The Nordstream-II pipeline was completed in September 2021. Prior to the war-initiation crisis of 22-2-22, decisive steps were taken by the USA which made the conflict necessary. These have been revealed in the Seymour Hersh article of February 8th, ‘How America took out the Nordstream-II Pipeline.’

Completion of the pipeline presented the most extreme danger to NATO, maybe in its entire history: that peace would break out and goodwill develop between Germany and Russia. Clearly, that could not be allowed! NATO existed to stop that very thing from happening. A new war turned out to be the answer and the logic was as follows.

in January of 2021, Jake Sullivan in Washington convened a meeting to discuss this dire state of affairs, in a room next to the White House. It included Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and the State and Treasury Departments. Their  discussion quickly focussed upon how to take out the pipeline, but the action would have to have ‘deniability.’

They were planning the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11, and in fact the operation would share two  key features with that event: America did it, and would deny that fact. But could the Deep State really manage that?

The stakes were high, after all Russia and Germany had spent 22 billion Euros building it. Obviously, they would have to try and blame Russia for blowing up its own pipeline, but would people believe that?

In early 2022, the CIA’s working Group reported to Jake Sullivan’s merry band that ‘We have a way to blow up the pipelines,’ while more sensible voices warned, ‘Don’t do it! It’s stupid and will be a political nightmare if it comes out.’”

In January, Victoria Nuland made the firm statement, “I want to be very clear to you today,” she said in response to a question. “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

That international-terrorism threat was repeated on 7 February by the President: “Biden defiantly said, “If Russia invades . . . there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.” Incredibly, the German chancellor was standing right beside him and just said nothing!

So, after these categorical promises, all that was required was for Russia to invade. But the trouble was that it had no intention of doing that, that anyone knew of. So this had to be brought about.

One must concur with Ron Unz that “Our failed current Ukraine war policy against Russia has only been maintained by one of the tightest information blockades in modern American history.” The truth-blackout has been awesome indeed, and instead of history citizens have been given the mind-numbing mantra that big, bad Russia invaded poor little Ukraine for no reason, and so we have to defend Ukraine to protect freedom, democracy etc.

Do you remember how all through December and January, we kept being told that a Russian invasion was imminent?  To quote from my book, “In December of 2021, the media started loudly proclaiming that Russia was about to invade Ukraine, and this kept on all through January and February. The RT pundits appeared baffled by this, and Lavrov didn’t seem to know anything about it either. ‘We don’t invade other countries’ they were saying. But something forced their hand.”

On February 17th , US President Biden announced that the Russian invasion was due: ““We have reason to believe they [the Russians] are engaged in a false flag operation to have an excuse to go in. Every indication we have is they’re prepared to go into Ukraine and attack Ukraine,” adding, “My sense is it will happen in the next several days.”” Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson likewise made a statement on February 17th displaying a foreknowledge of  the coming invasion.

The western media did not report or even hint that the bombing of the Donbass area had abruptly increased one-hundredfold. For long citizens of the East Ukraine ‘oblasts’ as they were called, districts, had put up with being shelled and landmined. No western media had a problem with this ongoing genocide project or indeed felt it was worth mentioning. Something like ten per day had been falling. That abruptly went up to a thousand fold, as being preparatory to a huge invasion by NATO-trained troops.  Swiftly Russia responded by recognizing the  two mini-states of Luhansk and Donetsk  and they at once invited Russia in – we don’t need to go into the details.  The ‘Limited Military Operation’ began on the 24th.

Russia had been lured in and had really no choice on the matter. No way could it just sit by and watch a thousand-year old Russian culture in eastern Ukraine be exterminated by NATO troops and missile attacks. And the Empire knew that.

Russia’s entry enabled the next step to move forward, viz the pipeline destruction. That act was clearly announced and pre-ordained before the war -initiation.

NATO warmongers could relax. The awful danger of peace and goodwill breaking out across Europe – Putin’s fiendish plan – had been thwarted. They could continue with their ongoing plans for the ‘defence’ of Eastern Europe countries, ie stationing US nuclear missiles about six minutes away from Moscow and St Petersburg.

The pipeline-destruction event was quite a personal matter for Victoria Nuland, after all it was she who had first announced it. She and her husband Robert Kagan had played central roles in the 2014 Neo-Nazi coup at Maidan, which overthrew the elected Prime Minister who fled for his life, after which Ukraine began bombing its own citizens, banning the Russian language etc. So how appropriate was it that its date of 26 September was Kagan’s birthday. It was a fine birthday-present! Also, synchronously enough, it was the date of the Jewish New Year (New Moon nearest to the autumn equinox), the faith that they share.


NK’s book, ‘Ukraine the Just War or How the West was Lost’