Here at 10-12 minutes is a remarkable prediction. This video was originally made and uploaded on 16 February 2010, as you can see here. – presented by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon and Project Camelot. (Bill Ryan split with Camelot, and now runs Avalon.)

Entitled, ‘The Anglo-Saxon Mission: the Third World War and the Inheritance of the New World.’ It recalls a meeting which took place in 2005. Here is the presentation transcript.

excerpt, 2005 meeting:

“And then the next thing that happens in this chess game that’s being played is that biological weapons are released on China. He heard this being discussed in this meeting.They will release a flu-like virus that will be genetically targeted against the Chinese population. It’s racially targeted against the Chinese people. It’s designed to spread like wildfire and to knock out a large number of the Chinese people. And these people in this meeting were LAUGHING about this.They said: China will catch a cold. Those were their words: China will catch a cold. And they were laughing about the fact that these biological weapons will wreak havoc among the Chinese population.After that, then what effectively will be a kind of plague will actually spread right across the world to the West as well. Our source was not clear whether this was a Chinese retaliation, or whether the thing would just spread out of control in the way that it would be very understandable if it did, whether it’s racially targeted or not. These things actually mutate.”

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