Trump 20 December …

America’s top commentator Tucker Carlson wondered –

“Who exactly is Joe Biden? This man who claims to be our president – we probably ought to find out. Put that on the to-do list, The truth is, as of tonight we don’t really know. We have no clue what Joe Biden actually thinks or even if he’s capable of thinking. He hasn’t told us. Nobody’s made him tell us, for a full year now. That’s by design. In fact, it’s becoming clear there is no ‘Joe Biden’. The man you may remember from the 1980s is gone, he no longer exists. What remains is a projection of sorts – a hologram designed to mimic the behaviour of a non-threatening political candidate.!

Here is what Donald Trump stated: ‘Not the real Biden, he acts different, he looks different’ 6.11.19 –

A Hologram??

It then cuts to a speech of the new Mr Prez saying deadpan:  ‘I’m prepared to say, that I have a record of over forty years, and that I’m going to be Joe Biden’

This Tucker report has been deleted. Newspapers reported his words above. I could only find this weird version of it (Scary Video):

He does sound wierdly like a clone, if they existed (!)

on Jim Fetzer’s view, a double was used for the debate with Trump –

“Joe Biden, appears to be in the stages of Parkinson’s Disease, including the loss of his cognitive abilities, where the anti-dementia medication he is taking has the unfortunate side effect of incontinence, such that he could not participate in a public debate with his opponent, Donald Trump, for 90 minutes without changing his adult diaper. For that reason, it appears, the DNC resorted to “Plan B”, which was to use an actor who strongly resembles Joe Biden in his place.”

His ears show two different people, (a) with earlobes:

(b) without earlobes: