1. Ongoing civilian shelling over 8 years. Russia moved in to stop this.
  2. Independence of Donetsk and Luhansk mini-State People’s Republics.

A recent missile attack on the city of Donsetsk, using prohibited cluster-bomb munitions https://www.rt.com/news/552178-tochka-u-missile-attack-donetsk/  This “could have been shot from as far as 120 kilometers away” and clearly belonged to Ukraine army. It killed about twenty people and injured many more. At the same day this was reported and Russia stated this was a war crime, the MSM were synchronously braying about Russian war crimes.

Civilian casualties in this ‘military operation’ have been kept to a minimum and are in the hundreds, compare hundreds of thousands when the UK invaded Iraq.

Bear in mind this whole area has been Russian for a thousand years – ancient Rus grew around the Kiev area in the 9th century.

After the US Neo-Nazi coup of 2014, an act of Parliament banned the use of Russian language: then Crimea, Belarus and Luhansk declared independence. Shelling of B & L commenced, plus no electricity, water or gas, no finance – no pension or social security – so Kiev was de facto treating them as not part of Ukraine for 8 years.

Continual shelling of towns and villages over 8 years has all but destroyed and ruined these regions. Most who can afford to flee to Russia have done so.

Germany a co-signator of the Minsk Agreement – which was the road map to peace – did not lift a finger to pressure the warring parties to implement it.

Thus Europe has been pursuing a pro-genocide pro-ethnic cleansing policy. Its policy here is utterly racist: the Russian-speaking Slavs in Eastern Ukraine are untermensch, they are not-us, they do not count. Their elimination and eradication from B & L is not even reported.

US gives three billion dollars of ‘Lethal aid’ to Ukraine – that enables far more terrible shelling of Eastern Ukraine to take place. Which is what inevitably drew Russia into the fray.

Amazingly the ethnic cleansing of B & L is only reported by RT. Clearly the solution  here is simple, just ban RT.

The Western media never mention the motive of Russia for entering Ukraine.

What happened around 22.2.22 was (1) Russia recognized the independence of B&L, then at once (2) B&L invited Russian troops in, requesting their help in defence.

That was perfectly legal.

However they could not stop the shelling by remaining within those mini-states or People’s Republics.

International law experts need to discuss whether these two mini-states do have a right to declare independence. I’d surmisae yes they do under these circumstances. Partly because they were co-signators of the Minsk Agreement, along with France and Germany; they reckon that indicates recognition of their existence.

At no stage of the present conflict has Ukraine expressed a willingness to stop the shelling of B & L. So to stop the genocide and ethnic cleansing, only the military option  remains, for Russia to pursue the Ukraine army.

Russia appears as the only country in Europe which opposes the ongoing, deliberate genocide of an ancient people.

B&R were formerly the industrial hub of Ukraine, with high-tech industry, and now they are totally desolate.

You have to get RT (get a VPN app then you can watch it) to hear about these things.

The Ukraine army needs to0 be called into B & L in order to remove the landmines they have planted there and help re-build the shattered homes and schools etc.

International law does permit self-defence, and arguably everything Russian army is  now doing can be described as that.

I note especially that March 4th a young man from England went to Kiev and found no trace of any conflict going on, but saw  loads of crisis actors https://www.bitchute.com/video/zERoYzWE9r9P/

Tsunami of fake news in western media https://jamesfetzer.org/2022/03/udo-ulfkotte-in-memoriam-what-nobody-told-you-about-ukraine-mindblowing/ (See note A below).

Russia entered Ukraine on 24th a few days after Zelensky discussed Ukraine getting nuclear weapons. There are three different levels on which Russia’s Military Operation can be legally justified:

(1) To rescue an ancient people of Russian culture and stop the genocide. (2) to expose and destroy the diabolical bio-warfare labs, two dozen of them, dotted about Ukraine, and (3) to express the wish for a neutral and non-nuclear Ukraine (See Pepe Escobar, https://www.unz.com/pescobar/cutting-through-the-fog-masking-a-new-page-in-the-art-of-war/).

As regards (3) bear in mind that Poland and Romania are accepting US nukes to be targeted at Russia, thereby directing Europe towards WW3. Russia has stated again and again that it cannot and will not endure this happening in Ukraine.

As regards (2) the Russian discovery and exposure of the deadly bio-labs  – the real ‘Resident Evil’ story and something the whole world should be grateful for: on that day it was reported on the London radio, Russian allegations of chemical warfare labs which a US source dismissed as ‘laughable.’ No-one had mentioned chemical weapons. The level of mendacity here is IMO unprecedented.

Thus Russia has accomplished what the Empire failed to do in Iraq: it invaded Iraq on the grounds that it had WMD chemical  weapons there, but could not finds any. Whereas Russia really has found bio-weapon research in Ukraine.

The Gates of Hell have opened up here because Ukraine continually takes money and guidance from America which has no interest in the well-being of Ukraine – it is solely motivated by using Ukraine to harm Russia. It will make Ukraine a future killing-ground in its coming war with no compunction.


A.     Unprecedented level of fake news:

“Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine takes war to a new level of information warfare. Over the past three weeks, Western mainstream media has unleashed a tsunami of false information and distortion that has swept many people off their feet in disarray…The conflict in Ukraine appears to be like no other in terms of the rampant false information and virtual realities that the Western media are using. It’s reminiscent of the Western hysteria over Syria and the “Siege of Aleppo” in late 2016 which turned out to be liberated by the Syrian army and its Russian allies from Western-backed terrorists. Images of explosions and civilian casualties attributed to Russian forces have been identified as being clipped from other wars, locations and years. Airstrikes in Gaza by Israeli forces have been reported as occurring in Ukrainian cities. Even Hollywood disaster movies have provided images recycled for “reports” of alleged Russian violations.  https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2022/03/15/beware-the-ides-of-march-russia-defeated-and-putin-assassinated/ (Finian Cunningham)

Huge popular support in Russia – see Putin speech in stadium: https://dailystormer.name/putin-holds-massive-stadium-super-rally-in-moscow-glory-to-russia/