Britain is actively engaged in a not-so-secret war against Russia.

    •  It has provided the sea-going surface drones that have damaged or sunk several ships of the RF Black Sea fleet.
    • *  It has encouraged and assisted the several attacks on the Crimea bridge since the start of the Special Military Operation.
    • * It is facilitating what might be called acts of terror against the Russian homeland.

A news brief in RIA Novosti sets out the claim that the shoot-down over Belgorod oblast  (RF) a couple of weeks ago of an IL-76 Russian transport plane was ordered and directed by British advisers to the Kiev regime without the consent of the Kiev military unit responsible for air defense. Just remember that the plane was downed by US made Patriot missiles which are very costly and of which Kiev has a very limited supply. Normally the Patriots would be launched only after approval by top Ukrainian military and political officials. That plane was carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war about to be exchanged for Russian POWs. The fact that a prisoner exchange nonetheless went ahead despite the tragedy seemed implausible at the time unless you consider that the Ukrainian side had nothing to do with the jet’s downing and probably persuaded the Russians of that fact.  The Brits did it!

Looking back at the early days of the war, we know full well that the peace treaty which Russian and Ukrainian negotiators initialed in Istanbul in week five of the war was sabotaged by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his visit to Kiev. He urged Zelensky to fight on, with Western assistance, and in this way the UK is responsible for the deaths of half a million Ukrainian males in the fighting ever since.

I rest there my case of deep British involvement in the Ukraine war and in doing what they can to harm and discredit Russia.  But then, as some readers wrote in, how could British forces reach so far into Russia as the remote penal colony in the North where Navalny was being held and carry out his murder?  The answer is very simple: they did it by proxy.  As we know from occasional news items on fires, explosions and other acts of sabotage being carried out deep inside Russia, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies have many operatives working clandestinely inside the Russian Federation.  They are all native Russian speakers, without a hint of some cockney accent, and they can travel anywhere. They work hand in glove with their British comrades in arms. Once near the penal colony, it would be child’s play to smuggle inside any chemical agent they wished to provoke the embolism said to have caused Navalny’s death. And for money, any number of fellow inmates would have been ready to administer the poison.

And so, to paraphrase Annalena Baerbock, I say: take that Rishi Sunak!


In my article I pointed to the remarkable timing of the murder of Navalny, coming as it has in the month before Russian presidential elections, just as happened six years ago when the Skripal poisonings in Salisbury, U.K. captured global news to the detriment of Vladimir Putin.  However, there is also other circumstantial evidence that the death/murder of Navalny was not some fortuitous medical accident but a carefully planned false flag operation in which the Brits, having lost empire, army and fleets still remain world class.

Let us note that his death came the day before the opening of the Munich Security Conference at which so many leaders of the Collective West were gathering for the purpose of condemning Russia as an autocratic and predatory state and to pressure the U.S. Congress to appropriate further funding and arms shipments to Ukraine.  There was Zelensky taking the podium to condemn the supposed Navalny-slayer Vladimir Putin.  And there was the wife, now widow of Alexei Navalny speaking to reporters at the Munich Conference to vow revenge on Putin.  How interesting that she had been invited to Munich beforehand, as if the planners knew of the coming death well in advance.

However much the jackals of our mainstream media seek to dominate world news with the latest false flag operation against Russia, it will all be for nothing.  The full victory of Russian forces in the pivotal city of Avdiivka, just outside Donetsk city reported by Russian Defense Minister Shoigu to Vladimir Putin before television cameras yesterday demonstrates clearly which way this war is going.

Navalny is dead, the dogs are braying, and the caravan moves on.

(This insightful comment was by GILBERT DOCTOROW, Armageddon Newspaper ) for background on Navalny see my The Novichok Chronicles, the Skripal and Navalny hoaxes compared.