I suggest that we need to remember and mull over the initial catastrophic and spineless apologies that Jeremy Corbyn came out with, as the start of That Which Ruined his Leadership. Ah, it had all looked to promising! How huge was the support for him when he came to power!

In my opinion, there is and was no ‘anti-semitism’ within the Labour party. By continually whining with apology every time such fake accusations were made, JC in effect created exactly what his enemies were hoping for. 

A London mural showing top international bankers playing monopoly on the backs of oppressed workers, with the ‘Illuminati’ pyramid and all-seeing eye behind it. It was put up in 2012, and had been gone for some years before Jeremy Corbyn was accused of having liked it. When pressed, its author stated that two of the six bankers portrayed were meant to be jewish: Rockefeller and Rothschild. Clearly, this is socialist art, about oppression of peoples of the world by international bankers. Clearly, it is not targeting Jews. JC should just have said this, when accused – instead of apologising. Preferably he should have caused the poster to be re-created and conducted a public debate on the subject. As poster art I think it was brilliant. It is THE BEST London wall-art poster I’ve ever seen.

If Jews choose  to identify themselves with the international bankers then that is their problem, and maybe they should be asked why they want to do this.

Loss of Red Ken. Ken Livingstone had been JC’s soulmate and companion over forty years, a fellow-socialist and probably quite a bit wiser than him, and totally indispensable if JC was to be able to make the right decisions when under stress. One day Ken was heard to be talking about the Hasbara Agreement, which was the initial German agreement whereby Jews in the 1930s were able to emigrate to Palestine and take all their stuff with them -and keep their bank balances. Immediately, the J*** media started braying that this was shocking etc. No it wasn’t, it was simply Red Ken making a factually correct statement about European history. JC – if he had any spine or backbone – should just have put out a calm statement that he did not know anything about the topic, but he had sought advice and been told that Ken’s statement was historically correct. END of story. But, Oh No, JC whines another apology and thereby LOSES Red Ken  from the Labour Party – one of its most valuable members, maybe the only one who could have rescued it from the never-ending ‘anti-semitism’ hysteria.

Attending the Deir Yassin memorial.  On April 9, 1948 Jewish soldiers wiped out an Arab village of Deir Yassin. That started a huge exodus of Arabs from ‘Israel’ – and the rest is history. So my pal Paul Eisen started a yearly memorial on that anniversary date at St John’s Wood church. Some candles are lit, people mill around and its quite moving. Because JC CARES DEEPLY about the deliberate, systematic genocide of the Palestinian people, he attended this memorial service every year. Now it happens that Paul Eisen as an honest Jew had reached the view that the Holocaust had not in fact happened – a theme having NO CONNECTION to the Deir Yassin anniversary. JC was NOT A FRIEND of Eisen, he simply turned up at the yearly event. So the media start their nonstop braying -, O Jeremy is associating with a Holocaust-denier, etc. He should have just told them, Please stop lying. End of story. I mean, he could have added the REASON WHY he goes to the service – you know, that’s how men with real balls do behave: they don’t back down, they don’t cave in.

There is a moral to all of this, and its to do with integrity and truthfulness. In each of these cases, JC allowed himself to be put into a false position. It meant that ordinary folk became less and less sure of what he really did believe.  But, once it had all started there was really no possibility of ending it, and the hysteria and witch-hunting that developed with in the Labour party has been well described by Gilad Atzmon.   

If I may add  a personal note, our monthly current-affairs discussion group 911 Keeptalking (now in its 9th year) invited Peter Gregson to talk (see on our website https://letskeeptalking.home.blog/video/) about the frenzied witch-hunting in the Labour party, and how though a lifelong party member he’d been suspended because he had once said that Israel was a ‘racist endeavor.’  He also had been suspended from his trade union. He had become a member of LAW – Labour Against the Witch-hunt which was endeavoring to oppose the gathering frenzy against the (nonexistent) anti-Jewish sentiment within  the Labour party. His talk told of how suddenly the alleged ‘definition’ of anti-semitism had been  proposed to and adopted by the Labour Party, with JC as one of a small group who opposed its acceptance. Peter Gregson then abruptly found himself expelled from LAW because – get this – he had been in the same room as me. Now, I had not spoken  to him, had not shaken hands with  him, but merely turning up to our current-affairs discussion group was enough for them to expel him! He found himself being accused of Holocaust-denial by being in the same room as one of those dreadful people.

It should be self-evident to every member of the Labour party, that making belief in a historical event compulsory should in no way be part of its program. What unites party members should be a political program, not belief in an event – especially not one, that didn’t even happen.