highest vaccinated counties of Hungary have the worst drop in birth rates in 2022! This is a within-country comparison, comparing Hungarians to Hungarians, for the same time period.”

A 10% drop in fertility appears due to vaccination over a one-year period. Can express result as “the birth rate decline in most heavily vaccinated Hungarian counties was THREE TIMES greater than the decline in least-vaccinated counties!”

in Sweden,

birth rates drop 9 months after vaccinations.

But also, “Sweden is NOT alone. I reported on a dramatic (and similar to Sweden) decline in births in Germany, Switzerland, North Dakota, and the UK” 

Drop in German rate of live birthths:

Uk births down 10% down from last year.

Taiwan, which also vaccinated young people 9 months prior, is recording a whopping 23% drop in birth rates!    Taiwan was a poster child for successful vaccination. 91% of all Taiwanese residents received a vaccine dose.


Xs Uk mortality vs Vaxed/Unvaxed

How the ONS Makes the Vaccines Look Good By Missing Millions of Unvaccinated From the Population

Office for National Statistics data leads health experts to call for urgent investigation into what is causing the excess mortality

Well ,its only slight –

March Xs:  0%

April Xs:   1%

May:          13%

June:          9%

July:          13%

England & Wales, compared to average of previous 5 years.

Net Xs mortality over May-July:   13 thousand.