“Also, keep in mind U.S. President Donald Trump, whether you love him or hate him, is a genuine human being elected by the human beings of the United States.  His political opponent Joe Biden is (more often now visible as a CG composite) representing an unelected group (the Cabal) that hides from public view.” – Benjamin Fulford

We’ve had election theft before in the US, but never open for everyone to see like this time. And never on this scale before.

Natural News 12th Jan   https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-01-12-situation-update-jan-12-2021-trump-unconventional-warfare.html

The Benny Report         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYPtkKFa710  

Lt Gen Tom McInerney Must watch Everything explained!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKwQ-_pjXcI 

What Happened on January 6th?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KVrNBEhvwg&feature=youtu.be

 8 Jan –    Will DT be inaugurated Jan 20?      https://jamesfetzer.org/2021/01/a-letter-from-the-nye-county-chairman-8-january-2021/

DT :     ‘there will be a peaceful transition to a new administration  …’ but whose?

‘What to Expect’

  • Expect the emergency broadcast system to be activated. The FCC just recently released a memorandum speaking to the requirements under Federal law to send messages from the president to the public. See this link

  • Expect confusion. We are in a battle for our republic against elites that are attempting the very coup that they are accusing Trump of doing. In battle, there will be disinformation but know that plans are being fulfilled.

  • Expect high profile arrests to take place over the next 12 days and at any time. You may wake one morning to find someone in high office is no longer there.

  • Expect this to be a bumpy ride to the very end. This is not a television show where things are resolved in 45 minutes.

  • Expect more bombshell evidence to be released between now and Jan. 20th.

  • Expect some sort of internet blackout or outage: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Gmail are likely going to be affected. If you don’t have alternate forms of communication established now, it would be a good idea to start forming them even if it’s just checking on your nextdoor neighbors.

  • Expect Trump to be inaugurated on Jan 20th!

  • Expect the executive order from 2018 and/or the Insurrection Act to be enacted. This DOES NOT mean martial law. Remember that we have been under a state of emergency since 2018 which gives the president many powers to act.

  •   https://www.newsmax.com/us/rasmussen/2021/01/08/id/1004872/?dkt_nbr=6F12122iovhm 

    Trump approval rating goes up to 50% 

     – after being damned by all the world, banned from Twitter etc..

    Classic debate, don’t miss it: Robert David Steele with Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward (2 English blokes)  https://www.bitchute.com/video/69nWeDtl4VdC/   7 January 

  • Can anyone rely on what Simon Parkes says? He sure sounds very fine –     ‘This is not a drill’   – 10th January:     https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=rm&ogbl#inbox/FMfcgxwKkRJRZJQxRgRCXDpQwctfCQSK?projector=1   Simon Parkes   

  • The Dark Side:  Biden coup from stolen election will see new anti-terror act, directed INWARDS against the American people, to suppress dissent. It will be against ‘white supremacist terrorism’ => aka Trump supporters. (Tucker Carlson 8 Jan)