A major sequence of false-flag terror events has set the tone for this new millenium:  9/11 in 2001, the Bali bomb in 2002, Madrid in 2004, 7/7 in 2005 and then the Mumbai bombs in 2006 (There was an Istanbul blast in an empty British embassy in 2003, but this is not generally viewed as so important).

I suggest that none of these were what they appeared to be – and, all in some degree have number-symbolism in their timings. Thus, add one to each term of the 9/11 date, and you’ll get 12.10.2002, the date of the Bali bomb. Like 7/7, 9/11 was also a fourfold event, with three fairly close together and a fourth an hour later. The first plane impact on 9/11 was at a quarter to nine, not so different from the 7/7 timings. As four planes ostensibly crashed on 9/11, so were four trains bombed in Madrid (11/3 – 911 days after 9/11) and then again four trains in London on 7/7.

In Madrid, the prosecutor Olga Sánchez saw that 911-day interval as evidence of  ‘un factor cabalistico.’ All of the blast times on the four trains in Madrid were within three minutes of each other.

The close synchrony of the Madrid bombs was evidence for remote detonation, and therefore no ‘suicide bombers’ were alleged.

A year after the London 7/7 event, in India at the Mumbai railway station, the bombs went off on the 11th of July – 11/7. Quoting CNN news, ‘No group has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which came in a span of 11 minutes.’ Seven trains were bombed over a period of eleven minutes. Somebody seems to be playing number-games here, and is this a clue as to who is doing it? That discerning publisher John Leonard here took the view that: ‘Their little numerology game helps these psychopaths enjoy their work and laugh at us mere mortals.’


On 7/7 in London, how likely is it that three young men, in the agony of terminating their own lives, and being far apart from each other, would choose or be able to ignite their bombs at the very same moments?

One of the first experts on the scene was Vincent Cannistro, former head of the CIA’s counter-terrorism centre, and he told The Guardian that the police had discovered ‘mechanical timing devices’ at the bomb scenes;  likewise ABC News at first reported, ‘Official now believe that all the bombs on subway cars were detonated by timing devices’ (8th July).

This original story – with military-grade explosives, timing devices and synchronous detonations –  mysteriously vanished once the suicide-bomber story appeared, but it makes a lot more sense.

7/7  SYNCHRONY  (11  MINUTES  TO  9)

Two days after July 7th , we were informed that the three Underground blasts had been synchronous, with the first, at Aldwych, going off at 8.49 am. When I composed the J7 timeline (as in Ch.4 of my book) I inserted that time, because there was general agreement on it. The Westbound Circle Line train number 216 had left King’s Cross at 8.42, then blown up seven minutes later.

The present Inquest has now added precision to this timing – as Hugo Keith stated on the first day:

“The Circle Line, the westbound inner rail section, tripped at 08.49.00, that is to say the inner rail — not the outer rail where the explosion occurred, but the inner rail — but it can only have been tripped by force of the explosion on the other rail. So we can say with confidence that the explosion at Aldgate occurred at that moment, 08.49.00.

The Piccadilly Line westbound section tripped between Holloway Road and Russell Square at 08.49.48 and, two seconds later, the indicators in the control room that indicated that the track had current in it were also extinguished. The Circle Line tripped westbound between Baker Street and Bouverie Place, incorporating the section of the track where the explosion on the westbound Circle Line occurred, but no absolute time can be computed for that explosion because there is a variant of plus or minus 30 seconds or so in the process by which the printout in the control room prints out the time stamp of the moment of the trip. But the time was somewhere around 08.49.43. (Oct 11 pm 15:1-5)

Wikipedia puts the blasts one minute later at 8.50 am, which was the initially-reported time, and added: ‘Three bombs on the London Underground exploded within fifty seconds of each other’ .


The J7 people have now disagreed with this unanimity of informed opinion over five years, affirming that the Aldgate bomb went off three minutes earlier at 8.46.35. I haven’t noticed any compelling evidence for this, to convince us as to why they might know better than the authorities over this technical issue – e.g., they have cast doubt upon the following Inquest judgement concerning the first phone report:

at 08.47.38 [there was] a BTP (British transport Police) call from London Underground, but we know from the absolute time at which the explosion occurred, which was 08.49.00, that that call … must therefore be about one minute and 40 seconds out, and that is our best estimate as to the accuracy of those transcripts.(Hugo Keith comment)

Does this phone call apparently being timed a bit too early really argue that the bomb also went off earlier?

What on earth is going on with J7?

However else one may wish to disagree with the authorities about 7/7 – the times of the explosions recorded by mechanical equipment is something the authorities have got right. It is surely simpler to accept that the clock in question was a minute or so out – rather than follow J7’s harebrained new view (contradicting their own Timeline) of a blast-time which no authorities have ever accepted – and which destroys the general consensus of three-bomb synchrony.

I suggest to J7 that four-and-a-half minutes to get from King’s Cross to Aldgate is rather silly – and recommend they delete this whole section of their commentary before they suffer a major implosion of their credibility.

Or, if J7 do wish to make such a claim, I suggest they should first adjust the Timeline on their site that I gave them, which has averred for five years that the first bomb went off at 8.49.


The Inquest heard about how second-by-second precision was obtained, calibrating the very moments of catastrophe using atomic time:

Using Lextranet  – the Metro’s data system – the times have been amended through the good offices of Transport for London to reflect a more accurate Atomic time rather than a time that the system recorded. Just after 08.49, just before 10 to 9, the Metropolitan Line controller called the eastern power desk at the London Underground power control room to report that all the lights at Aldgate had gone off and that the station was in sheer darkness. (Oct 11 pm 71: 9-16)

At that key moment, much of East London tube power went down. We surely ought to accept that the authorities know when this happened. They seem proud of using atomic-clock time, thereby adjusting a few seconds here and there – let’s accept this.

Notice that Hugo Keith does NOT surmise that this crucial moment might have been chosen within a second to make the link to 9/11 – he just says,  “For some unknown reason — perhaps to cause maximum devastation in the morning rush hour — it seems that the bombers intended to explode all four bombs at the same time, namely, 49 minutes past the hour,” then he adds that the bus bomb went off one hour after these.

We may indeed feel a certain dislike for Mr Keith (he’s been described as ‘a state-sponsored legal hatchet man’) – but, I suggest it is quite mad to suggest he would want to adjust or prefer data (which is what J7 are averring) in order to get a 7/7 – 9/11 tie up. Most informed people agree that ‘magic numbers’ are a Cabbalistic, not an Islamic phenomenon! The mind can only boggle at seeing J7 making such a suggestion.


An astonishing Inquest session on 18th October returned to this subject:

“The whole of the East London Line lost power, which affected nine stations in total from Shoreditch to New Cross.” The East London Line can be seen there [Hugo Keith explained]. “This was due to the temporary loss of the following power assets.” He then reads out a number of different power assets which I won’t trouble my Ladyship with. “There was a complete cessation of traction current and signal supplies to the entire East London Line which caused all trains to stall with only battery-powered lighting. There was also a cessation of all lifts and 16 escalator supplies in the affected stations on the East London Line and emergency lighting only was available.’ (Oct.18th pm 4:8-18)

But, just before the blast:

[Damage to a feeder cable] caused the 11-kilovolt electrical feeder to trip at Moorgate substation at 08.48.40. This in turn caused the 22-kilovolt coupling transformers, which supply the Mansell Street distribution network, to trip at 08.49.02. This caused widespread power disruption to a significant area of the London Underground network. (18th, 3:15-21).

– indicating an electrical blowout just before the bomb went off (Compare the experience of persons in the Aldgate coach which blew up, of being electrically frazzled during and just prior to the event.

The circle-line tube station at Moorgate is West of Aldgate, and there was a bit of a mystery as to how a big power-cable at Moorgate had fused. At 08.50, the London Underground Network Control Centre in Broadway in Victoria received a call to say that there had been a loss of traction current at Moorgate (Oct 18, 18: 23-25).

On the 18th Mr Keith reiterated the exact blast times to within a second: “In summary, the times recorded by the power control room are 08.49 in respect of Aldgate East, 08.49.43 in respect of Edgware Road and 08.49.52 in respect of King’s Cross/Russell Square.” (18th am 8:7-14)

I suggest we see reliable evidence here, most of which emerged immediately after the 7/7 events. These details did not (in contrast with much of the CCCTV and mobile phone ‘evidence’) emerge tortuously and unconvincingly years after the event, magically supporting the final version of a repeatedly-changed Official Narrative.

Here we see the False-Flag fingerprint (11 minutes to 9) … the carefully recorded, almost synchronous, remotely-triggered explosions … a major electrical event inside and outside of the devastated Aldgate carriage … an initial diagnosis of the use of military-grade explosive and remote timing devices …

… .every last detail contradicting the possibility of ‘suicide bombers’ being responsible for this crime.

It is a great puzzle to me that J7 can collect so much ‘Official Narrative’-denying evidence yet fail to draw the obvious conclusions towards which this and so much other evidence clearly points.