charged, because it might emerge that they were just actors.

A preliminary autopsy determined that Floyd had died ‘not from strangulation or asphyxiation.’ There were “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxiation or strangulation.” It alluded to underlying health conditions heart trouble and intoxicants, as well as police ‘restraint.’  Seems a rather strange verdict.

Guess who is doing the autopsy?

George Floyd was a hardened criminal and drug-addict. He stuck a gun into the belly of a terrified pregnant woman, so his gang could raid her house. Continually in and out of jail. 

Pallets of bricks are appearing in cities in areas with no construction. ‘On Sunday, the Minneapolis Police Department announced that they were finding materials for starting fires hidden in caches throughout the city, including water bottles filled with gasoline.’ Placed there by the magic elves of rioting! No wonder everything is on fire. 

Looks like it will be a long, hot summer.

As america descends into civil war amidst inextinguishable rage, I would personally recommend a rationalist position as follows: IS THERE A DEAD BODY? Can anyone show the dead body of George Floyd? Not a single US newspaper showed a picture of any dead body … did they? I’m not saying there isn’t one, just that we would like to see it. I may be quite mistaken here. Can someone show a picture of his dead body? It happened upon a busy crossroads of Minneapolis. For the ‘nine minutes’ quite a crowd must have gathered round. 

Here’s a tweet about the Antifa groups organizing the riots:

‘The Base’ is an extremist antifa “political center” operating out of Brooklyn.


If I’m wrong…..

Supposing the Event was all it appeared to be, then:

  1. GF goes to a shop with fake 20 dollar bill, tries to buy cigarettes. Angry shop guys come round to his car.

  2. Police lift him out of his car, he can hardly stand up, they cuff him and carry him over to their police car. He does not resist. He collapses, they pick him up, shove him into back seat of their van.

  3. Chauvin and another guy arrive, they OPEN BACK OF VAN, and PULL HIM OUT (at 4 minutes in this video)  They then get into the dreadful posture, knee on neck. They wait for ambulance to arrive.  Is that credible? (AArgh, that video has just been deleted June 4th)

  4. When the ambulance does arrive we see his pulse being checked – and knee stays on neck!