The London 7/7 Bombings: A Murder Investigation

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22/7/11 – 77 dead – Was Anders Breivic (AB) a Zionist, who massacred the children in response to Norway’s anti-Israel stance? Or, did he do it for the reason he stated, namely that too many Muslims were flooding into Norway?   The media have taken the latter view, while some eg Adrian Salbucci, have taken the former. Norway’s Labour […]

Appeal against unfair dismissal by Tony Farrell: Sheffield Employment Tribunal, 7th-9th September – his case was dismissed. South Yorkshire police argued that ‘conspiracy therory’ was none of their business. NEW: discussion of the Tony Farrell case on top UK police blog. Tony Farrell had been employed for twelve years as ‘Principle Intelligence Analyst’ for South Yorkshire Police, […]

On the morning of July 7th, did the alleged bombers flee from King’s Cross to Canary Wharf – where they were gunned down? Did that really happen? An episode of the intrepid Richard Hall’s Sky TV (June 3rd) “Rich Planet” examined new evidence confirming this, and the likely route they took  (See 10-15 minutes into his program). It […]

At 4pm on Thursday 12th May at Southwark Crown Court the jury returned and declared Muad’Dib (Anthony John Hill) innocent of attempting to ‘pervert the course of justice’. Mr. Hill has spent 151 days incarcerated in Wandsworth prison over the past few months and this verdict spared him, mercifully, a sentence of up to 20 […]


I have lived here all my life. I have never seen Osama bin Laden come and go from this house Neighbour living in Abottabad where the alleged OBL shooting took place, 9.5.11 This is about the ninth time a major head of state has announced Osama Bin Laden’s death – as President Obama did on […]

                    The Inquest heard about three simultaneous underground bomb attacks that were rehearsed in a police terror drill –  one week before the three simultaneous underground bomb attacks actually took place, on July 7th, 2005. Was that just a coincidence? Here’s what they said: The Inquest hears about the Met’s terror drill called, ‘Hanover’ (July 1-2, 2005) […]


Daniel Obachike has been claiming for the last four years that he was on the 30 bus in Tavistock Square when it blew up – and he wrote his book The 4th Bomb about it. But, many have been sceptical. His claim has now been vindicated by the Inquest putting him on the lower deck of that bus. See […]

SCENE 1 The pantomime season began early this year when a brand new stage production, called the “7/7 INQUEST”, opened at the Royal Courts of Justice. On the afternoon of the 14th of October, a rather plaintive cry of “what do we turn to next, Detective Inspector? “, was heard all around the auditorium, as […]