There are a couple of powerful article by Vanessa Beeley in the Off-Guardian and then in UK column, revealing the complicated web of interconnections, whereby a ‘revolving door’ policy between Big Pharma and Government health bodies is being established, marching ‘in lock step’ with Bill Gates’ New-Vaccine-for-Everyone agenda. The following may be a help.

ID2020 – It’s coming!

Id2020 is what you are given after the forced vaccination. The plan is, you get a ID2020 Immunity certificate – ‘consistent with the principles of digital ID’ contained in the ID 2020 manifesto – if you’ve had the jab. It will store useful Biometrics all about you. Envisaged as ‘Digital health certificates,’ they are meant to be characterised by portability, trustworthiness and wide recognition. 

The plan is that ID2020 ‘harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity.’

The ID2020 Alliance held their Summit in New York, in September 2019, one month before the Bill Gates ‘Event 201.’ It thus synchronised with the pandemic rollout. The question was asked,   

Is it just a coincidence that ID2020 is being rolled out at the onset of what the WHO calls a Pandemic? – Or is a pandemic needed to ‘roll out’ the multiple devastating programs of ID2020? (Peter Koenig, March 2020)

The firm Orfido at Oxford University is Microsoft-funded and has raised 100 million to ‘boost its ID technology.’ It will automate background checks on prospective employees. It’s basically an extension of private sector spying on the workforce.

Because of this COVID scare, the ‘health certificate though app technology’ is ‘gaining traction.’

We’re being nudged towards accepting lockdown UNTIL the vaccine is available. But ,who will get the contract?

The UK’s chief Medical advisor Sir Patrick Valance was formerly head of Research of GlaxoSmith Kline. They’re the guys who developed the Pandemix vaccine which killed sixty patients with brain damage. This was in response to one of Neil Ferguson’s (Imperial college) disastrously wrong predictions, re Swine flu – he claimed it would take the lives of  tens of thousands but only a few hundred ever died from it. 

After that, Sir Patrick was clearly just the guy to advise HM Govt. A revolving door policy was developing, between big Pharma and government agencies ‘working in lock-step to promote the global immunisation agenda’. 

In 2018, Public Health England produced the offshoot Porton Biopharma, ‘wholly owned by Her Majesty’s Sec of State for Health Matt Hancock.’ All of its profits go to PHE. So the PHE is getting money from a branch of one of the world’s top biological warfare agencies. This year it is promoting the ‘vaccines work for all’ theme.

Chris Whitty, the UK Government’s Chief Medical Advisor, was on the interim board of CEPI until the permanent board was announced in 2018. Should we be surprised that the UK Government has invested £50 million in CEPI while being advised by Whitty? … Not only was Chris Whitty previously sponsored by Bill Gates and on the interim board of CEPI; he now chairs the UK Vaccine Network (UK VN) (quote from Vanessa B.)

CEPI means ‘Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations’ which sounds extremely suspicious. CEPI works for “development of platforms that can be used for rapid vaccine development against unknown pathogens.” What is that supposed to mean? A vaccine against an unknown pathogen? Let’s quote Michael Chossudovsky on the significant time-sequence:

The lead entity for the novel coronavirus vaccine initiative is the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) an organization sponsored and financed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Note the chronology: The development of the 2019 nCoV vaccine was announced at the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) a week prior to the official launching by the WHO of  a Worldwide Public Health Emergency (January 30) at a time when the number of “confirmed cases” Worldwide (outside China) was 150 (including 6 in the US). 

The pandemic was launched by the WHO on March 11. And five days later, barely covered by the media, the first tests involving human volunteers were conducted in Seattle on March 16.

(NB I  don’t confirm the CoV vaccine being announced at the Davos World economic Forum in January 2020)  

Army to Vaccinate everyone….

 The possibility of vaccines for everyone in the UK is now being looked into by government scientists…Everyone in the UK may have to get the winter flu jab to prevent the NHS from getting overwhelmed this winter if coronavirus still poses a threat.  (Daily Mail 15 May: ‘Everyone in Britain..)

 Daily Mail 14 May: Norwich is hoping to find the key to ending the lockdown by testing all its 140,000 citizens every week for coronavirus

Meanwhile in the USA Trump went onto Fox News to say the army would be used to vaccinate everyone ‘very very quickly’. Remember no vaccine as yet exists….