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We’re all rather vague as to what ‘safety threshold’ means for microwave radiation. (When plying the trade as a school physics teacher I’d occasionally raise the subject in the tea-room – was it nanoTesla, or Roentgens, or maybe microcuries? No-one had a clue) I used to work in a government Air Pollution Unit so am familiar with the units used in safety thresholds and permitted limits.

Here’s a metre you can buy for 280 pounds, to measure 4G and 5G EM radiation, and you can see that its units are microwatts per square metre. So it’s power flux that is being measured, as watts are a unit of power, and its millionths of a watt per square metre. OK?

Please imagine the following Question: in a school playground or a child’s bedroom, what would be a safe level?  It is ambient EM radiation intensity that here concerns us. Also, its quite possible there will be different safety thresholds for 4G and 5G, for megahertz and gigahertz – very roughly, millions or billions of cycles per second.   

Let’s turn to a guide for home building entitled,  ‘Create Healthy Homes.’ It tells us:

The building biology profession and EMF experts around the world say 10 microWatts per meter squared or less is safe for sleeping areas (actually, 0.1 uW/m2 is our “No Anomaly” level for sleeping areas.                   

                   [NB, ‘uW’ means  ‘microWatt’, that is one millionth of a Watt].

Or, of we turn to ‘The Bio-Initiative 2012,  A Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure standards for low-intensity EM Radiation’ this quotes several results that are here relevant, eg

  1. Cell tower studies report bioeffects in the range of 30 to 500 uW/m2

  2. Human sperm damaged by cell phone radiation between 3.4 to 700 uW/m2 .

  3. Learning difficulties in children induced at 500 uW/m2,

and it concludes: “Public safety standards are 1,000 – 10,000 or more times higher than levels now commonly reported in mobile phone base station studies to cause bioeffects.”    

This broadly speaking concurs with Healthy Homes, that somewhere around 10 uW/m2  i.e. ten microwatts per square metre might be safe.

For a different view, we turn to the UK government agency OFCOM. They measured the EM radiation in inner-city school playgrounds before 5G was switched on (October 2019) and reported that the ambient levels were a mere 1% of the maximal permitted dose. Measured in watts per square meter (W/m2), their safety threshold equals 20 W/m.2  (It uses ICNIRP guidelines which give this value)

The government agency called Public Health England is responsible for defining UK safety levels and it likewise cites a safety level of 20 W/m.It likewise uses the standards defined by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These are for adult workers and only take into account thermal effects, i.e you won’t actually get fried below this level.

There seems to be a difference of opinion here, of two million-fold. The public do not follow this and IMO never will, because they easily get confused over the units.

 British expert Barry Trower has published his ‘declaration’ and that uses microwatts per square centimetre – that is four orders of magnitude lower that what we’ve been using. He writes:

“Russia and China have a total maximum of 10 of these units, Toronto has a maximum of 6 and in Salzburg, The June 2000 International Conference at Salzburg, consisting of 19 of the world’s top scientists in this field, set the level already given as 0.1 units”

So a Salzburg International conference recommended a safe level of 1000 uW/m2  ie one thousand microwatts per square metre. 

A lower safety limit is advocated by Oliver Perceval: “Many International long-term biological guidelines recommend only 0.1-100 μW/m² (microwatts per square metre) as the long-term exposure limit for biological effect prevention….In many public areas and streets in the UK the levels are now around 250 μW/m2 on a constant basis.”  He has described ICNIRP guidelines as ‘completely inadequate and inappropriate’ for protecting the populace. 

We must surely agree with what Barry Trower wrote about schools:

I have always predicted that any school which allows itself to be ‘bathed’ in microwaves from whatever source will see its sicknesses rise and behaviour fall. I have received many phone calls to confirm this. In all of the schools I have visited around the world with WI-FI, every one has reported the same symptoms in students: fatigue, headachas, nausea, chest pain, vision problems. I argue that you could experience psychiatric problems, increase in aggression and other bad behaviour, as well as reduced immune systems, leading to more colds, coughs, longer colds, longer coughs, longer illnesses, depression, anxiety, thence, suicidal tendencies or taken to its ultimate – leukaemia.

Arthur Firstenberg, in his epoch-making book ‘the Invisible Rainbow’ quotes units as milliwatts per square centimetre. That is a very large unit, equivalent to ten watts per square metre. For example he discusses whether twenty mW/cmis having an effect – that means two hundred watts per square metre. I’m not absolutely confident that this is correct? It could be ten million times too high, but I may be mistaken.


the Acoustimeter Mark 2 instructions state: 

The German Building Biology Institute recommend no higher than 10 μW/m2 for only slight effects (though for electrosensitive people even less than this creates a problem), with severe set at 1000 μW/m2. It gives a safety threshold ‘only slight effects’ of  70 μW/m2 and refers to – 


It refers to ‘’ which has three levels: Day, Night and ‘Sensitive’  

For night-time it gives 1 as average and 10 as maximum – that is 10 μW/m2

for daytime, go up an order of magnitude, for electrosensitive persons go down an order of magnitude.

Still trying to answer the question, ‘What might be a safe level for a school playground or a child’s bedroom?’ here is a sequence of biological effects noted at different levels. It is taken from the video ‘5G Apocalypse as the Extinction event,’ (20 mins) and at the bottom we compare this with what Ofcom found as given above.

2 x10-10uW/Cm2    Cellphone minimum signal     

0.05 uW/Cm2          Children get headaches, irritation, concentration difficulties

                                         (=50 uW/m)

0.1 uW/Cm2             Baubiology (Germany) guideline for ‘extreme concern’

1 uW/Cm2                Sperm DNA fragmentation & decrease in sperm viability in    

                                     vitro, + headaches, insomnia, chest pain, fatigue dizziness

2.5 uW/Cm2         Altered calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells   

4.0 uW/Cm2          Changes in Hipocampus affecting brain memory & learning   

6.0 uW/Cm2          DNA damage in cells   

8 uW/Cm2               Smart Metres 1 foot away            

10 uW/Cm2             China & Russia safety level      

600 uW/Cm2        US Industrial safety level  

10 uW/Cm2        ambient UK level near mobile phone cell masts (Ofcom)       

Conclusion:  The above sequence endorses what Healthy Homes recommended, that ten microwatts per square metre is maximum ‘safe’ level. The ambient level found in the recent Ofcom report may be OK for non-breeding adults – though it will tend to give them headaches etc – but is a hundred times too high for children.


[1] ‘Electromagnetic Field (EMF) measurements near 5G mobile phone base stations’