Mohammed Sidique Khan, local hero of Dewsbury, a mentor at Hillside Primary School in Beeston, who had been invited to the House of commons by Tony Benn’s son and whose stepmother had been invited both to Buckingham Palace and Downing Street, Khan who was employed and expecting his second child – how on Earth did he come to be involved in the plot to blow up London on July 7th, 2005?

A plausible conjecture on this matter has been given in ‘7/7: Ripple Effect’, as follows:

One of them, the oldest; [i.e. Khan] who would be considered the ring-leader of the group, because of his age; would have been asked to make a “suicide video” prior to 7/7/2005, being told it would form part of the training mock-terrorist exercise; in order to make the exercise, and possibly a film to be made of it, look as realistic as possible. He would obviously not have been told the details of the whole plan, until later, probably when he and the others arrived in Luton on the 7th of July 2005, to make absolutely certain that the scenario of the drill which would take place that day, could not be talked about by, or to, anyone. ..

Mohammed Sidique Khan, was befriended by the local police, and was regularly called upon by them, to help them to sort out gang-rivalry problems. Mohammed was also taken on a tour of the House of Commons by a Leeds MP, who befriended him. The perfect patsy? Someone who was made to believe he could trust the authorities, and that they would therefore not deceive, or harm him? Someone who could, in turn, recruit 2 other Muslims for the drill, so they could all become famous and make a nice bit of clean and easy extra money, and show their patriotism by helping the authorities to protect Britain from terrorism?

That was several years ago. More recently, a local voice from Dewsbury has spoken out, under the title, A Confession about 7/7 :

 i have worked in the past with the teachers of south leeds high school (where one of the “bombers” worked as a teacher).

i was told (in confidence) something, which was the real reason i joined this forum around a year/ 2 years ago.

“im in two minds whether to reveal it here, under the cloak of anonymity, or is there still a chance i can be traced via my IP etc? im not to keen on ending up being suicide”

This was on the David Icke forum. It left other bloggers in suspense. Then, later on he added,

heres what i know. after this ill tell you what his friends and colleagues believe.

the “bomber” was an amateur actor. a company approached him that they were doing a training session for the police/ security forces. they wanted him to pretend to be a bomber, make a film, and they would give him a rucksack. he would have a codeword, and he had to hide somewhere on the underground where he couldnt be located by mobile signal or whatever. if the police found him, they would say the codeword, and that would prove that that particular team “won” that training session.

before he left for london, he told his colleagues this much. he even showed them the “suicide video” in the staff room before he left.

i cant say too much, but i worked closely with his colleagues. the day or two after 7/7 mi5 or whoever descended on them all and made them all sign documents for secrecy.

this is what his colleagues believe

him and the others were given the rucksacks, only they werent dummy.

hopefully over the last 2 years you guys will have realised that im not a nutter, im not a liar and im not a shill. what im saying is the truth. its only fear of reprecussions that i cant tell you more details. i dont wanna be a statistic, man.

One blogger enquired what the teachers at the unnamed school had done about this info, and the poster (called ‘Islamvlizards’) replied:

nothing, they arent revolutionaries. they are too scared to speak, and only opened up to me after spending so much time with me for so long. besides, the violence that erupted between the muslims and the BNP and “paki bashing crew” in the area kept them too busy to worry about anything else.

Does that sound like a fairly genuine voice? It is presumably alluding to Mohammed Sidique Khan, who worked as a learning mentor at Hillside Primary School, which he left in December of 2004. If so it’s quite muddled up: Khan went to school at South Leeds High School, he did not teach there. After his return from Pakistan in February 2005 he took a new job as a liason officer in another local school.

Coming on to the rucksacks, these must have been dummy and may have been given to Tanweer, Hussain and Lindsay when they arrived in Luton, Thameslink station that morning, at 6.52 am, by whoever was driving the Jaguar car which met them  there. The Nissan Micra they drove down in would have been rather small to contain everything.

Later on that morning, around 9 o’clock, Hasib Hussein is seen on CCTV spending several minutes rummaging around in his rucksack at King’s Cross station, and he would hardly have done that if it contained a real bomb. The Inquest has recently asserted that each bomber was carrying about ten kilograms of explosive, as would have been needed to cause the explosions (Feb 1st pm, 46:8) – they don’t look like they are carrying such a weight in the photos, do they?

When I visited the Dewsbury area of Leeds (with James Stuart) in 2006, I witnessed how Muslims taking an interest in these matters were harassed by the police. I guess the aim is to make sure no meeting ever takes place there, with local activists and the families of those who are alleged to have been the bombers.

Note on Khan – his visit to Pakistan, 2005: The Inquest had an interesting comment on Khan’s last visit to his home-country, as being a visit to his dying Father:

Q. Then, eventually, how did he come to leave? [his learning-mentor job at Hillside]
A. The headmistress basically had a letter from Mr Khan stating that, due to the fact that his father was ill, he needed to return to Pakistan, he was going to go with him and, therefore, he resigned from the employment, and the deputy head confirmed this and also, later on, from one of Mr Khan’s computers, there was, in fact, on the computer, a copy of a letter which was probably the same letter that was spoken about, a resignation letter. (Feb 14 am, 64-65)

Up till now we’ve always been given Khan’s resignation letter from the Hillside school (to the headmisstress Sarah Balfour)with a sentence deleted: ‘ I’m sorry I have not been in touch for a while, a lot has happened in the last few months. [Sentence deleted] there is no definite time frame as to when I will return. We are departing next week. Unfortunately this letter is therefore a letter of resignation from my post. It’s been great working with you and I will be in touch when I return.” I reckon that sentence deleted would have stated that he was obliged to leave and return to Pakistan due to family commitments, viz his dying Father.

I remember how during the 2008 ‘July 7th’ trial the world was given the image of an incredibly heartless Khan, leaving not only his job but also his young, expectant wife with his little baby, to go off to a terror-training camp; as if he was going away permanently to leave her – and as always people are careful not to ask her opinion on the matter. It would be valuable if we could get some testimony from his Pakistani relatives as to what Khan did over January-February 2005 while over there. I reckon that the biography of Khan does really matter. Yes he did go over to Pakistan with his good friend Waheed Ali, and yes the latter did do some military training with rifle-shooting (while insisting to the Court that this was a world apart from ‘terrorism’) but I recall Waheed Ali complaining to the Court that he hardly saw Khan out there, and that Khan did not stay at the camp with him.