The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

Monday afternoon, 1st October, Old Bailey London, Day 18 of the Inquest into the Westminster Bridge terror attack of 22 March, 2017. This is a no-jury Inquest, who needs a jury after all?

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According to ‘Russian Insider’ –

Mainstream Holocaust Narrative ‘Substantially, if not Entirely, False’ – Editor of Top US Conservative Site (Ron Unz)

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‘Q’ and JFK Jnr


The son of President John Kennedy – he had all the irresistable charisma of the great Kennedy dynasty.

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NB – see my ‘In solidarity with Alex Jones’ statement.

The grounds given for taking down Alex Jones have been totally vacuous:

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Thomas Mair is in jail accused of murdering Jo Cox. Here is his library card 2011: 

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Video by me, about being party of the Robert Steel’s 9/11 truth letter to the President: https://www.bitchute.com/video/DpsWN32Auo5m/

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A brilliant (but anonymous poet has summed it all up, so well….

*** from the ‘Syrian Observatory of Human Wrongs’ ***


By Panopticon

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Don’t miss the 7/7 ‘truth’ play now showing at the Oxford pub in Camden, June-July: “Outright terror, bold and Brilliant”. this is Peter Neahey’s 3rd play. It dramatises the plight of the four ‘patsies.’ It is (if I may say so) based upon my book, Terror on the Tube.’

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January 19th 2017: the prestigious high-rise building in Tehran starts to burn and then collapses. It was 17 storeys high.

Does this negate the important 9/11-truth axiom, ‘No high-rise steel-framed building had ever collapsed due to fire’?

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Therapy Session


This is a stressful time, for all of us. You might find it helpful here, to peruse these comments from Off-Guardian, on Friday 13th:

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