A whole slew of books have been published about 7/7, which simply presuppose Islamic guilt. I suggest that it is not ethical to have such books on one’s shelf. Guilt needs to be established, not presupposed. The following books do not give any evidence for the dreadful assumption which they make, concerning who was guilty – they just brazenly assume it:

Crispin Black, 7/7 – The London bombings, What went wrong, 2006

 Milan Rai, 77 The London Bombings, Islam and the Iraq War, 2006

 John Tulloch ,  One Day in July  Experiencing 7/7, 2006

 Aaron Debnam, One Morning in July – The Man Who Was First on the Scene Tells His Story, 2007

 Gill Hicks, One Unknown, A powerful account of survival, 2007

 Rachel North, Out of the Tunnel, Before & After 7/7: One Woman’s Extraordinary Story 2007

 Peter Zimonjic, Into the Darkness: The story of 7/7, 2008

The Crispin Black opus is the only 7/7 book to feature on Wiki’s 7/7 page.