The well-known independent investigator Richard D. Hall (producer of the website) is being sued, for matters concerning his research on the Manchester arena terror-event of 22 May 2017:   (April 3rd)

“A civil case is being taken by alleged survivors of the Manchester Arena blast event, 22nd of May 2017, by Martin and Eve Hibbert ‘who were left with severe disabilities’.  They are suing RDH for ‘defamation and harassment’ Mr Hibbert was ‘paralysed from the waist down.'”

There are two different and separate questions here.  The first is, whether RDH was correct in arguing that the event was simulated and that people were not really harmed by the blast and that the 22 fatalities of the event were not real.  This he argued in his carefully-researched 400-page book ‘The Night of the Bang.’

More recently he had produced four videos  numbers 269, 283, 284 and 285.  It seems fair to say that he has investigated the event more thoroughly than anyone else.

If he is mistaken on this question, that is not in itself a crime.

We all make mistakes, after all.

Thus, here is Martin Hibbert being interviewed  and he does sound very credible.  He is widely reported to have sustained 22 shrapnel wounds from the blast, is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and is lucky to be still alive:

“On 22.7.21 Hibbert told a public enquiry that: he suffered shrapnel wounds including one that severed his spinal cord. He’s now in a wheelchair.  One bolt struck his daughter Eva in the head ‘almost like she had been shot through the head’.  She was at the Royal Manchester hospital for 10 months.  She made a ‘miraculous recovery’ but will need care for the rest of her life.”

The second question, is whether RDH has committed any crime.  What he did is very clear: he parked his car outside someone’s residence and used a camera – once, years ago.

For doing this, an action was issued in the High Court on Friday 31 March, “for protection from harassment and misuse of private information.”  It “includes an application for a restraining injunction and damages.”

Damages – for what? What harassment?

I suggest that only one thing is totally clear at this moment in time: the claim by Martin and Eve Hillard that they have suffered ‘defamation and harassment’ from RDH is totally spurious.

It is not yet a crime to hold differing opinions about a past event, and I therefore suggest that they should apologise to RDH for this accusation.


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RDH is doubtful whether the two Hillards were in the Manchester arena at the time – he has found no photos of them there.

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Martin Hibbert and Eve are represented by Hudgell Solicitors, who also represented two other families who are alleged to be victims of the alleged Manchester Arena event at the Public Inquiry.

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The denouncing of RDH began with the 31 October 2022 BBC Panorama hit piece on RDH called “Disaster Deniers : Hunting the Trolls”, featuring their “Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent”, Marianna Spring :

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(thanks to Mark G. for this list)