I have lived here all my life. I have never seen Osama bin Laden come and go from this house

Neighbour living in Abottabad where the alleged OBL shooting took place, 9.5.11

This is about the ninth time a major head of state has announced Osama Bin Laden’s death – as President Obama did on 2nd May, 2011.

On May 2nd & 3rd, all UK newspapers and media outlets without exception were proclaiming his death – never mind there was no body anyone could see, never mind the only dead-OBL photo they could produce was speedily exposed as a forgery, never mind no-one at all around the building he was alleged to have been living in could be found, who would say they had seen him there – no tremour of doubt was permitted!

  Even on Russia Today, not one person there was doubting his real death on May 1, 2011, and ditto for Al-Jazeera. I had expected to hear comments like, ‘Well Obama’s latest attempt to show he had a US birth certificate had just failed quite transparently, so he needed some fresh distraction.’ – but no! Americans were dancing in the streets at Ground Zero. Sure, an old man with a laptop in a cave in the Tora Bora mountains caused 9/11 to happen – and pigs can fly.

They could not even keep their story straight for 24 hours, the next day it had changed to: OBL had not been armed, nor had he been using his wife as a shield. So was Obama an assassin then, ordering the killing of an unarmed man? The photos could not be shown, they were ‘too gruesome.’ 

Later on Obama even appeared uncertain that Bin Laden had been shot: ‘At the end of the day, this was still a 55/45 situation. I mean, we could not say definitively that bin Laden was there’ (9th May, CBS News interview).  Getting a twinge of conscience, eh? Its a bit late for that.

It was then admitted that no film was taken during the alleged assassination of OBL by US ‘Navy Seals.’  But, what is this picture about? We here see President Obama and his staff anxiously watching film of the operation – or so we were told. Britain’s Evening Standard gushed, ‘All-action heroes: US navy seals are the new pin-ups after the Bin Laden raid’ and ‘America’s greatest foreign policy triumph of this century was to act alone.’ (10.5.11)

Its all going horribly wrong

But, supposing that the operation had actually failed catastrophically, and the tense expression of that White House audience was, while watching that failure? Read on… 

On  May 11th the Pentagon released images of an old man watching early Bin Laden videos – and claimed it was OBL watching himself! The servile British media reported this with no tremour of doubt.  Local Pakistanis said they knew who the old man was, his name was Mr Ackerban and he owned the house in which OBL had allegedly been living. Let us hope he is still there.

Meanwhile, back in the real world…

Nobody has seen Osama Bin Laden for nearly ten years now – not since his death in fact, on or around 14th December 2001, in the Tora Bora mountains, of kidney failure. My essay ‘The Last Days of Bin Laden’ covers the sequence of tapes and videos in the wake of 9/11, showing how Bin Laden denied on several occasions having anything to do with 9/11 – and did not know it was going to happen.

Several dozen fabricated tapes and videos have been made following his death, to help the world live in fear. Without him around as the all-purpose bogeyman, why would you want to listen to the unpleasant and insignificant entities who hold briefly onto the levers of power? The logic is as described in George Orwell’s 1984 – and more recently in the BBC’s ‘Power of Nightmares’ series.

Has anyone even monitored a phone call of his, since the last one recorded on 14th December 2001? Nope – or no-one has said so. While alive, every phone call he made was monitored by several different intel agencies.

Let’s have a quote from Mr Bin Laden, made only weeks after 9/11:

The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks  …  I have already said that we are not hostile to the United States. We are against the system, which makes other nations slaves of the United States, or forces them to mortgage their political and economic freedom.’

(Read the full text here) He was opposed to US cultural imperialism, and here offers an insightful comment about who perpetrated 9/11 (published in the Karachi-based Pakistani daily newspaper, Ummat, on September 28, 2001)

If anyone ever wanted to write a real biography of OBL, they would have to take on board the fact that his last genuine message was broadcast on 27th December 2001: all of the rest were fabricated – by those who, in OBL’s words, ‘want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity.’

Let’s hope they don’t succeed.

Fake terror, fake tapes

The Sun (Britain’s far-right newspaper, it will always back The War) credited him with 7/7 as well: ‘the thousands of innocents he murdered on  9/11 and 7/7.’ It’s hardly a British newspaper, being owned by a foreign power.

Pakistan plays a central role in UK terror-mythology. Any time the story gets a bit dodgy a reference to that unfortunate country will restore credibility. Well, there was one Pakistani General Hameed Gul who on the Alex Jones show expressed scepticism.

See also the interview of Alex Jones with Wayne  Madsen – that went up right away on 2nd of May. (You might want to listen to British expert Jason Burke on the BBC, explaining how al-Qaeda does not really exist: many of the fake-Bin Laden tapes came from SITE, a US-Zionist military establishment.) 

The posthumous tapes served to conjure up phantom terror. The mystery, is the real identity of OBL, who was he? I’ve written at length about how Mohammed Siddique Khan had his identity ‘stolen’ by the British media, to make him appear as very much the opposite of who he had been in real life.  Real people do not pursue ‘terror’ in the way that Bush and Blair defined it.

May 4th saw one very well-informed comment from a top brass US military intel agent: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Steve R. Pieczenik:

“It’s a total make-up, make believe, we’re in an American theater of the absurd….why are we doing this again….nine years ago this man was already dead….why does the government repeatedly have to lie to the American people?”

Mr Pieczenic knew how OBL had died, “Not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome,” adding that Bin Laden died shortly after 9/11 in his Tora Bora cave complex.  The ‘CIA physicians’ he here alludes to were treating OBL in a Dubai hospital in June, 2001, then later on 1oth September in a Rawalpidi hospital in Pakistan. NB, the character ‘Jack Ryan’ who appears in many Tom Clancy novels is based on Steve Pieczenik.

Let’s hear a woman’s view. US anti-war hero Cindy Sheehan has now come out and stated:

I’m sorry, but if you believe the latest death of Bin Laden, you’re stupid…This lying, murderous Empire can only exist with your brainwashed consent.

Right on! But, maybe we should give the last word to Webster Tarpley:

‘As for the US claims concerning the supposed Bin Laden raid of May 1, they are a mass of hopeless contradictions which changes from day to day. An analysis of this story is best left to literary critics and writers of theatrical reviews.’ (20th May)

An Eyewitness Report  

Two weeks later, a courageous local witness stepped forward to tell his story. Mohammad Bashir a resident of Abbottabad was on his roof at the time, and saw it all happen. Three US helicopters arrived. ‘Navy Seals’ descend onto the roof of ‘bin Laden’s residence’ from one of them, about a dozen, then it moved off. It came back twenty minutes later and landed in the compound next to the house. As it was picking them up ‘there was a blast and it caught fire.’ 

Scattered body parts – of the Navy Seals – were left lying around the burning helicopter. Mr Bashir added, ‘The whole neighborhood has seen that but they are silent now.’

Locals gather outside the Abottabed house of 'Bin Laden'

Security forces arrived and removed all the blood and bodies: ‘they knocked and banged at our doors and told us not to come out.’ – the usual story. But, Mr Bashir was ‘laid down on my rooftop and was watching them.’ Let us hope some more local witnesses will have the courage to come forward and testify to what they saw.