7th November: Judge Tempia sentenced Noakes for extradition, to rot in a French jail for two years before he ever gets to trial.   His crime: saving thousands of people from death by cancer, harming no-one. He never lived or practiced in France, France has nothing to do with his case.

I sent this letter on November 4th to the Judge (no reply). As this website makes clear, “GcMAF is the best treatment yet found for tumour cancers and 50 other diseases. It is a human protein, a human right, the king of immunotherapies and has no side effects.”

Westminster Magistrates Court,

181 Marylebone road, NW1 5BR

 District Judge Nina Tempia

                                                                                                                                        4 November

Dear Judge Tempia,

Concerning the plenary court hearing on 30th October of David Noakes, you are due to announce your judgement on November 7th. As a witness that morning, may I be allowed to contribute one item of information here, in an amicus curiae spirit? 

Benjamin Seifert, for the Crown Prosecution Service, repeatedly advised you that Mr Noakes’ claims were ‘fraudulent’ as a part of the nine criminal charges he listed.  He gave no evidence for this and was clearly alluding to Mr Noakes’ promotion of an alleged cancer-cure substance, GcMAF, that his laboratory had been developing and selling.

However, that cannot be true and, given the central importance he gave to that accusation, was not the hearing rather invalidated?

I felt you were trying very hard to be fair, despite Mr Noakes – in a highly-stressed condition – using impolite and confrontational language toward you and his storming out halfway through the trial.

The medical profession has always through centuries sought to forbid ‘non-professional’ persons from practising medicine, and especially from selling anything claimed to be a cure. You are in the unenviable position of judging someone who might quite possibly have developed the best cancer-cure yet.

His medicine is not a synthetic substance, but is a purified version of a substance in the first part of mother’s milk given to the baby, clearly shown to have immune-enhancing properties. 

Here is a summary of why Mr Noakes CANNOT be ‘fraudulent’ – whatever else he has done wrong:

Approximately 300 scientists, around the world, have published more than 140 peer reviewed scientific papers on GcMAF in so called reputable journals. The American National Library of Medicine, through its PubMed collaboration with the National Center for Biotechnology Information, has alone published 73 papers from 180 scientists spanning 8 different nations. The GcMAF used in these studies was predominantly provided by Immuno Biotech.

The scientific research shows that GcMAF appears to have six distinct attack mechanisms on cancer cells. It restricts and cuts off the blood supply to tumours (inhibits angiogenesis); it stimulates the macrophages, the cells which attack cancer cells and promotes the destruction of cancer cells (phagocystosis); it promotes apoptosis, the normal process that destroys cancer cells; it reverts cancer cells ‘phenotype’ back to normal cells and it demonstrated the potential to reduce the ability of cancer cells to metastasise (in the petri dish).

In addition, further peer-reviewed, scientific evidence demonstrated that GcMAF increases mitochondrial energy production (the biochemical batteries in all cells); it improves human neuronal metabolic activity; counters the toxic effect of substances such as cadmium; it acts as an effective neuropathic pain killer and promotes neuropathic pathway growth (dendrils & neuritis).

GcMAF by Iain Davis,  May 2019. See also https://gcmaf.se/

Big pharma’s cancer-cure sector has a powerful reputation for putting natural, low-cost un-patentable treatments (such as this) out of business; while orthodox chemotherapy devastates the immune system, it being far from clear whether in fact it kills more people than it claims to cure.   

David Noakes is a British citizen and deserves to be tried in an English court – for whatever you consider he may have done wrong. Shipping him off to languish in a French jail together with his scientist partner, Lynda Thyer, who is there now – will provoke widespread anger among British people and especially amongst the alternative medicine community.

Hoping that you can establish a fair way for justice to prevail,

Yours truly,


December 8th: Lynda Thyer to be relased from French jail – Landmark decision! See discussion here.