Here is a graph showing all deaths in England and Wales on a weekly basis, in red, over the year 2020. The ONS (Office of National statistics) provides these, as well as a helpful average figure for the five previous years, for comparison, here shown in green. We can see the massive spike 

in deaths which began in the last week in March, i.e. right after the lockdown. For the opening month of  this year you can see there was actually a deficit of deaths – actually 5% less, compared to previous years. Then suddenly, the fear, stress and loneliness of the lockdown started killing off old people, together with the policy of emptying out the hospitals. That big peak over April-May as well as the last week in march, shows almost six thousand people dying. Yes, it was a cull of old people. 

For the months of June, July and August there was NO excess, the death  rate is absolutely normal. The lockdown was eased, cafes started opening up, and the dreadful stress eased off: the lockdown was no longer killing people. The killing spree was over!

It’s the same for every country for which reliable mortality data exists: the big surge in deaths happened after the lockdown is implemented, NOT before. 

The Government tell us, “COVID-19 is the biggest threat this country has faced in peacetime history.” Whereas it is actually just one more exercise in state-fabricated terror. Why do the British people fall for it? 

  Five hundred German medics ‘doctors for information’ have put out a statement saying 

‘The Corona panic is a play. It’s a scam. A swindle. It’s high time we understood that we’re in the midst of a global crime.’

The USA a documentary called PLANDEMIC, which exposes COVID-19 as a criminal operation, is supported by over 27,000 medical doctors. In Spain, 600 ‘doctors for truth’ stated: 

Covid-19 is a false pandemic created for political purposes. This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse. We urge doctors, the media and political authorities to stop this criminal operation, by spreading the truth.’

 Did Lockdown prevent anything? I doubt it. It’s just part of the daily diet of fear-porn that the British people seem to need.

New York Times: 90% of Covid-19 PCR Test Diagnoses are Not Infectious

The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus.  Most of these people are not likely to be contagious – up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.


ONS:  ‘The number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 24 July 2020 (Week 30) … was 1.8% below the five-year average (161 deaths fewer).  This is the sixth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average.

 Masks useless and promote infections: 

the test indicates ‘a positive for an extremely wide range of SARS viruses Wolfgang Wodarg says : ” How can a test that turns out positive for the many different SARS viruses of bats, dogs, tigers, lions, domestic cats and humans, which have been changing and spreading worldwide for many years, be called specific for the detection of an allegedly only four-month-old SARS-CoV-2?

Harm of the Vaccine: 

A British participant in AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine trial was diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder weeks after her second dose of the inoculation, an internal company document shows.

A previously healthy 37-year-old woman was hospitalized this month after receiving two injections of the pharmaceutical giant’s new vaccine, where it was determined she developed transverse myelitis, a rare neurological ailment caused by inflammation of the spine, according to an internal AstraZeneca safety report obtained by CNN.

Though the report states the woman, who has not been identified by name, had no adverse reaction after her first dose in early June, she began to experience neurological symptoms some two weeks after her second jab in August. During a jog on September 2, the volunteer “had a trip (not fall) with a jolt,” the document says, while the next day she reported difficulties walking, weakness in her arms, impaired motor control over her hands, a headache and reduced feeling in her torso. She was hospitalized September 5 and diagnosed with “confirmed transverse myelitis” soon after.

 AstraZeneca said the reaction was “considered unlikely to be associated with the vaccine …!    Doctors expose scam…

Does COVID exist?? 

The CDC document is titled, CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.

Nurse’s Story – where is the COVID?