Mr Tafazel Mohammed knew the four young alleged 7/7 bombers, chiefly through the two Iqra bookstores, in Beeston and Huddersfield, and was the key figure in getting them to agree to participate in the ‘terror drill’ – as they supposed.TFM

Together with Naveed Fiaz he managed and ran the Iqra Bookstore in Beeston, frequented by Mohammed Siddique Khan, Hasib Hussein and Schezad Tanweer. He had the senior role, being both a secretary and trustee of that bookshop. And yet after the bombing of London – its worst attack since the Blitz – when Naveed Fiaz was arrested  and put into solitary confinement in Paddington Green police station for twenty days, after the door of the Iqra bookshop was literally battered down by the police forcing an entry – TFM went untouched. Not only has he never been arrested or charged with anything, but he has been heavily rewarded and promoted.

While Germaine Lindsay was living in Huddersfield, prior to moving to Aylesbury, he had lived in a flat above the Iqra Bookshop there. It seems  to have been that bookshop, possibly in its two branches in Leeds and Huddersfield, whereby the Four young men got to know each other.* The army-trained Martin ‘Abdulla’ McDaid also worked in that Iqra bookshop: knowing what we now know about the intelligence services’ false-flag template, we are compelled to harbour grave suspicions regarding his role in the events prior to 7/7.  Mohammed Siddique Khan and Naveed Fiaz had been regular companions for years. The bookstore was a registered charity and had been funded by grants obtained from the nearby Hamara Healthy Living Centre. Again Khan had a key role there by inviting the MP son of Tony Benn to come and open it: having himself earlier been invited up to the House of commons by that MP.

Tafazel Mohammed (TFM) knew the MI6 agent Haroon Rashid Aswat, who now and then gets billed as the ‘mastermind’ of the London bombings. The latter led to headlines such as London Bombings Mastermind is M16 Asset.’ I believe it is very likely that these two had a key role in organising the four patsies, including ensuring that the four did not gossip about the forthcoming event being organised. On the ‘dry run’ on 28 June (where Hasib Hussein was not involved) they would have checked up that Tanweer and Khan did not gossip about the event afterwards. Then when Khan suddenly and unexpectedly pulled out on July 6th (owing to his wife having a miscarriage while expecting their second child) they would have had to make sure that the others went through with the plan without Khan.

The Reward

‘Police pay Muslim with links to 7/7 leader to teach them how to fight terror– Daily Mail, 8.5.11

TFM received more than £80,000 of taxpayers’ money to lecture Scotland Yard counter-terrorism officers, council workers and youth leaders on how best to ‘engage’ with Muslims. Families of 7/7 victims reacted with disbelief at Mr Mohammad’s lucrative consultancy work. Patrick Mercer MP, a former Conservative security spokesman, accused the police of ‘gross incompetence’ for failing to carry out checks. ‘How someone who has been the subject of surveillance by MI5 for alleged extremism can end up teaching counter-terrorism officers beggars belief,’ he added.

O no it doesn’t, it’s quite straightforward. He has performed valuable work for the State and has to be rewarded. Top agents like Peter Power and Tafazel Mohammed should of course have been arrested and questioned – but they cannot be, they are immune.

The 7/7 Inquest described TFM as a suspected ‘terrorist sympathiser’ who was twice placed under surveillance by MI5. On the first of these occasions, “The inquest heard that Mr Mohammad was being watched by MI5 and West Yorkshire Police in 2001 when he attended a training camp in the Lake District that was led by Martin McDaid, a former Royal Marine and convert to Islam who was a well-known extremist in the Leeds area.” This ‘well-known extremist’ ended up co-managing the Iqra Bookstore!

The second occasion when TFM was placed under surveillance by MI5 is of equal interest: this was after the 7/7 event, for several years, i.e presumably while he was teaching Scotland Yard how to ‘fight terror.’ That surveillance I suggest was to make sure he was not inclined to tell any stories.

How to ‘fight terror’:


TFM teaching how to fight terror

Here is TFM teaching a class how to ‘fight terror’. He was paid almost £70,000 by the Department for Education for his work with the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services. The Metropolitan Police admitted that it failed to vet Mr Mohammad before sending about 20 officers on a course run by his consultancy, Muslim Youth Skills, in June of 2010.

The Jewish Chronicle ran a shocked headline on all of this, that TFM ‘was a trustee of the jihadist bookshop Iqra in Beeston, Leeds, which acted as a hub for extremists’ – and it had to apologise! Now, that is influence….

False-flag terror is an act that increases funding for the National Security State. For that reason, the main perps always walk away scott-free and receive promotion.


*  There are differing accounts on this matter. The Telegraph’s view was, “About two years ago, Lindsay and his pregnant wife left Huddersfield and moved to Bradford. He became a regular at the Hamara youth centre in Leeds, where he was befriended by the three other young Muslims.” The Hamara Youth Centre in Beeston was near to the Iqra bookshop.