The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

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” the scientists – backed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock and senior minister Michael Gove – told them the virus was on track to kill 85,000 this winter, and that it was too late for a so-called ‘circuit break’.”  Daily Mail, 31 October – Govt Halloween message. Feel the fear! Let’s all panic! But, wait …

Lawless Nation

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A date with your girlfriend? forget it! Sex – no way! Or, that is what your government is now telling you – By London’s Level 2 of ‘Lockdown,‘ Covid restrictions mean “People are prohibited from socialising with anybody outside their household or support bubble in any indoor setting. “

EU imposes sanctions on Russia for its alleged ‘Novichok’ poisoning of dissident Alexei Navalny. Here is the real story.    The Salisbury Novichok hoax had worked so well in creating a wave of anti-Russian hysteria two years ago, with over 150 Russian diplomats expelled on both sides of the Atlantic in April 2018 when only […]

New Novichok Hoax

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It is a matter of supreme importance for the US & NATO that the nearly-finished Nord Stream-II gas pipeline construction from Russia to Germany be derailed. Accordingly we now see a revamp of the UK’s 2018 ‘Novichok’ story. Again this deadly poison failed to kill its victim, again various other people around the victim are […]

Here is a graph showing all deaths in England and Wales on a weekly basis, in red, over the year 2020. The ONS (Office of National statistics) provides these, as well as a helpful average figure for the five previous years, for comparison, here shown in green. We can see the massive spike 

It is the only book on the subject – The Great British Coronavirus Hoax, A Sceptics guide. It was earlier deleted by Amazon but now seems to be back up again. 

Alex Scott, Have “The Powers that Be” Just Staged a  False Flag to Foment a Race War across America?  – by a professional cop who reckons that actors were involved.

Don’t miss the pages I’ve done on his topic: 20 March   CoronaVirus Scare 31 March: UK mortality since CV crisis is 5% BELOW average 10 april    CV Icke interview 11 April   Lung deaths well BELOW average during CV crisis 12 April   The Coronavirus Act 14 April  A real effect? 24 April    There is no Pandemic  –with Jim […]

Dr David Hughes is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Lincoln, the School of social and Political science. He has had the following article published.

In a leaked recording, Netanyahu senior adviser, Natan Eshel, revealed that “hate is what unites” the Israeli right-wing and it “works well on non-Ashkenazi voters”. – says it all, really.