Note ‘policeman’ holding knife and strolling along the bridge. The ‘stabbed’ people have not really come forward. The ‘terrorist’ is conveniently dead so cannot speak. A knife and a (fake) suicide vest? Give me a break! What was he trying to do? No blood anywhere..  Guys with foil blankets of course, that is standard.

‘Simunition’ is here used, looks better than firing blanks.       

Attacker returns to life:

Man allegedly shot by police, while he was lying on the pavement of London Bridge, wearing a fake bomb:

A police officer shot and killed a man wearing a fake bomb on London Bridge on Friday, after several people were stabbed in what the police called a terrorist incident, which paralyzed one of the busiest arteries through the city.

Note the strategy for blocking off traffic, much like last time:

Ole Dammegard comment: ‘There was no real official explanation for this strangely parked truck’

The Islamic ‘terrorist’ was of course ‘known to MI5’ – “Government officials said the man had previously been convicted of an Islamist terrorism-related offense.” 

                                                     Comment on timing by Ole Dammegard:

16th June 2016 – The alleged Jo Cox Murder
23rd June 2016 – EU Referendum
3rd June 2017 – London Bridge attack
8th June 2017 – UK General Election
29th November 2019 – London Bridge attack
12th December 2019 – UK General Election

Comment by James Thring:

The latest London Bridge event looks fishy.  The book by Nick Kollerstrom ‘False Flags over Europe’ documents in forensic detail the inconsistencies in the previous incident and leaves little doubt that it was a false-flag staged event.  He proves that all the major ‘terror’ attacks since Israel bombed its own Embassy in 1990 were not by Muslims but by Mossad and/or the CIA, MI6 and other ‘intelligence’ agencies.

The fact that the attacker was shot dead even though he only had a knife and was disarmed of that, could suggest they did not want him to talk.

The story that an associate grabbed another knife from the Fishmongers Hall, several hundred metres away, and run off with it in order to affect a counter-attack is also fishy.

And yes, the Policeman walking away with the knife could be an offence in itself.

And the fact that both men were out on licence despite being condemned for murder in one case and plotting a bombing in the other, raises questions.

Could these men have been bribed to stage the event as ‘an exercise’ like the one on 7th July 2005, in exchange for freedom, but actually to stir up anti-Islamicism to damage Labour’s Election chances furthering the interests of the Israel lobby?   Former Head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove, openly states in the notoriously anti-Islam ‘Mail-on-Sunday’ (24 Nov.); “Corbyn could be a present danger to our country. Don’t even think of handing him the keys to No.10”.  Not only is this interference in the Election by a former civil servant, but biased by the jeer that Jeremy sympathized with the Palestinian Resistance suffering Genocidal Zionist belligerence, as any just person should. 

Is this not the MI6 chief who furnished Blair with a ‘dodgy dossier’ about Saddam’s WMD as ‘A present danger to the UK and the world’?  This is the culprit, then, deeply responsible for the devastation of Iraq that may well have caused many people to feel a little outraged. 

It is probably only because Islam has a peace-loving, tolerant belief in Allah as the ultimate arbiter, that Muslims have not been exacting revenge on the war-mongers.

Our sympathies go out to by-standers injured and families of those killed.  But pending an objective inquiry, we reserve judgment on the perpetrators.

Comment by Stephen Dixon:

The crisis actor gets bored and returns to life. Watch out for the ID lanyards on the other actors in other videos. And the actor who runs away with a knife and doesn’t get shot. And the “police” who let go of his arms and hands even though he could detonate a suicide vest. You couldn’t make it up.

Oh, silly me. There’s a General Election coming up

Comments on Aangrifan

Brabantian: The attacker is ‘restrained’, tackled and on the ground, very close to being unable to move … so how does shooting him become ‘necessary’?

Yet a group of London police, collectively decide to un-hand and release the man who is tackled, giving him some free moments to set off his ‘bombs’, and maybe kill the police as well as himself

Then after the pause they allowed, it becomes ‘necessary’ for police to shoot the man … whom they just released from their grip a moment earlier

Even most police are not so anxious to shoot & kill, as shootings make ‘problems’ for them … Having a violent man already tackled on the ground, police instinct is to hold him more firmly, not to release him so he can pull a trigger

Dead men tell no tales.

Anon: Look forward to all the usual markers: the heroic member of the public who cheated death, some connection to football, the attacker who seemed such a nice person and didn’t seem the type, etc. ad nauseam

Brabantian again: “As usual

« The attacker was known to the police … »    and also « had links to Islamist terror groups … It is not known whether this could be Islamic State or al Qaeda. » – Sky News

Journalists and plain-clothes police ‘coincidentally’ nearby… Owen Jones of the Guardian was nearby … he had written of being downtown during the 2017 attacks too

3 June 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack took place 5 days before the 8 June 2017 UK general election

29 November 2019 London Bridge terrorist attack 13 days before the 12 December 2019 UK general election

Terrorists follow the polling calendar? Eager to help highlight a ‘law & order’ theme as Britons go to vote?

Is it time again for that Sadiq Khan photo meme, with Khan’s famous statement that ‘Terror attacks are just part and parcel of living in a big city’?”