Saturday, March 20th will be the Spring Equinox.

I urge people to come together and burn their facemasks. This is the time to do it! Its way of saying goodbye to the monster hoax we have been though. It all started one year ago with the Lockdown, it was all so sudden and everybody caved in. Now its time to say goodbye to the darkness of winter and the lonely lockdown.

It cannot be illegal.

Many marches and gatherings are being planned for March 20th and the police are rehearsing how to stop them, eg ambushing persons as they come out of tube stations. 

Official figures for ‘covid deaths’ – whatever they may mean, not very much – have come right down now in March. In England & Wales total weekly deaths are coming down from the terrifyingly high values in January, and are only say 20% above normal (see below). So politicians are able to look forward to things re-opening in April.

Let’s all support Piers Corbyn who is standing for Mayor of London. Listen to his inspiring speech.  When George Galloway was standing for Mayor of London last time round the media totally marginalised him and no-one heard a peep from him through the campaign (he came seventh!). But this time round I don’t reckon they can  do that with Piers.  His brother Jeremy would advise him, and between the two of them they’d sort things out. 

Burn your mask! Its an important ritual to be performed on the Vernal Equinox.  

While burning the mask, I suggest review in your  mind one of the utter-crap concepts we’ve been given, such as asymptomatic carriers or the ‘new strain’, etc – review it for a moment, then let it go, banish it.  Or while burning your mask review the awful tragedy, eg of all the children who have not been allowed to play, who are denied the sacred activity of play and have instead been isolated – feel that terrible damage – then let it go, release it! 

That fire on the spring Equinox will be a symbol of new hope, vitally needed when half of our fellow-countryman are turning themselves into genetically-modified organisms. It needs to be a collective act of people coming together to burn their facemasks.|

We can see the huge excess of mortality caused by the winter lockdown gradually decreasing through February. Only abolishing the Lockdown will bring it right down to normal, as TPTB know very well.