Friday 10th January: Alison Chabloz was in court in Derby Magistrates Court to appeal against a probationary service judgement. She had done as they instructed, refraining from any use of social media for a year, only posting on her own website with comments disabled. But still that was not good enough for them: they want their pound of flesh. For a professional singer/minstrel this was a clear attempt to sabotage her career. The hearing was adjourned till June.

It was there admitted, that the decision to aver that she was in breach of the conditions imposed upon her (which she was obviously not) had not been made by the National Probation Service, but by someone ‘from two levels above.’ 

As she walked out of the courtroom, two members of the East Midlands Counter-terrorism Intelligence Unit in plain clothes seized her, and arrested her under the same old Communications Act article 127 – which is about media (very vaguely) causing distress. The person whose feelings she had allegedly hurt was – you guessed it – Stephen Silverman, the ‘enforcement officer’ for the CAA the Campaign Against antisemitism. Yep a registered charity has got an Enforcement Officer.

And what were his feelings hurt about? Why, a radio show she did six months earlier on the Graham Hart Show on 1.7.19, a two-hour interview with her. Asked about it, Alison declined to comment – there was nothing remotely offensive about it in her view. 

This is a brilliant US intellectual website, which features top virtuosos such as E. Michael Jones, and it has a somewhat pro-Catholic orientation.

She was put in a custody cell for five hours, thrown into jail like a common criminal, while being abused and intimidated by a black detective sergeant. He arbitrarily imposed a bail condition upon her, that she was not allowed to post anything online for the next six months.  They finally let her out when it was too late for her to find her way home.  She’s banned from using the web!  

Summarising, it is clear that Article 127 of the Communications Act is being misused to criminalise the expression of opinions. For her satirical songs, a minstrel is being silenced, on the grounds that some rich Jew alleges that his feelings were hurt. 

The British police are in immediate danger of forgetting the meaning of the word ‘crime.’ It seems they need to have it explained to them that a crime in essence has a victim, and involves harm that can be objectively demonstrated.

 I hope people will support Alison during this extremely stressful period of her career.

She has done nothing wrong.

Here is a highly appropriate comment from an Alan Hart radio show:

 The ongoing Talmudic tyranny as represented by the very thuggish foreign sponsored NGO, Campaign Against Antisemitism, the anti-British Israeli NGO that seems to have direct channels to Britain’s political and policing institutions …

It is a wonder that Brits don’t seem to grasp that one of the most egregious offenders of free speech are the very Jewish-Israeli NGO Campaign Against Antisemitism, which seems to be making it plain and clear that Jews are against free speech in the UK and will no longer be tolerating free speech.

Reflections on the Chabloz Case