Travelling the wrong way?

Jenny Nicholson’s name turned up as one of the 7/7 victims – victims of a blast on the Circle line, as the train just  pulled out of Edgware Road, Westbound towards Paddington. Her bewildered Mother wrote in her book: ‘We don’t understand why my daughter was on this train. She was travelling in completely the wrong direction for work. She should have been travelling away from Paddington’ (p.219).

Jenny Nicholson travelled in each morning from Reading to Paddington, there getting the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus. She would change onto the Central line and then go one stop to Tottenham Court Road, where she worked in Shaftesbury Avenue. But, on 08.30 am on July 7th her friend Michaela received a cryptic text message: ‘Bakerloo line screwed arse.’ That was the last anyone ever heard of her. That message had to have been made at Paddington station.

Was Jenny seeking an alternative route because the Bakerloo line was not working? There were indeed line closures and disruptions on the Piccadilly and Northern lines – but, nobody has as yet suggested that the Bakerloo line was also disrupted that morning, before the blasts (see Appendix 4 of my book). An Inquest into the cause of death of Jenny might want to look into this.

A slightly different version of Jenny’s last message was reported in The Guardian, whereby ‘Her last known phone call was placed to her father, Gregg, from Paddington station, minutes before the bombing.’

Body parts to Bosnia

He showed me a diagram explaining where Jenny’s body was found in relation to the whole carriage and to the suicide bomber.

He confirmed four hundred body parts had been recovered and sent to a specialised laboratory in Bosnia for ID, which could take several weeks.

I asked if there were photographs of the carriage and of Jenny’s body.

He said there were.’

A Song for Jenny by Julie Nicholson, 2010, p.287.

The public have been informed that all the body parts of the 7/7 carnage were taken to the Resilience mortuary, at the Honourable Artillery Company site – not sent to Bosnia. 

Just wondering …

Victims’ familes were puzzled at not being allowed access to their loved-ones’ bodies, or only very briefly. For example, a film by Benedetta Ciaccia’s former boyfriend, Raj Babbra, called 7/7 – Life Without Benedetta,  has her father and mother, speaking in Italian (in Part 3 at 3:58, with only a bit of it subtitled), say:

It’s an awful think to lose your child … let alone not being able to see her dead … they didn’t show her to me … I was advised not to see her … we were told it was better to remember her the way she used to be.

Why should that be? The default position may have been, that families did not see the bodies of the deceased. Julie Nicholson illustrates this.  She was dissuaded from doing so but she insisted. Eventually she says that she knew it was her daughter Jenny because of her hands.

Or, the mother Marie Fatayi-Williams was only allowed to see her son Anthony’s body on July 14th a week later . A police officer was standing around. She had to make a great deal of fuss to obtain this, and she kept being advised against it. She tells this in her book, For the love of Anthony.  She is never given the body, she cannot bury her own son.

She is very bewildered in her book as to why so many days had to go by before she could be told, of the fate of her son. The body looks quite OK, it has been carefully arranged. She knows she is being lied to by the authorities but cannot fathom what is going on.

A Macabre Hypothesis

There has been a large, secretive market for human body parts, around war-torn Bosnia. An intact human lung can fetch 100,000 dollars, a heart half that amount.  I suggest that families of the victims need to ascertain, whether the bodies of their loved ones were deficient in key organs. To be sure, body harvesting is normally done immediately after the death of a person and in a very clean environment.

Nobody wants to jump to any premature conclusions on this matter. Who knows, maybe there is some simple explanation. But, just in case there isn’t, let’s hear a few brief comments about the criminal trade in human body parts. A scandal has erupted over the Serbian Kosovo Prime minister – trading in body parts!  prisoners were being killed for their kidneys. This was going on right over the 2005 period that concerns us. We here quote from a credible report by an anthropology professor:

 Body parts and bio-Piracy by Nancy Scheper-Hughes

In its heyday (1997-2007), the Israeli transplant tourism/organ-trafficking network was an ingenious and extremely lucrative multimillion-dollar program that supplied a few thousand Israeli patients and diasporic Jews worldwide with the “fresh” organs and transplants they needed.

 I had traveled with the filmmaker to Moldova in 2001, where we interviewed people in villages that had been ravaged by organs traffickers targeting young men and trafficking them to Turkey, the Ukraine and Georgia as paid, sometimes coerced, kidney providers to Israeli transplant patients. (‘Moldova: Sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine) …
Prior to leaving for a research trip in September-October 2009, accompanied by Dan Rather and his team for a news report on the criminal networks built around organ trafficking in Turkey, Moldova, and Israel….

Questions: did the victim-familes get the bodies of their dead? Did they get to see them? The Inquest needs to clarify the statement made to Julie Nicholson, about the 7/7 body parts being shipped to Bosnia.