Subtitled ‘NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe,’ it’s by Richard Cottrell, who was the Conservative MEP for Bristol for ten years, and now lives in Italy.

book review by Kevin O’Connor

Richard Cottrell’s new book, Gladio is an outstanding piece of work.

It explains how after the second world war the National Security Act of 1947 in reality turned the USA into a military dictatorship under corporate rule, both the democratic and republican parties being different wings of the corporate pentagon machine.

Gladio was set up after WW2 as a set of ‘stay-behind armies’ to wage armed resistance if the Warsaw Pact armies should invade Western Europe. However, Gladio quickly changed into an instrument of the USA and Western-European corporate elite, whereby they could stage false-flag terrorist attacks which were carried out by Gladio’s far-right allies, and then be blamed on the left. The purpose of this, was to enable draconian new security laws and even a military coup.

The best-known example of this is the bomb at Bologna station in August 1980, which was discovered to have been carried out by far-right allies of Gladio but was initially blamed on the red brigades, as an excuse to keep the Italian Communist Party out of the Italian government.

What is even more disturbing is, Gladio plans were unmasked for military coups in Italy in 1976, Belgium in 1973 and even a coup against the Wilson Labour government in Britain.

On the subject of false flag terrorism, the book deals with ‘Operation Northwoods’ in 1964, the USA military’s mad plan to attack Miami, Florida and then blame it on Cuba as an excuse to launch an all-out American invasion of Cuba.

The London Bombings are described in some detail. Richard Cottrell explains how the train time the alleged bombers took from Luton to London was changed three times: from the 7.40 am train which never ran, to 7.48 and then they settled for 7.30 am however this train only got into London Kings Cross eleven minutes before the bomb went off. So, by the time they walked to Kings Cross tube station and bought their tube tickets they would have comfortably missed their scheduled tube trains – for the terror practice drill they believed they were involved in. The book reports how many passengers on the tube trains where the bombs were supposed to have exploded reported bombs exploding underneath the tube trains.

The final false flag act looked at is Olso 21/7/2011.It explains how many of the young people on Utoya Island Labour Party youth summer camp claimed to have seen shots coming from several directions. As for the bomb in the city centre of Oslo, as also with London 7/7/200, there were so-called training drills on the same day.

In conclusion Richard Cottrell explains how the technocratic bankers’ dictatorship in the EU with its dictates to Greece and other countries is a kind of climax of the corporate elite’s Gladio plans.

As a political activist of many years’ standing I found this frightening new book by Richard Cottrell to be quite an eye-opener.