New UK Intel report

For the Empire, truth as such has no meaning. An operation is successful or it is not -and that is all. There is no ‘Yes…but was it true?’ The Empire aspires to global hedgemony and it works though blood, guns, drugs and money. It aspires to ‘control the narrative’ and fight ‘disinformation’ which is its way of countering ‘alternative’ (ie truthful) narratives. The Empire always has to create delusion. It cannot be defeated in war. It aims for ever greater ‘security’ and surveillance, whereby it can crush alternative  narratives. The new UK intel report shows this.

The UK’s ‘Integrated Review’ has finally been released. Officially billed as “a comprehensive articulation” of London’s “national security and international policy,” it intends to “[shape] the open international order of the future.”  repeated reference is made to “the distinction between domestic and international security” having become “increasingly blurred” – i.e. they are now spying on everybody.

It declares, We must… develop an ‘unblinking eye’, focussed on our target audiences” on a continuous, round-the-clock basis. The Eye of Sauron is now looking at you, on a 24/7 basis!

  “We will increase societal resilience in the UK to all forms of disinformation,” the Review asserts. “Investment in the government’s behavioural science expertise, horizon-scanning and strategic communications will also help us to improve our response to disinformation campaigns.”

Given that “wars continue to be won in people’s minds,” the internet has become “an integral part of the 21st century battlefield,” so both physical and virtual operations must be “coordinated, communicated and amplified, to deliver cognitive impacts.”

Fully dedicated to Eternal War, The British army has developed its ‘Integrated Operating Concept for 2025’ which reinforces this unsettling interpretation: “Old distinctions between ‘peace’ and ‘war’, ‘public’ and ‘private’, ‘foreign’ and ‘domestic’ and ‘state’ and ‘nonstate’ are increasingly out of date.”

Tactics of deception

“The triumph of narrative determines defeat or victory, hence the importance of information operations,” the document states. “Established techniques, such as assassination, deception, economic coercion, espionage, theft of intellectual property and subversion, gain potency through the clever use of cyber, digitized information, and social media.” James Bond, listen up! UK Ministry of Defence dogma here asserts that “deception” – “measures designed to mislead adversaries” – has become a core practice for the armed forces. “Information can be used to create deception or as ‘camouflage and concealment’ to support deception,” the MoD file states. “[This can] range from encouraging the responsible use of social media by our own personnel through promoting and developing and continuous reinforcement of a security culture, to camouflage, concealment and deception techniques.”

General Nick Carter of the 77th Brigade post: in July 2018, Aiken authored an article for the website, since deleted, stating “alternative news sources” are one of his department’s key targets.

Whitehall is now committed to increasing the total number of nuclear warheads at its disposal to 260, reversing a 2010 decision to reduce the stockpile to 180.

My new book ‘The Novichok Chronicles, A Tale of Two Hoaxes‘ explores the modern tactics of deception. It studies three hoaxes where Russia was accused of poisoning: Litvinenko (2006) Skripal (2018) and Navalny (2020). Complicated British-intel webs of deceit are here involved. 

     –  RT Report

The above British-Intel mages taken from GCHQ documents, as were leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013.