International Appeal – stop 5G

Global day of protest: January 25th 

OneWeb, based in the United Kingdom, has plans for 5,260 satellites and intends to launch 30 at a time every three to four weeks beginning in January 2020. As soon as 300 satellites are in orbit, in late 2020, it plans to turn them on.

The most aggressive piece of technology yet invented is the cell phone. The question we have got to confront is, do we want to survive? Which do we want more: our phones or our planet? Consider:

  • Radio frequency radiation is the first pollutant in history that is being deliberately spread over every square inch of the Earth, with the goal of leaving no place unpolluted.

  • In order for your cell phone to work, the entire wireless infrastructure, including all the cell towers, has to be there, all over the planet.

  • A cell phone is not safer than a cell tower. The technology is the same. The radiation is the same. Your biggest source of exposure is your phone, not the towers.

Everyone wants cell phones. No one wants cell towers. Unless this changes, 5G will not be stopped and life on Earth will end. 5G is only more of what we already have, that has already decimated the world’s insect, amphibian and bird populations, and that has caused the present epidemics of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.”

the UK ‘Space Minister’ Chris Skidmore is over the Moon about this new development, so to speak.

Overall, a hundred thousand satellites are to be  launched in the immediate future, worldwide, to fry planet Earth with the new, weapons-grade frequencies.

The UK space sector is growing rapidly, employing 42,000 people and playing a major role in the global shift towards the commercialisation of space activities known as ‘new space’.

One notices how Extinction Rebellion doesn’t rebel against the extinction event (5G) – the Death Cult in denial of the Death Ray; Friends of the Earth do not seem bothered about the plight of trees being cut down in Sheffield to pave the way for 5G; Public Health England does not safeguard either the public or health; etc, etc. (comment from L.W.)

Trees cut down for 5G: “Here in the UK 20,000 trees in the city of Sheffield alone are under  threat; 5,500 have already gone. The unofficial reason for the loss of these trees is that they will interfere with the 5G rollout and the upgrade of Sheffield into a ‘smart city’. The trees will get in the way of the microwave signal that 5G uses, and so they have to go.”

A team of scientists at Heidelberg University in Germany used MRIs to examine the brains of 48 young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. They found that the more hours per day their subjects habitually spent on their smartphones, the less gray matter they had in their brains and the less brain activity was detected

Horvath J et al. 2020. Structural and functional correlates of smartphone addiction. Addictive Behaviors 105:106334.  Arthur Firstenberg newsletter