New government legislation enables ‘them’ to come and take your organs when they reckon you are dying, without your consent. They can’t take organs from a corpse, those are no use – it has to be before you are actually dead! See Health Ranger report -

Surgeons have a financial motivation to declare you are dead before you have died – may rip your heart out before you are dead! People remain conscious for a couple of minutes after cardiac arrest. Huge profits made by selling organs WITHOUT the permission of the victim /’donor’.

Blood farming and the black market of organ trade – a global trade, organs harvested when you are not really dead! ‘The rise of intense demonic evil infesting the medical profession’ – Health Ranger (speaking on Infowars).

Ditto for ‘partial birth abortions’ – murder the baby and harvest the organs. Chop the baby up, sell it off! That’s why vaccines contain aborted human fetal tissue.

Oxygen-starved organs are not so useful for the organ-transplant industry.

To stop this you have to sign while you are alive, saying NO they can’t do this.

From 2020, adults in England will be considered POTENTIAL DONORS of their organs (eyes, kidney’s etc etc) unless they choose to OPT OUT or are … excluded (for whatever reason) NOTE: * Organs from cadavers CANNOT be used (it errr? means you’re F*ck-all use, if you’re dead! – They have to keep you errrr? ‘alive’ (on a ventilator!) to harvest your organs. This is known as ‘BRAIN DEAD’…/opt-out-organ-donation-max-and… IF you’re intending to ‘Opt-IN’ … remember what’s ahead, if there’s a 40:60 chance of surviving … (‘md’ comment)

Here s how you can say NO LEAVE MY ORGANS ALONE

Mother shares her experience of giving birth in a hospital –

Moral – keep clear of hospitals! ‘Here be Vampyres’